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Sandra Feaster, RN, MS, MBA
Program Director for the Center for Immersive and Simulation-Based Learning at Stanford University School of Medicine

Simulation - How and Why to Use it!


Date: March 10, 2009
Time:  2:30 - 5:00pm
Location: Oakland Center, Room 128-130

Refreshments will be served.
This event is free to OU faculty, staff and students.



Recent Books on Simulation

Modeling and Simulation in Medicine and the Life Sciences
By Frank C. Hoppensteadt and Charles S. Peskin
Published by Springer, 2004

Book Preview | About this Book

Motion Planning in Medicine: Optimization and Simulation Algorithms for Image-guided Procedures
By Ron Alterovitz and Ken Goldberg
Published by Springer, 2008

Book Preview | About this Book


Anesthesia Informatics
By Jerry Stonemetz and Keith Ruskin
Published by Springer, 2008

Book Preview | About this Book

Information Technologies in Medicine: Medical Simulation and Education
By Metin Akay, Andy Marsh
Published by Wiley, 2001

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Simulation Scenarios for Nursing Education:
Making It Real

By Suzanne Hetzel Campbell and Karen Daley
Published by Springer, 2008

Book Preview | About this Book

Simulation in Anesthesia
By S. Barry Issenberg and Christopher J Gallagher
Published by Elsevier, 2006

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Recent Articles on Simulation

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Learn More about Simulation-Based Education

  • Center for Immersive and Simulation-Based Learning, Stanford School of Medicine
  • Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Center, College of Medicine
  • Clinical Simulation Center, University of Michigan


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