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Item, folder title, box no., Papers of Frederick S. O'Bear, Oakland University Archives.

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Biographical note

Frederick W. O'Bear joined the faculty at MSUO in 1960 at the rank of assistant professor. Subsequently he was promoted through the academic ranks, serving as Dean of Freshmen, Vice-Provost and in 1970 Provost at Oakland University.

O'Bear left Oakland University in 1981 to become Chancellor of the Chattanooga campus of the University of Tennessee. In 1997 he returned to being a faculty member of that school.

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Scope and Contents note

The papers of Frederick W. O'Bear contain materials created mostly during his time as Provost at Oakland University. They cover the whole range of academic affairs and are organized topically.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Oakland University Archives and Special Collections

Kresge Library
100 Library Drive
Rochester, MI, 48309

Access and Use note

The papers of Frederick W. O'Bear are open for research.


Copyright held by Oakland University. The collection includes occasional materials produced by outside parties. Copyright to these items may be held by the original creators.


Processed by Linda Hildebrand

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Collection Inventory

Personal - Biography 1963-2005 


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On Campus Files 

Academic -- Administrative Prof. 


Academic Affairs -- Asst. V.P for Academic Affairs -- Robert H. Bunger   6 folders

Academic Affairs AP Advisory Committee 

Academic Audit Committee, Ad hoc 

Academic Safety and Security Committee 

Academics (OU sponsored Journal) 

Academy of Dramatic Art (Performing Arts) -- Terence Kilburn, J.L. Dahlmann, W.W. Kent   4 folders

Administrative Council   4 folders.

Administrative Organization Special Committee 

Administrative Policies Committee 

Administrative Professional Association   6 folders

Administrative Prof. - Annual Reports 


Administrative Professional Assembly 

Administrative Services -- Thomas Atkinson   4 folders


Admissions and Scholarships -- Glen Brown, Jerry Rose   6 folders


Affiliate Artist Program 

Affirmative Action   2 folders

Allied Health Professions -- -- Clifford Harding, Moon J. Pak 

Allport College   2 folders

Alumni Relations 

Annual Reports   11 folders

Annual Reports 


Annual Reports   37 folders

American - Board of Trustees 


American Association of University Professors (AAUP)   6 folders

Analytical Studies Committee 

Animal Care Committee 

Applied Social Sciences, Ad hoc Committee on 

Applied Statistics, University Committee on 

Area Studies -- Carlo Coppola (Includes Proposal for Establishment of a Master of Arts Program in Area Studies)   2 folders

Art and Art History -- Carl Barnes   4 folders

Art Gallery 

Artistic Expressions Review Board 

Athletics, Sports, Physical Education, Recreation 

Audio Visual   2 folders

Automotive Archives Committee 

Baird William B 

Becoming School 

Biological Sciences, Department of   2 folders

Biological Sciences, Institute of -- V. Everett Kinsey, Venkat N. Reddy   4 folders

Biomedical Sciences Support Grant Committee 

Black Education Development Committee 

Black Studies 

Board of Trustees   2 folders

Board of Trustees - Budget 1970-1974 


Board of Trustees   6 folders

Book Center 

Budget 1970-1974   16 folders

Budget 1974-1979 - Business Affairs 


Budget 1974-1979   11 folders

Budget Cost Study   3 folders

Budget -- Formula Budgeting 

Budget -- Program Budget Evaluation System (PBES) 

Budget Office -- Ray Harris 

Business Affairs -- Vice President -- Robert Swanson   7 folders

Business Affairs - Clerical Technical 


Business Affairs -- Miscellaneous -- Robert McGarry   2 folders

Cadet Engineering Program 


Campus Development -- Glen Brown   4 folders

Campus Issues 

Campus Security Advisory Committee 

Career Advising and Placement 

Catalog   2 folders

Charter College 

Chemistry   3 folders

Child Care Center 

Chrysler Corporation Program 

Chrysler Institute 

Class Scheduling items 


Classroom Contact Hours 

Classroom Disruptions 

Classroom Office Building II   4 folders

Clerical Technical Association   4 folders

Collective Bargaining - College 


Collective Bargaining 1976-1977   7 folders

Collective Bargaining Executive Support Group 

College Entrance Examination Board 

College of Arts and Sciences -- George Matthews, Reuben Torch, Deans   11 folders

College of Arts and Sciences -- Assembly   2 folders

College of Arts and Sciences -- Chairpersons 

College of Arts and Sciences -- Committee on Instruction 

College -- Community 


College of Arts and Sciences -- Committee on Instruction 

Commencement [includes programs,speeches, organizational plans] 1963-1977   12 folders

Communication Arts -- Donald Hildum (SEE also Theatre) 

Community and Human Development, Center for -- Wilma Ray Bledsoe   4 folders

Community and Human Development, School of (proposed)   4 folders

Community - Computer 


Community and Human Development, School of (Proposed -- William Moorhouse   2 folders

Community and Human Development, School of (proposed) -- Manpower Development Program 

Community College/Senior College Relations Advisory Committee 

Community College Relations -- William H. Jones (Assistant to the President)   7 folders

Community Service 

Commuter Students Consultants 

Compensation, Ad hoc Committee on 

Computer and Information Science 

Computer Priority Council   2 folders

Computer Services -- Benjamin Cheydleur   6 folders

Computer Services Policy Committee 

Concert Band - Economics 


Concert Band proposal 

Concert Lecture Committee 

Constitutional Improvement, Ad hoc Committee on 


Continuing Education -- Lowell R. Eklund   3 folders

Continuing Education -- Placement -- Dorothy C. Hope 

Continuing Education -- Program Advisory Committee 

Continuing Education -- Continuum Center for Women 

Convocation 1959-1973   3 folders

Cooperative Education programs Advisory Council 

Critchfield (Robert) Bequest (Engineering) 

Curricular Options, Center for the Development of (proposed) 1973 

Curriculum   2 folders

Data Processing 

Deans & Chairs -- Memos, correspondence   5 folders

Development Priorities Committee 

Distinguished Lecture Series 

Dodge Chair SEE Engineering School of John F. Dodge Chair 

Early Childhood Program 2 

Early Retirement Committee 

Ecological Studies (Alice Tomboulian) 

Economics and Management, School of -- Norton Seeber   2 folders

Economics - Education 


Economics and Management, School of   6 folders

Economics and Management, School of -- Master of Science in Management 

Economics and Management, School of -- Assembly 

Economics Department of 

Educational Reform Commission, Ad hoc Blue Ribbon Committee 

Education, School of -- George E. Coon, Laszlo Hetenyi   11 folders

Education - Engineering 


Education, School of   8 folders

Education, School of -- Assembly 

Education, School of -- Committee on Appointment and Promotion 

Education, School of -- Constitution 

Education, School of -- Human Resource Development Program 

Education, School of -- Manpower Development Proposal 

Education, School of -- Social Services Building Program Outline 

Educational Institutions, Joint Committee on 

Electronic Shop Committee 

Employment Relations -- Carl Westman, Clare Magoon, John B. Coyle   6 folders

Employment Relations, Advisory Committee on 

Engineering, School of -- John Gibson, Paul Paslay   4 folders

Engineering - Faculty 


Engineering School of   8 folders

Engineering School of -- Assembly 

Engineering School of -- DSD Grant 

Engineering School of -- Engineering Seminar 

Engineering School of -- Instrument Shop 

Engineering School of -- John F. Dodge Chair 

Engineering School of -- Systems Engineering Ph.D program 

English Department   2 folders

Enrollment Projections 

Equipment Security Policy Committee 

Evening College, Ad hoc Committee 

Evening Council 

Evening Program -- Billie Demont (Assoc. Provost)   3 folders

Evening Program -- Developmental Program Proposal for Adult 


Faculty – Academic Misconduct 

Faculty Affairs Committee 

Faculty Commission – Hoffman Case 

Faculty Discipline 

Faculty - Graduate 


Faculty Exchange Program 

Faculty Exchange Program -- Haifa University 

Faculty Exchange Program -- Mamzan University 

Faculty Layoffs 1974-1975 

Faculty Layoffs 1975-1976 

Faculty Layoffs -- Classics Dept. 

Faculty Levels 1971-1972 

Faculty -- Fall 1970   2 folders

Faculty Orientation Fall 1972 

Faculty Reemployment and Promotion Committee -- SEE ALSO University Tenure and Appointment Committee   2 folders

Faculty Staff Community Memos   5 folders


Fellowships Committee 

Ferndale First Program   2 folders

Financial Aid Office -- Gladys Rapoport   2 folders

Freedom of Information Act 

Freshmen Advisory Council 

Freshmen Orientation   2 folders

General and Career Studies -- Billie Demont 

Grading Policies, Ad hoc Committee on Implementation of Grading System 

Graduate Study -- William H. Jones 1968-1970   2 folders

Graduate - Health Sciences 


Graduate Study -- G. Phillip Johnson 1970-1978   4 folders

Graduation Lists and Honors   3 folders

Graduation Procedures 

Grants and Contract Administration -- Dicron Tafralian 

Guidance and Counseling Program 

Health Science Professions Study Committee 1974 

Health Science Professions Study Committee -- Nursing 

Health Sciences Center -- Moon J. Pak   3 folders

Health Sciences Center -- Report of the Committee on Recommendation V 

Health Sciences Center -- Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Proposal 

Health Sciences Center -- Clinical Research Laboratory 

Health Sciences Center -- Graduate Medical Education 

Health Sciences Center -- Medical Review Program for FLEX (Foreign Medical Graduates program)   2 folders

Health Sciences Center -- Medical Technology Program 

Health Sciences Center -- Oakland Health Education Program (OHEP)   3 folders

Health Sciences - Institutional Research 


Health Sciences Center -- Occupational Health & Safety   2 folders

Health Sciences Center -- Optometric Education 

Health Sciences Center -- Physical Therapy 

Health Sciences Center -- Professional Credentials Committee 

Health Sciences Center -- Faculty Council Minutes 

Higher Education -- Clippings, notes, essays   2 folders

History Department   4 folders

Honors Banquet 1966, 1967, 1969   3 folders

Honors List 1971,1972 

Honors Program 

Honorary Degrees 

Human Relations Council 

Human Resources and Community Development, School of Proposed 

Human Resources and Development Program (School of Education) 

Human Subject Research Proposal Review Committee 


Institutional Research Office -- David Beardslee   5 folders

Institutional Research - Library 


Institutional Research Office   7 folders

Inventory 1974 

Inventory Policy Committee 


Kettering Magnetics Laboratory 

Kinsey Lecture Conference Fund Drive -- Everett Kinsey, Eye Research Institute   2 folders

Labor Education Service -- Don Stevens 

Labor Studies 

Learning Skills Department -- Peter G. Evarts   2 folders

Liberal Education School of (Proposed) 

Library -- Royce Butler 1967-1970   4 folders



Library -- George Gardiner 1970-1978   13 folders

Library -- Administrative Group -- Meeting with Provost 

Library -- Addition 

Library -- Building Remodel Project   2 folders

Library -- Dean Search 

Library -- Professional Development 

Library -- Report to the Board of Trustees 1976 

Linguistics - Mathematics 


Linguistics Department 

Long Range Development Committee   3 folders

Long Range Development Committee -- University Mass Transportation System Report 

Long Range Systems Planning Report 

Lowry Early Childhood Center -- Stephanie Riley 


Management by Objectives   5 folders

Manpower Institutional Grant 

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Collection Committee 

Mass Communications 

Mathematics Department -- George Feeman   6 folders

Mathematics - NCATE 


Mathematical Sciences Crimel Oakland Project 

Matthews (George) -- Recommendations Task Force Reports 1974 

Meadow Brook Hall -- Academic Use 

Meadow Brook Hall -- Advisory Committee   2 folders

Meadow Brook Hall -- Brochures of Special Programs 

Meadow Brook Hall -- Lew Ayres in Person 

Meadow Brook Hall -- Memos 

Meadow Brook Hall -- This Month at Meadow Brook calendars 

Medical Physics incl. Proposal for a MS in Medical Physics 

Metropolitan Studies 

Midrasha College of Jewish Studies 

Modern Languages and Literatures   2 folders

Mosquito Control Program 

Music -- Raynold Allvin   4 folders

Music Master Classes 

Music Programs 1976-1978 

National Security Council 

NCATE Accreditation   4 folders

New Building - Obear Correspondence 


New Building Program 

New Charter College   2 folders

New College 

News Services 

Nkporo Committee 

Non Discrimination in Off Campus Housing 

Nursing, Ad hoc Committee on 

Nursing, School of -- Geraldene Felton   4 folders

Nursing, School of -- Grant Proposal 1975 

Nursing, School of -- Providence Hospital 

Oakland Center 

Oakland Prep School 

Obear, Frederick -- Correspondence -- Incoming 1964-1974   8 folders

Obear Correspondence 


Obear, Frederick -- Correspondence -- Outgoing -- On Campus 1964 - Jan. 1971   22 folders

Obear Correspondence 


Obear, Frederick -- Correspondence -- Outgoing -- On Campus Feb. 1971 - March 1973   23 folders

Obear Correspondence 


Obear, Frederick -- Correspondence -- Outgoing -- On Campus April 1973 - Dec. 1975   23 folders

Obear Correspondence - Obear Rice Univ. 


Obear, Frederick -- Correspondence -- Outgoing -- On Campus 1976-1978   3 folders

Obear, Frederick -- Correspondence -- Outgoing -- Off Campus 1964, 1966-1975   13 folders

Obear, Frederick -- Correspondence -- Outgoing -- Off Campus -- Personal   2 folders

Obear, Frederick -- Curriculum Vitae 

Obear, Frederick -- Essays, articles 

Obear, Frederick -- Fitzgerald House Resident Faculty Couple 1963 

Obear, Frederick -- IBM Customer Executive Program 1969 

Obear, Frederick -- Rice University American Council on Education Fellowship 1968-1969 

Obear Speeches - Performing Arts 


Obear, Frederick -- Speeches & Possible Speech Material   6 folders

O’Dowd, Donald D. -- Memos from 1970-1978   10 folders

Occupational Health and Safety Association Committee 

Ombudsman -- Kenneth Coffman 

Operations Research 

Optometric School (Proposed) 

Out of State Fee Committee 

Overseas Study Programs   3 folders

Parents Day 

Parking Commission 

Patent Policy Committee, Ad hoc 

People Against Racism 

Performing Arts, School of -- W. W. Kent   2 folders

Performing Arts - Prejudice 


Performing Arts, School of   4 folders

Performing Arts, School of -- Dance 

Performing Arts, School of -- Frederick Prausnitz Report 1971 

Performing Arts, School of -- Overture to Opera 

Personnel Actions 1977-1978   2 folders

Personnel Office -- Lawrence Fitzpatrick   2 folders

Philosophy Department -- Richard Burke 

Physical Education and Athletics -- Corey Van Fleet   3 folders

Physical Education Study Committee 

Physicians Assistants Program Subcommittee 

Physical Therapy 

Physics -- Abe Liboff   2 folders

Pitzer, Kenneth S 

Placement Council 

Placement Council Military Recruiting 

Policy Priority Conference 1970-1971 

Political Science Department -- Edward Heubel   2 folders

Pontiac, Michigan -- Proposed inner city programs 1968 

Positions Base 

Prejudice and Discrimination Council 

President's Club - Provost's Office 


Presidents Club 

Presidents Club Lecture Series   4 folders

Presidents Office --Executive Group 1973-1978   6 folders

Presidents Office -- Assistant President for Planning -- William F. Sturner   3 folders

Presidents Office -- Assistant to the President -- William Connellan   2 folders

Presidents Office -- Vice President for Public Affairs -- John DeCarlo   2 folders

Professional Affairs Committee 

Professional Development Degree Program 

Programming Committee 

Project 20 

Provost’s Office -- Assistant Provost -- James Bullock   2 folders

Provost’s Office -- Assistant Provost -- Robert Bunger 

Provost's Office 


Provost’s Office -- Assistant Provost -- James E Davis   10 folders

Provost’s Office -- Assistant Provost -- Billie Demont   2 folders

Provost’s Office -- Assistant Provost -- William Morehouse 

Provost' s Office -- Associate Provost -- Keith R. Kleckner   2 folders

Provost’s Office -- Provost’s Breakfast Meetings 

Provost’s Office -- Discretionary Funds 

Provost’s Office -- Provost’s Group 1970-1981   5 folders

Provost’s Office -- Provost’s Personnel Committee   2 folders

Provost's Office - Public Meetings 


Provost’s Office -- Provost’s Personnel Committee   6 folders

Provost’s Office -- Staff Writer 

Provost’s Office -- Vice Provost -- George T. Matthews   9 folders

Provost’s Office -- Vice Provost -- William F. Sturner   4 folders

Provost Selection Committee 

Psychological Services 

Psychology Department 

Public Meetings Act 

Race Relations - Research 


Race Relations 

Radiation Health Safety Committee 

Radiological Safety Committee 

Registrar   5 folders

Religious Activities Committee 

Religious Studies Committee 

Resource Services -- Fred Smith, Dean 

Research and Institutional Services -- Lewis Pino   16 folders

Residence Hall - Student Conduct 


Residence Hall Committee 

Residential Colleges --Residential colleges and the politics of change; Counterpart of the residential college in the commuter setting (both by Obear) 

Scholarship Committee Fashion Show 1966 

Science Building 1975-1977   2 folders

Science Ph.D 

Sigma Xi   2 folders

Skill Development Center 

Social Work Materials 1977-1978 

Sociology and Anthropology Department   2 folders

Space Allocation and Planning 

Special Educational Programs 

Special Projects -- Robert Dearth, Director 

Speech Communication Department --Adeline Hirshfield Medalia 

Spring and Summer Sessions   5 folders

Staff Analysis 

Stoutenburg Herbert, Assistant Chancellor 

Student Affairs -- 1968-1970 -- Fred Smith, Thomas Dutton 1968-1970 

Student Affairs -- 1971-1972 -- James Appleton 1971-1972 

Student Affairs -- 1973-1976 -- Kenneth Coffman 1973-1976   2 folders

Student Affairs -- Miscellaneous   4 folders

Student Conduct (Advisory Council) (University Committee on Student Conduct) See also Senate Academic Conduct committee 

Student Congress - University Relations 


Student Congress [3 folders] 

Student Employment Opportunities 

Student Evaluation of Faculty 

Student Internship Program 

Student Life Commission 

Student Services -- Miscellaneous   3 folders

Student Services -- Special Services 

Student Services -- Transfer Students 

Student Shop 

Systems Engineering Ph.D. SEE Engineering School 

Telephone Task Force Committee 

Theatre Arts -- Adeline Hirschfield Medalia 

Title VI 

Transfer Students   2 folders

Transportation Committee 


Tuition Task Force Committee 

Undergraduate Research Grant Committee 

University Attorney -- James Howlett 

University Governance Committee 

University Marshal -- Lewis Pino 

University Organizational Memberships 1972-1973 

University Planning Committee   9 folders

University Programming Committee 

University Relations 

University Senate 


University Senate -- Academic & Career Advising Committee 

University Senate -- Academic Budget & Planning Committee 

University Senate -- Academic Conduct Committee 

University Senate -- Academic Policy Committee   9 folders

University Senate -- Academic Standing & Honors Committee   4 folders

University Senate -- Admissions Committee 

University Senate -- Athletics Committee 

University Senate -- Campus Development & Environment Committee 

University Senate -- Committees 

University Senate -- Constitution 

University Senate -- Elections Committee   2 folders

University Senate -- External Affairs Committee 

University Senate - University Tenure 


University Senate -- Financial Aids Committee 

University Senate -- Memos   2 folders

University Senate -- Research Committee   2 folders

University Senate -- Responsibilities and Concerns 

University Senate -- Senate actions 1971-1972 

University Senate -- Steering Committee   5 folders

University Senate -- Teaching & Learning Committee 

University Senate --Visitor Policy Committee, Ad hoc 

University Services -- Frank Clark 

University Statistics Committee 

University Swim Club -- Advisory Committee 

University Tenure and Appointment Committee   11 folders

Upward Bound - Writing Center 


Upward Bound -- Manual Pierson 

Urban Affairs Center   3 folders

Urban Affairs Center -- University Year for Action   5 folders

Urban Affairs Center -- Volunteers in Probation 

White House Fellowship 

Women Faculty -- Report on the Status of Women Faculty at OU 1971 

Women’s Higher Education 

Women's Rights Committee, Ad hoc 

Word Processing Equipment 

Writing Center 

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Off Campus Files 

American Assn. - American Council 


American Association for Higher Education   6 folders

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) 

American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)   4 folders

American Council on Education   18 folders

American Industrial - Marygrove College 


American Industrial Hygiene Conference 

Association of Michigan Collegiate Faculties 

College and University Personnel Association 

College Board Review & College Entrance Examination Board 

Coordinating Council for Continuing Higher Education 

EDUCOM   2 folders


GM Coach and Truck Division 

Grant Proposals   2 folders

Higher Education General Index Survey (HEGIS) 

Marygrove College (Obear was a member of the Governing Board of Trustees)   8 folders

Marygrove College 


Marygrove College   6 folders

Michigan Council 


Michigan Council of Osteopathic Medicine   3 folders

Michigan Council of State College Presidents ca. 1972   26 Folders

General note

(Includes report: Feasibility of an External Degree Program among the Member Institutions of the Michigan Council of State College Presidents, ca 1972)

Michigan. State 


Michigan. State. Auditor General 

Michigan. State. Department of Education   19 folders

Michigan State. -New Planning 


Michigan. State. Department of Education. 1975   7 folders

General note

Includes Financing of Public Baccalaureate Institutions in Michigan 1975 and Financing the Next Decade of Higher Education in Michigan 1975 and Program Inventory of Public Baccalaureate Institutions in Michigan 1975

Michigan. State. State Agencies 

Michigan. State. Higher Education Task Force 

Michigan. State. Legislative Fiscal Agency   2 folders

Michigan. State. Michigan Employment Security Council 

Michigan. State. Senate. Appropriations   2 folders

Michigan Library Consortium 

Michigan State University 

Off-Campus Organizations 

National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges   2 folders

National Science Foundation   6 folders

New Planning and Management Practices in Postsecondary Education Forum 

North Central - Planning and Management 


North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools   17 folders

Planning and Management Systems Conference 

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