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Oakland University Archives and Special Collections
Records of the Oakland County Tuberculosis Sanatorium
2.5 Linear feet 5 hollinger boxes.

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Item, folder title, box no., Records of the Oakland County Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Oakland University Archives and Special Collections

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The Oakland County Sanatorium was built in 1927 to take care of tuberculosis patients. As increasingly effective drug treatments were found in the 1950s, the patient population dwindled. In late 1964, the buildings and property were sold to the Oakland Community College (OCC). Until its demolition in 2013 it was known as Highland Hall on OCC’s Highland Lakes campus in Waterford.

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Scope and Contents note

Material is a sampling of correspondence of the Business Manager of the Sanatorium. Folders have been kept in the order and with the labeling in which they were received. They are organized chronologically and cover the years 1928-1949. They include correspondence, budgets and financial reports, and miscellaneous materials that document the management of the institution during the Great Depression and World War II. Of particular note are 1930 issues of Bugg News, the newsletter of the sanatorium, that provides a vivid glimpse into its daily life.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Oakland University Archives and Special Collections

Kresge Library
100 Library Drive
Rochester, MI, 48309

Access and Use note

The Records of the Oakland County Tuberculosis Sanatorium are open for research.


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Processed by Shirley Paquette and Dominique Daniel, August 2017

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Collection Inventory



Auditors - County Board of, 1928-1929   Folder B1 F1

Michigan Department of Health, 1929   Folder B1 F2.

Miscellaneous "A" 1939   Folder B1 F3.

Auditors - County Board of, 1930   Folder B1 F4.

Bugg News 1930   Folder B1 F5.

Michigan Health Department, 1930   Folder B1 F6.

Miscellaneous "M" 1931   Folder B1 F7.

Michigan Tuberculosis Association 1931   Folder B1 F8.

Miscellaneous "O" 1931   Folder B1 F9.

Miscellaneous "C" 1932   Folder B1 F10

Auditors - County Board of, 1933   Folder B1 F11.

Poor Commission, County - 1934   Folder B1 F12.

Auditors, County Board of, 1935   Folder B1 F13.

Probate Court 1935   Folder B1 F14.

Poor Commission, County - 1935   Folder B1 F15.

Miscellaneous material - 1935   Folder B1 F16.

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Genessee County - 1936   Folder B2 F1.

Macomb County - 1936   Folder B2 F2.

Poor Commission, County - 1936   Folder B2 F3.

Probate Court - 1936   Folder B2 F4.

Macomb County - 1937   Folder B2 F5.

Poor Commission, County - 1937   Folder B2 F6.

Probate Court - 1937   Folder B2 F7.

Gennessee County - 1938   Folder B2 F8.

Probate Court - 1938   Folder B2 F9.

Emergency Welfare Relief - 1939   Folder B2 F10.

Macomb County - 1939   Folder B2 F11.

Miscellaneous "O" - 1939   Folder B2 F12.

Miscellaneous "P" - 1939   Folder B2 F13.

St. Clair County - 1939   B2 F14.

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Bay County - 1940   Folder B3 F1.

Emmet County - 1940   Folder B3 F2.

Genesee County - 1940   Folder B3 F3.

Isabella County - 1940   Folder B3 F4.

Ionia County - 1940   Folder B3 F5.

Lapeer County - 1940   Folder B3 F6.

Macomb County - 1940   Folder B3 F7.

Miscellaneous "O" - 1940   Folder B3 F8.

Sanilac County - 1940   Folder B3 F9.

St. Clair County - 1940   Folder B3 F10.

Washtenaw County - 1940   Folder B3 F11.

Auditors, County Board of - 1941   Folder B3 F12.

Social Welfare Commission - 1941   Folder B3 F13.

Oakland County Tuberculosis Association - 1943   Folder B3 F14.

Legal Opinions - 1944   Folder B3 F15.

Michigan Department of Health - 1944   Folder B3 F16.

Admission & Discharge reports - 1944   Folder B3 F17.

Auditors, County Board of - 1944   Folder B3 F18.

Oakland County Tuberculosis Association - 1944   Folder B3 F19.

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Michigan Department of Health - 1945   Folder B4 F1.

Auditors, County Board of - 1945   Folder B4 F2.

Oakland County Tuberculosis Association - 1945   Folder B4 F3.

Auditors, County Board of - 1946   Folder B4 F4.

Michigan Department of Health - 1946   Folder B4 F5.

Budget -1947   Folder B4 F6.

Legal Opinions - 1947   Folder B4 F7.

Michigan Department of Health - 1947   Folder B4 F8.

Oakland County Tuberculosis Association - 1947   Folder B4 F9.

Rehabilitation - 1947   Folder B4 F10.

Veterans Administration - 1947   Folder B4 F11.

Auditors, County Board of - 1948   Folder B4 F12.

Budget - 1946-1948   Folder B4 F13.

Michigan Department of Health - 1948   Folder B4 F14.

Rehabilitation, Quarterly Report on - 1948   Folder B4 F15.

Rehabilitation Program - 1948   Folder B4 F16.

Financial Reports - 1948   Folder B4 F17.

Veterans Administration - 1948   Folder B4 F18.

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Auditors, County Board of - 1949   Folder B5 F1.

Administration - 1946-1949   Folder B5 F2.

Legal Opinions - 1949   Folder B5 F3.

Michigan Department of Health - 1949   Folder B5 F4.

Schedule of Patient Days - 1941-1949   Folder B5 F5.

Rehabilitation - 1949   Folder B5 F6.

Retirement Commission, Oakland County Employees - Meeting Minutes 1949   Folder B5 F7.

Veterans Administration - 1949   Folder B5 F8.

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