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e-Portfolios Workshop

The University Assessment Committee and the Teaching and Learning Committee are pleased to sponsor a lunchtime panel presentation on the uses of e-portfolios. Topics will include using e-portfolios for program assessment, tips on initiating the use of e-portfolios, and information on best practices.

March 24, 2009
( Presentation will begin at Noon)
Oakland Center, Lake Superior B

The panelists for the workshop will include Aaron Bird, Assistant Professor, Occupational Health and Safety; Cathy Cheal, Assistant Vice President, eLearning and Instructional Support; Scott Crabill, Director, Integrative Studies Program; and Carrie Motyka, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing.

To register for this event, please contact Kay Palmer, Institutional Research, at (248) 370-2876 or

If you have any questions, you may contact Kay Palmer (info above) or Shannan McNair, Chair of the University Assessment Committee, at

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Print Resources at Oakland University about e-portfolios:
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*Access to full text resources from off campus is limited to current Oakland students, staff, and faculty.

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