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Item, folder title, box no., Papers of Donald O'Dowd (Provost), Oakland University Archives.

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Biographical note

Donald O’Dowd joined the faculty of the newly established Michigan State University – Oakland (MSU-O) as an associate professor of Psychology in 1960. O’Dowd and David Beardslee, professor of Psychology, founded the department of Psychology. He also served as assistant to the dean of faculty for the Social Sciences during his first year at MSU-O. O’Dowd was appointed dean of Oakland University in 1966, and his title was changed to provost, and then to vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and provost. He also served as the dean of Graduate Study and professor of Psychology.

In 1970, O’Dowd was appointed acting chancellor of Oakland University while the issue of whether Oakland should become independent of Michigan State University was under consideration. O’Dowd was appointed the first president of the independent Oakland University by its charter board of trustees, and served through 1979, when he was designated president emeritus.

O’Dowd was named executive vice chancellor of the State University of New York System in 1980. He was appointed president of the University of Alaska Statewide System of Higher Education in 1984, and remained at that post until 1990, when he retired from full-time university administration.

O’Dowd served two years in the U.S. Army. He holds a master of arts and a Ph.D. in social psychology from Harvard University. He also holds a bachelor of arts, graduating summa cum Laude, from Dartmouth College and was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Oakland University Archives and Special Collections

Kresge Library
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Access and Use note

The Papers of Donald O'Dowd (Provost) are open for research except for certain records restricted by statute or university policy. Some faculty files are closed for 75 years from date of creation or until death of subjects.


Copyright held by Oakland University. The collection includes occasional materials produced by outside parties. Copyright to these items may be held by the original creators.


Processed by Linda Hildebrand

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Collection Inventory

Academic -- Area Studies 


Academic Advising   3 folders

Academic Advising Committee 

Academic Affairs Committee   4 folders

Academic Assembly 

Academy of Dramatic Art   2 folders

Administrative Group   4 folders

Administrative Policies Committee 

Admissions (Glen Brown)   3 folders

Admissions -- Annual reports 1963/4; 1964/5; 1966/7; 1967/8 

Allport College 

American Association of University Professors (AAUP) 

Alumni Council 

Alumni Office 

Alumni Continuing Education 

American Studies 

Annual Reports -- Michigan State University - Oakland 1960, 1960/1, 1961/2, 1963/4 

Anti poverty program 

Area Studies 

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Art -- Buildings 


Art Department (John Galloway)   2 folders

Art Department -- Annual Reports 1967/8 

Arts Cultivation and Acquisition, Committee on 

Asian Studies 


Atkinson, Thomas 

Related Materials

SEE Registrar's Office

Audio Visual Materials 

Barn Council 

Beardslee, David (Office of Institutional Research) 

Biological Sciences, Institute of 

Biology Department (Clifford V. Harding) 

Biology Department - Annual Reports 1968/9 

Black Studies 


British Civilization Major 

Brown, Glen 

Related Materials

SEE Admissions

Budget   10 folders

Buildings & Campus Development 

Buildings -- Classroom Office Building #1   2 folders

Buildings -- Classroom Office Building #2 

Buildings -- Education and Social Sciences   2 folders

Buildings -- Engineering   2 folders

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Buildings -- College 


Buildings -- Engineering   1 folder

Buildings -- Library Remodel 

Buildings -- Wilson Hall 

Burke, Richard 

Business Office (Robert W. Swanson)   3 folders

Butler, Royce 

Calendar -- Class Schedules 

Calendar -- Trimester 

Calendar, Ad Hoc University Senate Committee 

Career Conference Committee 

Catalog Committee 

Centers of Excellence 

Chancellorship 1970 

Charter College   11 folders

Chemistry Department   2 folders

Chemistry Department -- Annual Reports 1967/8; 1968/9 

Civil Defense Committee 

Coffman, Kenneth 

Related Materials

SEE Psychological Services

College of Arts and Sciences 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Annual Report 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Assembly 

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College -- Conferences 


College of Arts and Sciences -- Assembly 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Dean George Matthews   2 folders

College of Arts and Sciences -- Dean Reuben Torch 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Humanities Division 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Humanities Division -- Annual Reports 1962/3; 1963/4 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Science & Engineering Division 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Science & Engineering Division -- Annual Reports 1961/2; 1962/3; 1964/5 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Social Sciences Division 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Social Sciences Division -- Annual Reports 1962/3 

Commencement   2 folders

Committee on Instruction   3 folders

Community Arts Council Committee 

Community Service Proposal 

Comprehensive Exams Committee 

Computer Committee 

Computing and Data Processing   4 folders

Conferences   4 folders

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Consulting -- Economics 


Consulting by OU Representatives 

Continuing Education (Lowell Eklund)   3 folders

Continuing Education Committee 

Continuum Center 

Corker, John 

Related Materials

SEE Dormitories

Corona, Carlos 

Correspondence - Memos - Misc. [3 folders] 1962-1970 

Counseling and Testing Office 

Course Offerings 1960-1961 

Credit Union 

Crittenton Hospital 

Crowder, Troy 

Related Materials

SEE University Relations

Cultural Programs Committee 

Curriculum   4 folders

Curriculum Study Group 

Dahlmann, Jerry 

Relate Materials

SEE Off Campus Study Programs

Deans Lists   2 folders

Dean of Students (Robert Holms, Duncan Sells, Thomas Dutton)   2 folders

Dean of Students -- Annual Report 1961/2 

Dean of the University 

Declaration of Major 

Degrees and Honors, Ad hoc Committee 

Delta College Accreditation (O’Dowd served on Visitation Committee) 

Detroit Teacher Internship Program 

Development Office (James P. Dickerson) 

Developmental Programs Committee 

Disclaimers and Parental Approval 

Dormitory Items 1963 

Scope and Contents note

Includes A Survey on Student Needs for Future Residence Hall Construction, 1963, Residence Hall Planning Program, 1963 and Dormitory Planning Program, 1963 all by John W. Corker

Dutton, Thomas 

Related Materials

SEE Dean of Students

Economics and Business Department   2 folders

Economics and Business Department -- Annual Report   1968/9

Economics and Management, School of (Norton Seeber) 

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Economics -- Enrollment 


Economics and Management, School of 

Economic Impact Study 

Edison Institute (proposed) 

Education, School of (Laszlo Hetenyi)   5 folders

Education, School of -- Annual Reports 1965/6; 1966/7; 1967/8; 1968/9 

Education, School of -- Assembly 

Educational Policy Committee 

Educational Reform, Ad Hoc Blue Ribbon Commission Report 

Eklund, Lowell 

Elective Courses   2 folders

Elementary Education Committee 

Emblem Committee 

Engineering, School of (J.E. Gibson)   2 folders

Engineering, School of -- Annual Reports 1967/8 

Engineering, School of -- Assembly 

English Department   3 folders

English Department -- Annual Reports 1967/8; 1968/9 

English Department -- Secondary Education English Major 

Enrollment   3 folders

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Essay -- Faculty 


Essay Contests 

Events   6 folders

Events, Committee on Special 

Evening Courses 

Extension Courses 

Faculty Affairs Committee 

Faculty Applications   4 folders

Faculty Attendance at Professional Meetings 

Faculty Correspondence   3 folders

Faculty Grants   3 folders

Faculty Grants Committee 

Faculty Handbook   2 folders

Faculty Meeting Minutes 

Faculty Misconduct 

Restricted access

This folder contains confidential information. Closed for 75 years after creation or death of subjects.

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Faculty -- Grants 


Faculty Orientation 

Faculty Positions 

Faculty Reorganization Committee 

Faculty Research Annual Reports 

Faculty Research Committee   4 folders

Faculty Seminar 

Faculty Teaching Loads 

Faculty Tenure 


Fine Arts Festival 

Freshman Convocation   2 folders

Freshmen Learning Seminar 

Freshmen Orientation   4 folders

Galloway, John 

Gibson, J.E. 


Graduate Record Exam 

Graduate Studies 

Graduation Reception Aug. 1965 

Grants   4 folders

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Grants -- Liberal Arts 


Grants   2 folders

Harding, Clifford V. 

Harlan, (C.Allen) Gift 

Hetenyi, Laszlo 

History Department   2 folders

Holms, Robert 

Related Materials

SEE Dean of Students

Honors Banquet   3 folders

Honors Committee 

Honors List 

Hoopes, Robert (Assistant Dean) 

Hope, Dorothy C. 

Related Materials

SEE Placement Office

Hopkins Robert (Director of Counseling & Testing) 

Howes, Robert C. (Assistant Provost) 

Huber Committee (Michigan Legislature) 

Inner Colleges (Freshmen Exploratories)   2 folders

Institutional Research, Office of 

Insurance, Committee on 

International Education   7 folders

Jones, David (Purchasing Department) 

Kent, W.W. SEE Performing Arts School 

Kettering Magnetics Laboratory 

Learning Groups 

Lecture Series   2 folders

Lepley, Hollie (Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics)   2 folders

Liberal Arts Colleges: essay by Paul L. Dressell, MSU 

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Library -- Long Term 


Library (David Wilder, Royce Butler)   10 folders

Library -- Annual Reports 1959/60; 1962/3; 1963/4; 1964/5; 1965/6; 1966/7; 1967/8 

Library -- Current subscriptions 1962/3 

Library -- Friends of the Library 

Library -- Recruitment for Director 1966 

Linguistics Department   2 folders

Little College   2 folders

Long Term Growth Plan for Oakland 

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Major -- Michigan 


Major Fields Report 

Mathematics Department   2 folders

Mathematics Department -- Annual Reports 1967/8; 1968/9 

Meadowbrook Festival 

Meadow Brook Summer School of Music   12 folders

Meadow Brook Theatre 

Michigan Council of State College Presidents 

Michigan Council of University Officers for Academic Affairs 

Michigan. State. Dept. of Education   2 folders

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Michigan -- National 


Michigan. State. State Government Agencies 

Michigan State University   8 folders

Midrasha Jewish Studies   4 folders

Mobley, Ralph 

Modern Languages and Literatures   1 folders

Modern Languages and Literatures -- Annual Reports 1967/8; 1968/9 

Mott Center for Community Affairs 

Music Department   2 folders

Name Change Proposal for MSU-O 

National Defense Education Act   2 folders

Scope and Contents note

Includes NDEA Institute in France, Don Iodice

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National -- O'Dowd 


National Science Foundation   11 folders

New College   2 folders

News Clippings 

North Central Association of Colleges and Universities Accreditation 1964-1966 

Oak Park Project 

Oakland Center 

Oakland Observer (student newspaper) 

Obear, Frederick (Dean of Freshmen, 1964-65) 1964-1965 

Obear, Frederick (Provost, 1965-69) 1965-1969 

Obear, Frederick Ace Fellowship 

O’Dowd, Donald D. -- Biography 

O”Dowd, Donald D. -- Correspondence   4 folders

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O'Dowd -- Performing Arts 


O’Dowd, Donald D. -- Correspondence   17 folders

O'Dowd, Donald D. -- Dean of the University Annual Reports 1961/2; 1962/3; 1963/4; 1964/5 

O'Dowd, Donald D. -- Personal 

O’Dowd, Donald D. -- Speeches 

Off Campus Study Programs (Jerry Dahlmann) 

Organization of the University   2 folders

Overseas Study 

Parents Day 

Peace Corps 

Performing Arts, School of -- Annual Reports 1966/7; 1967/8 

Performing Arts, School of -- Dance 

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Performing Arts -- Publications 


Performing Arts, School of -- Faculty Policies 

Performing Arts, School of -- General (Dean W.W. Kent) 

Performing Arts, School of -- Music 

Performing Arts, School of -- Theatre 

Performing arts, School of -- Prospectus 

Personnel Office (Carlos Corona)   2 folders

Philosophy Department (Richard Burke) 

Physics Department (Ralph Mobley) 

Pino Lewis (Director of Research Services; Assistant to the Chancellor) 

Placement Office and Alumni Council (Dorothy C. Hope)   3 folders

Placement Office -- Annual Reports 1963/4; 1964/5 

Plagiarism and Academic Violations 

Policy Items 

Political Science Department 

Pontiac Community Projects 

Pontiac Cooperative Program 

Pontiac Motor Division 

Pope, Loren (Assistant to the Chancellor) 

Premedical Study, Ad Hoc Committee 

Presidential Selection (University) 1970 

Press Releases and news clippings 

Proposals – Higher Education Act, Title VI 1967 

Provost's Office -- Annual Reports 1966/7; 1967/8; 1968/9 

Provost's Office -- Provost’s Breakfast meetings 

Provost’s Office -- Staff Writer 

Psychological Services (Kenneth Coffman) 

Psychological Services -- Annual Reports 1963/4; 1964/5; 1965/6; 1966/7; 1967/8 

Psychology Department 

Public Relations Program Schedules 

Publications Committee 

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Registrar's -- Social Sciences 


Registrar's Office (Thomas Atkinson)   5 folders

Registrar's Office -- Annual Reports 1962/3; 1964/5; 1965/6; 1966/7 

Residence Halls 

Room Allocation 


Secondary School Committee 

Seeber, Norton 

Related Materials

SEE Economics and Management School

Sells, Duncan 

Related Materials

SEE Dean of Students

Senate Committees 

Senate Committees -- Academic Standing 

Senate Committees -- Admissions 

Senate Committees -- Constitution 

Senate Committees -- Elections 

Senate Committees -- Faculty Affairs 

Senate Committees -- Graduate Study 

Senate Committees -- Library 

Senate Committees -- Research   3 folders

Senate Committees -- Teaching and Learning 

Senate Minutes and Agendas 1962-1967   5 folders

Ski Club 

Social Science Conference Committee 

Social Sciences, Statistical Laboratory for the 

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Sociology -- Study 


Sociology & Anthropology Department 

Spring Semester   2 folders

Stoutenberg, Herbert (Director of Admissions and Registrar 1959-1965) 1959-1965 

Stoutenberg, Herbert (Assistant to the Chancellor 1966-1970) 1966-1970 

Student Activities 

Student Affairs Committee 

Student Affairs (Roy Alexander, Director) 

Student Artistic Expression 

Student Attrition 

Student Commission on Student Life   4 folders.

Student Conduct Committee 

Student Correspondence   3 folders

Student - Disadvantaged Students 

Student Employment 

Student Faculty University Council 

Student Foreign Language Requirement 

Students from Michigan High schools 

Student Government 

Student Health Services 

Student Information   3 folders

Student Nomination Committee, Ad Hoc University Senate 

Student - Out of State Students 

Student - Outstanding Students 

Student Protests 

Student Publications 

General note

SEE ALSO Oakland Observer

Student Readmitted 

Student Rights Committee, Ad Hoc University Senate 

Student - Special Projects (Upward Bound) 

Student - Special Services (Project 20) 

Student Withdrawals 

Study Abroad 

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Sturner -- Worker 


Sturner, William (Assistant Provost) 

Suburban Affairs, Institute on 

Summer School Committee 

Swanson, Robert W. 

Related Materials

SEE Business Affairs

Swim Club Advisory Committee 

Teacher Education Curriculum 

Tenure and Appointment   3 folders.

Time Magazine article replies Sept 28, 1959 

University Courses (UC) 

University Government Committee 

University Relations (Loren Pope, Troy Crowder) 

Varner, Durwood B.   8 folders

Western Civilization course 

Wilder, David 

Related Materials

SEE Library

Wilson Awards 

Women’s Rights Committee 

Work Study 

Worker Student Alliance 

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Steering Committee 1961-1970   13 folders.


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