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The Journey of Black

Economic and Political Empowerment

January 19th - February 19th 2009

Full-Text Articles about Black Economic and Political Empowerment:*

  • Banducci, S. A., Donovan, T., and Karp, J. A. (2004). Minority representation, empowerment, and participation. The Journal of Politics, 66(2), 534-556.
  • Harris, F. C., Sinclair-Chapman, V., and McKenzie, B. D. (2005). Macrodynamics of Black political participation in the post-civil rights era . The Journal of Politics, 67(4), 1143-1163.
  • McKenzie, B. D. (2004). Religious social networks, indirect mobilization, and African-American political participation. Political Research Quarterly, 57(4), 621-632.
  • Nembhard, J. G. (2008). Alternative economics: Teaching public policy and democratic community economics to Black undergraduate students. Journal of Black Studies, 38(5), 758-728.
Books at Kresge Library about Black Economic and Political Empowerment:
  • Ransby, B. (2003). Ella Baker and the Black freedom movement : A radical democratic vision. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press.
  • Tate, K. (2003). Black faces in the mirror : African Americans and their representatives in the U.S. Congress. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.
  • Wimberly, E. P. (2006). African American pastoral care and counseling : the politics of oppression and empowerment. Cleveland, Ohio : Pilgrim Press.


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