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Biographical note

Donald O’Dowd joined the faculty of the newly established Michigan State University – Oakland (MSU-O) as an associate professor of Psychology in 1960. O’Dowd and David Beardslee, professor of Psychology, founded the department of Psychology. He also served as assistant to the dean of faculty for the Social Sciences during his first year at MSU-O. O’Dowd was appointed dean of Oakland University in 1966, and his title was changed to provost, and then to vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and provost. He also served as the dean of Graduate Study and professor of Psychology.

In 1970, O’Dowd was appointed acting chancellor of Oakland University while the issue of whether Oakland should become independent of Michigan State University was under consideration. O’Dowd was appointed the first president of the independent Oakland University by its charter board of trustees, and served through 1979, when he was designated president emeritus.

O’Dowd was named executive vice chancellor of the State University of New York System in 1980. He was appointed president of the University of Alaska Statewide System of Higher Education in 1984, and remained at that post until 1990, when he retired from full-time university administration.

O’Dowd served two years in the U.S. Army. He held a master of arts and a Ph.D. in social psychology from Harvard University. He also held a bachelor of arts, graduating summa cum Laude, from Dartmouth College and was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

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Scope and Contents note

The Papers of President Donald O'Dowd contain correspondence, memos and other materials produced during his time as President. They document his leadership, interaction with other campus units and student life. The collection is organized alphabetically by topic.

See also the Donald O'Dowd (Provost) collection for additional material on Don O'Dowd's career at Oakland University.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Oakland University Archives and Special Collections

Kresge Library
100 Library Drive
Rochester, MI, 48309

Access and Use note

The Papers of President Donald O'Dowd are open for research.


Copyright held by Oakland University. The collection includes occasional materials produced by outside parties. Copyright to these items may be held by the original creators.


Processed by Linda Hildebrand

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Collection Inventory

On campus 

A -- Administrative memos 


A – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Academic Advising Committee 

Academic Affairs Committee 1963-1966 

Academic Collective Bargaining Committee 1971-1972   5 folders

Academic Conduct Committee 

Academic Policy Committee 

Academic Reorganization Committee   3 folders

Academic Standing & Honors Committee 

Academy of Dramatic Art 

Administrative Council   6 folders

Administrative Group   2 folders

Administrative Memos (to University Community, etc.)   2 folders

Administrative memos -- American 


Administrative Memos (to University Community, etc.)   3 folders

Administrative Organization Special Committee   2 folders

Administrative Professional Association   5 folders

Administrative Professional Appointments, Advisory Committee on 

Admissions & Financial Aid Committee 

Admissions Standing Report   8 folders

Affirmative Action Council 

Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity   2 folders

Akers, Charles (History) 

Alcohol Policy 

Allen, Charles SEE Computer and Data Processing 

Allvin, Raynold (Music)   2 folders

Alumni Association   3 folders

Alumni Relations 

American Association of University Professors (AAUP) [4 folder] 

American -- Andreas, Rosalind (Commuter Services) 


American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees 

Andreas, Rosalind (Commuter Services) 

Annual Reports 1969-1979 


Administrative Services, Director 1972 

Admissions & Scholarships 1969-1972 

Alumni Education Program - Eklund, Lowell 1969-1970 

Alumni Relations 1971-1972 

Art & Art History 1972-1980 

Ass't. President for Administration - Campus Development 1969-1974 

Ass't. President for Planning & Administration 1972-1974 

Ass't. to the President & Director of Public Relations 1970-1979 

Ass't to the V.P. for Academic Affairs 1970-1971 

Ass't Provost 1971 

Biological Sciences 1970-1979 

Book Center 1969-1970 

Business Affairs 1970-1978 

Campus & Student Affairs 1970-1979 

Campus Development 1971-1972 

Campus Info, Programs & Orgs. (CIPO) 1978 

Center for General & Career Studies 1976-1977 

Commuter Affairs - undated 

Computing & Data Processing Center 1969-1972 

Conferences & Institutes 1971-1972 

Continuing Education 1970-1972 

Economics & Management 1969-1972, 1978-1979 

Financial Aid 1971-1972 

Graduate Study 1969-1979 

History Department 1975-1976 

Office of Institutional Research - OIR 1970-1972 

Mathematical Sciences 1975-1979 

Nursing 1977-1978 

Oakland University 1971-1979 

Performing Arts 1969-1971 

Personnel & Employment Relations 1972 

Physical Education & Athletics 1971-1979 

Psychological Services 1969-1972 

Psychology 1971-1972 

Public Affairs & Special Projects 1974-1978 

Public Safety 1971 

Registrar 1969-1979 

Research Services 1969-1974 

School of Education 1969-1978 

Engineering 1969-1975 

School of Human & Engineering Services 1978-1979 

Student Life 1971-1972 

Student Organizations, Office 1970-1971 

Student Services 1971-1972 

Student Village 1973-1974 

University Library 1970-1977 

University Ombudsman 1972 

Urban Affairs Center 1970-1975 

Vice Provost - William Sturner 1971 

V.P. for Academic Affairs & Provost - Frederick Obear 1969-1979   2 folders.

Appleton -- B 


Appleton, James (Student Affairs) [7 folders] 

Applied Social Sciences, Ad hoc Committee on 

Art Gallery, OU, Society for the 

Arts & Sciences, College of -- Assembly (minutes, memos) [4 folders] 1970-1974 


Association of Black Students 

Aston, Thomas (Student Theatre) 

Astronomical Observatory 


Atkinson, Thomas (Administrative Affairs) [4 folders] 

Audio Visual Committee 

Automotive Archives 

B -- Beardslee 


B – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 1970-1973 [4 folders] 

B – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 1973-1979 [2 folders] 

Bagale, Edward J. (Admissions) 

Barnard, John (History) 

Barnes, Carl (Art & Art History) [2 folders] 

Beardslee, David (Institutional Research) [12 folders] 

Beardslee -- Bledsoe 


Beardslee, David (Institutional History) [11 folders] 

Becoming School 

Benchmark Review & Evaluation Committee 

Bennett, June (Community Relations) 

Berkley High School Proposal 

Bethea, Charles W. (Commuter Services, Residence Halls) 

Biography & History 

Black Education Development 

Black Faculty Association 

Black Issues Committee 

Bledsoe, Wilma Ray (Urban Affairs, Asst. to the President) [4 folders] 

Bledsoe -- Board of Trustees 


Bledsoe, Wilma Ray (Urban Affairs, Asst. to the President) [5 folders] 

Board of Trustees - Memos to [10 folders] 

Board of Trustees Employment Relations Committee 

Board of Trustees - Budget 


Board of Trustees Presidential Evaluation 

Board of Trustees Members: Adams, Ruth 

Board of Trustees Members: Carr, Leland 

Board of Trustees Members: Headlee, Richard 

Board of Trustees Members: Katke, Marvin 

Board of Trustees Members: Kyes, Helen 

Board of Trustees Members: Lewis, David 

Board of Trustees Members: Mair, Alex C. 

Board of Trustees Members: Morris, Ken 

Board of Trustees Members: Saltzman, Arthur 

Board of Trustees Members: Schwartz, Alan 

Board of Trustees Members: Smith, Otis 

Boldon, Eugene (Athletics) 

Brazzell, Johnetta (Urban Affairs) 

Brown, Glen (Admissions, Campus Development) [10 folders] 

Butler, W. Royce (Library) [4 folders] 



Budget 1970-1978 

Budget -- Coffman 


Budget 1978-1979 

Bullock, James (Office of the Provost) 

Bunger, Robert J. (Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs) 

Burdick, Dolores (Modern Languages and Literatures) 

Burke, Richard (Philosophy) 

C -- Memos, Correspondences, miscellaneous [3 folders) 

Calendar Committee 

Cameron, John B. (Art & Art History) 

Campus Environment Committee 

Career Studies, Ad Hoc Committee on 

Catering Management Inc. 

Catton, George (Physical Plant, Campus Affairs) 

Center for Community and Human Development report 1971-1977 

Center for the Training and Treatment of Retarded Children and Adolescents: a proposal. 1973 

Chancellor - Student meetings 

Chancellorship to Presidency transition of O'Dowd, 1970 

Cherno, Melvin (Honors College) 

Child Care Center Advisory Board 

Christmas Flap 1970 (re decorations) 

Century Club 

Clark, Frank (University Services) 

Classics Flap 1976 (suspension of major, faculty layoffs) 

Classroom/Office Building #2 - Groundbreaking (O'Dowd Hall) 

Clatworthy, James (Education) 

Clerical-Technical Association [4 folders] 

Coffman, Kenneth (University Ombudsman) 

Coffman, Kenneth (Campus & Student Affairs) [7 folders] 1973-1977 

Coffman -- Computer 


Coffman, Kenneth (Campus & Student Affairs [2 folders] 1978-1979 

Coffman, Kenneth. Campus Issues meetings. 

Coggins, Elizabeth (Commuter Affairs) 

Collective Bargaining Team 

Commencement [12 folders] 1969-1979 

Scope and Contents note

Includes programs, speeches

Commissions (Student Life, Education Reform, University Planning) [2 folders] 

Community College Relations - William H. Jones (Special Asst. to the President) 

Community & Human Development, Proposed School of [2 folders] 

Community of Reconciliation 

Commuter Council 

Commuter Student Consultants 

Computer & Data Processing Center (CDPC)-- Charles Allen, Director 

Computer -- Cranbrook 


Computer Services, Advisory Policy Committee 

Computers 1978 

Connellan, William (Asst. to the President) [9 folders] 

Constitution, Oakland University 

Continuum Center Advisory Board 

Contuse (Kontuse VII) 

Convocation 1971, September 5, 1972, 1973 

Coon, George F. (Human and Educational Services) 

Cooperative Education 

Cooperative Housing Program 

Cooper, Elmer (Urban Affairs) [2 folders] 

Correspondence & memos - incoming 1971-1977 

Correspondence & memos - outgoing 1970-1976 

Coyle, John (Employment Relations) [3 folders] 

Cramer, Ronald L. (Education) 

Cranbrook “Adventure in Creativity” Summer Program at Oakland [2 folders] 

Pierson -- Q 


Pierson, Manuel H. (Special Projects) 1970-1971 

Pierson, Manuel H. (Dean of Student Services) [5 folders] 1972-1979 

Pino, Lewis (Research Services) [8 folders] 

PIRGIM Public Interest Research Group in Michigan 

Pioneer Club 


Planning Documents, 1978 [2 folders] 

Planning Sessions, Oct. & Nov. 1972 

POEAT (Pontiac Oakland Educational Assistance Team) 

Police Officers Association 

Policy/Priority Conference, Sunset Terrace, 1971 

Pontiac Motor Division - Housing for GM cooperative learning students 

Prejudice & Discrimination, Council on 

President, Office of the - transition, 1979 

Presidents Club brochure, newsletter 

Presidents Club membership list 

Presidents Club miscellaneous items 

Program Committee of the University 

Project Right Now 

Q – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Credit -- DeCarlo 


Credit Union 

Crowder Troy F. (University Relations) 

Cutts, John P. (English) 

D – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Dahlmann, Jerry L. (Academy of Dramatic Art) 

Davis, Edgar (Urban Affairs) 

Davis, James (Assistant Provost) 

Davis, Joe (Admissions & Scholarships) 

Dearth, Robert (Special Assistant to the President, OU Foundation Office) [7 folders] 

Dearth, Robert. Development Projects: Golf Course, Art Gallery, Mall, Library 

DeCarlo, John (Assistant Chancellor, Secretary to the Board of Trustees [8 folders] 1969-1973 

DeCarlo -- Dolan 


DeCarlo, John (Assistant Chancellor, Secretary to the Board of Trustees [11 folders] 1974-1978 

DeLauney Rockne (Inventory & Property Control) 

Dement, Joseph (English) 

Demont, Billie (Evening Programs) [2 folders] 

Detroit Lions 

Development Communications Committee 

Development Priorities Committee 

DiChiera, David (Michigan Opera Theatre) 

Doane, David (Economics & Management) 

Dodge (John F.) Engineering Chair 

Dodge Farmhouse Flap, 1978 

Dolan, Colleen (Labor Relations) 

Driver -- Engineering 


Driver, Eleanor B. (Continuum Center) 

Drug Abuse Program 

Durelli, August (Engineering) 

Dutton, Thomas (Student Affairs) 

Dutzmann, Ingo (Office for Student Organizations) 

E -- Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Economic Club of Detroit 

Economics & Management, School of 

Education Reform, Commission on, 1970 

Educational Reform, Blue Ribbon Commission (includes A Proposal for Change at Oakland University, 1969) 

Educational Research & Development Program October 21, 1974 

Scope and Contents note

Proposal for funding submitted to Exxon Education Foundation.

Education, School of [3 folders] 

Eklund, Lowell (Continuing Education, Meadow Brook Hall) [ 9 folders] 


Emergency Energy Conservation Committee 

Employee Attendance Record Committee, Ad hoc 

Employee Service Recognition 1977-1978 

Employment Relations Advisory Group 

Employee Relations Office 

Engineering, School of 

Evans -- Five Year Plan 


Evans, Thomas (Internal Auditor) [3 folders] 

Evening College Committee 

Evening Council 

Evening Student Survey 

Executive Group [6 folders] 

External Affairs 

F – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Faculty - Administration Relations 

Faculty Club (proposed) 

Faculty Professional Conduct, Self Regulation, by J.E. Gibson & George T. Matthews 

Faculty Subdivision 

Feeman, George (Mathematics) 

Felton, Geraldine (Nursing) 

Fernald, John (Meadow Brook Theatre) 

Fiandt, Bruce (Space Utilization) 

Financial Aid (Glen Brown, Gladys Rappaport) 

Financial Aids Committee 

Fish, William C. (Education) 

Fitzpatrick, Lawrence K. (Personnel) 

Fitzsimmons, Thomas (English) 

Five-Year Plan - Oakland University 

Five-Year Plan - Academic Affairs 

Five-Year Plan - Business Affairs 

Five-Year Plan - Campus and Student Affairs 

Five-Year Plan - College of Arts & Sciences 

Five-Year Plan - Continuing Education 

Five-Year Plan - Office of the President 

Five-Year Plan - Public Relations 

Five-Year Plan - Urban Affairs 

Five-Year Plan - SEE ALSO Management by Objectives folders 

Focus -- Harris 


“Focus: Oakland” Correspondence 

Forbes, William C. (Biology) 

Founders Evening 

Fraternities & Sororities 

Freshmen Year 

Fukushima, George (Urban Affairs) 

G – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Gardiner, George (Library) 

Gay Liberation 

Gaylor, Robert G. (Library) 

General Motors Scholarship Plan 

Gerulaitis, Renate (Modern Languages & Literatures) 

Ghausi, Mohammad (Engineering) 

Gibson, John (Engineering) [3 folders] 

Glass, Elizabeth (Upward Bound) 

Golf Course 

Graduate Council 

Graduate Enrollment Committee 

Graham, James (History) 

Graham Health Center 

Gray, Earl (Public Safety) [5 folders] 

Greene, Walter R. (Employment Manager) 

Gregory, Karl (Economics & Management) 

H – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Hahn, Harry (Education) 

Harding, Clifford (Biological Sciences) 

Harris, Ray (Business Office) [2 folders] 

Health -- Human 


Health Center Fee Study Committee 

Health Sciences Professions Study Committee (Moon Jae Pak) 

Health Sciences Professions. Report of the Study Committee, 1973 

Heidenreich, Herbert - Mexican-American Scholarship Fund 

Hetenyi Committee on Advocacy Symbols on Work Uniforms of Student Employees 

Hetenyi, Laszlo (Education) [6 folders] 

Heubel, Edward (Political Science) 

Hildum, Donald (Communications, Psychology) 

Hirschfeld Medalia, Adeline (Speech) 

Hoffman, Barbara (Conference Department) 

Hohauser, Harvey (Center for Community and Urban Development, Urban Affairs) 

Honorary Degree Recipients 1963-1974 

Hope, Dorothy (Placement) 

Houtz, Patricia (Student Affairs) [3 folders] 

Howlett, James (Attorney for the University) [11 folders] 

Human Relations Council 

I -- Keegan 


I – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Inner City Pontiac College Subcommittee 

Institute of Biological Sciences 

Inter-School Housing Program 

Inter-Hall Council (Residence Halls) 

Invitation to Lunch & Commencement 

Isaac Jones Memorial Scholarship Acknowledgements 

Isaac Jones Memorial Scholarship Committee 

Isaac Jones Memorial Scholarship Miscellaneous 

J – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous [2 folders] 

Jackson, George A. (Student Services) Includes Special Programs reports. 

Johnson, G. Phillip [ 2 folders] 

Jones, William H. (Community College Relations) 

Jones, William H. (Dean, Graduate Study) 

Journalism Study Committee, 1973 

K – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Kahana, Boaz (Psychology) 

Kallai, Sandor (Meadow Brook Music Festival) 

Kanter, David Robert (Meadow Brook Theatre) 

Karas, George (Physical Plant) [2 folders] 

Keegan, Judith (Dean of Freshmen) 

Kent -- Lougheed 


Kent, W.W. (Dean School of Performing Arts, Academy of Dramatic Art) [ 5 folders, includes correspondence with Ashkenazy, Perleman) 

Kent, W. W. (University Marshall for Commencement) 

Kettering Magnetics Laboratory (SEE ALSO Liboff) 

Kevern, Ronald (Career Advising & Placement) [3 folders] 

Kilburn, Terence (Meadow Brook Theatre Artistic Director) 

Kingswood, Cranbrook 

Kinsey, V. Everett (Institute of Biological Sciences - Eye Research Institute) 

Kleckner, Keith (Asst. Dean School of Engineering) 

Kleckner, Keith (Provost) 

Knapp, Joseph (University Relations) [3 folders] 

Kovach Tarakanov, Helen (Modern Languages & Literatures, Slavic Folk Ensemble) 

Kresge Library Friends Speakers Bureau 

L – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Large Concert Production Committee 

Latin American Organization for Better Education 

McGarry -- Meadow Brook Theatre 


McGarry, Robert (Asst. Vice President for Business Affairs & Controller) [2 folders] 1977-1979 

McNeil, Mondine (Student Records) 

Meadow Brook Conference Center Advisory Committee 

Meadow Brook Festival and Theatre Executive Committee [2 folders] 

Meadow Brook Festival [ 9 folders] 

Meadow Brook Hall Conference Center [7 folders] 

Meadow Brook Theatre [8 folders] 

Lepley, Hollie (Physical Education, Sports and Recreation) 

Liboff, Abraham (Physics) 

Llewellyn, James (University News Service) 

Light, Richard A. (Auditor, Business Affairs) [4 folders] 

Lougheed, Jacqueline (Education) 

M -- Maxwell 


M – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous [ 2 folders] 

Magoon, Clair (Employee Relations) 

Management by Objectives [7 folders] 1973-1978 

Management by Objectives. Role and Mission of Oakland University, 1978 

Marketing Committee 1973 (includes report Marketing and the Admission Process) 

Marney, John (Modern Languages & Literature) 

Marriner, Audrey (Promotion & Public Relations) 

Marshall, William (Oakland Center Director) 

Mary Fogarty Anibal Scholarship Fund 

Mathematics Dept. 

Matthews, George (History) 

Maxwell, Robert, atty. (re tenure case) 

Medical Center -- Oakland Univ. News 


Medical Center, Oakland University 

Mittra, Sid (Economics & Management) 

Modern Languages & Literatures Dept. 

Moore, Parker (Residence Halls) 

Moorhouse, Bill (HRD Development Programs) 

Mosquito Control Flap - Meadow Brook Subdivision 

N– Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous [ 2 folders] 

"Nature Conservancy” Project – Paul Tomboulian 

NCA Governance & Bargaining Committee 

News Releases 1970-1979 [7 folders] 1970-1979 

Newton Flap, Huey 

Non-Discrimination in Off Campus Housing Committee 

Nordstrom, Lyle (Music) 

Nowacki, Addie (Business Office) 

Nursing, School of (Proposed) 

O – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Oakland People Against Racism 

Oakland Prep School Project 

Oakland Sail (Student newspaper) 

Oakland University Foundation [3 folders] 

Oakland University Foundation Bylaws, 1958/ 

Oakland University News (Sept. 1972-June 1972) 

OU (newsletter) misc. 1971 issues 

OU Staff Bulletin. misc. 1970-1971 issues. 1970-1971 

Oakland Univ. Staff -- Obear 


Obear, Frederick (Provost) [5 folders] 1969-1974 

Obear -- Pierson 


Obear, Frederick (Provost) [6 folders] 1975-1979 

O'Dowd Tribute, 1979 

Odyssey (OU humanities journal, 1975) 


Orientation, 1977 

Out of State Fee Committee 

Owen, Dorothy (Conference Committee) 

P – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Pak, Moon Jae (Biological Sciences, Health Sciences) [2 folders] SEE ALSO Health Sciences, Oakland Health 

Education Program 

Paleen, William (Residence Halls) 

Parker, Karen (Financial Aid) 

Parking Commission [2 folders] 

Personnel Office [3 folders] 

Petz, Elaine (Alumni Relations) [2 folders] 

Phi Beta Kappa 

Phillips, David (Food Services) 


Pierson, Manual H. 1970-1979   7 folders.


Pierson -- Q 


Pino, Lewis N. 1969-1978   10 folders.

PIRGIM - Public interest group in Michigan   2 folders.

Pioneer Club 


Planning Documents - 1978   2 folders.

Admin. Group Conferences at Meadow Brook Hall 1972 

Poeat [2 folders] 

Police Officers Assoc. (OU) 

Policy/Priority Conference (OU) December 1970 

Pontiac Motor Division - Housing material 

Prejudice and Discrimination, Council on 

President, Office of - D. O'Dowd - G. Matthews, interim 1979 

Presidential Review 1977 

Restricted Access

This folder contains confidential information. Closed for 75 years from date of creation or until death of subjects.

President's Club   6 folders.

Scope and Contents note

Includes brochures, newsletters, membership lists and correspondence.

Program Committee 

Project Right Now 

Q - memos & corresp. 1979 

R -- Sigma 


R – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous [3 folders] 

Rapoport, Gladys B. (Director of Financial Aid) 

Reggy, Venkat (Institute of Biological Science) 

Registrar's Office - Correspondence and Enrollment Reports [9 folders] 

Reischl, Uwe (Health Sciences) 

Research [2 folders] 

Residence Assistant Flap, 1970 

Residence Halls, Committee 

Residence Halls 

Righter, Roderic (Education) 

Riding Ring Theatre 

Robinson, Irene (Oakland Prep School) 

Role and Mission Statement, 1978 

Rose, Jerry W. (Director of Admissions & Scholarships) [7 folders] 

Roy, Arun (Biological Sciences) 

Ruggles, Lowell SEE Registrars Office 

S – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous [4 folders] 

Safety Committee 

Scherer, Jacqueline (Sociology) 

Schillace, Ralph (Psychology) 

Scholarship Fund 

Schultz, Mary (Alumni Relations) 

Schwab, William (Linguistics) 

Schwartz, Alan 

Science Teacher Preparation at Oakland University, 1971 

Security Advisory Committee for Campus Security 

Seeber, Norton C. (Dean, School of Economics & Management) 

Sex & Drug Education Committee 

Sigma Xi 

Simmons, Robert (Modern Languages) 

Singer, Philip (Sociology) 

Smith -- Student 


Smith, Fred (Dean of Resource Services). Incl. "Special Services for Disadvantaged Students in Higher Education") circa 1970-1971 

Smith, Fred (Associate Dean of Student Affairs) 

Smith, Otis (Board of Trustees) 

South African Investments Committee 

State of the University Address May 1972 

Stevens, Don (Continuing Education, Labor Resources Division) [4 folders] 

Stoutenberg, Herbert N. (Assistant President for Administration) 

Strike Flap, 1971 (SEE ALSO American Association of University Professors) 

Student Activities Board 

Student Advisory Board to the President 

Student Conduct Committee 

Student Convocations 

Student Correspondence [8 folders] 

Student Government at OU 1959-1971 

Student Life, Commission on 

Student Organizations (and publications) [7 folders] 

Student Publications [7 folders] 

Sturner -- Swanson 


Sturner, William (Assistant President for Planning & Administration; also Acting Vice Provost) [11 folders] 

Sullivan, Lawrence (University Relations) [3 folders] 

Summer School [2 folders] 1969-1970 

Susskind, Norman (Modern Languages & Literatures) 

Swanson, Robert (Vice President for Business Affairs) [8 folders] 1969-1973 

Swanson -- Twyman 


Swanson, Robert (Vice President for Business Affairs) [6 folders] 1974-1979 

T – Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Tafralian, Dicron (Grants & Contracts Administrator) 

Tagore, Amitendranath (Modern Languages & Literatures) 

Tapp, John (Student Affairs) 

Task Forces 

Teaching & Learning Committee 1969-1971 

Tenure & Appointment Policy Committee 

Thoresen, Kathryn (Alumni Relations) 

Tomboulian, Paul (Chemistry) 

Torch, Reuben (Dean, College of Arts & Sciences) 

Torch, Reuben. Proposed Position-Shift Layoffs. 

Tower, John (Economics & Management) 

Transportation (Public transit & OU campus) 

Travel Regulations 

Tucker, Richard (History) 

Tuition & Fee Schedule Committee 

Twyman, Margaret (Meadow Brook Hall) 

U -- Usui 


U -- Memos, correspondence, miscellaneous 

Unakar, Nalin J. (Biological Sciences) 

University Activities Planning Committee 

University Calendar Exceptions, Committee for 

University Congress ( 3 folders) (incl. University Congress Congressional Record, 2 issues, Sept. and Oct. 1973) 

University Council. Constitution proposal 

University Goals Statements, 5 year plans: 1975-1980 and 1978-1982 

University Governance Commission [2 folders] 1970-1971 

University Governance Commission II 

University Planning Commission 1970-1971 

University Planning Commission 1976-1977 

University Planning Committee: Brief history of OU by George Matthews and John Tower, 1978 

University Planning Committee. Planning Document, 1978 

University Policy 

University Relations 

University Senate. General correspondence 

University Senate. Agendas 

University Senate. Minutes. 

University Senate. Current material 

University Senate. Steering Committee 

Usui, Kiichi (Meadow Brook Art Gallery) [3 folders] 1971-1978 

Usui, Kiichi (Meadow Brook Art Gallery) Art Collections Assessment, 1979 

University -- Z 


University Swim Club 

Upward Bound (incl. 1969 proposal, 1972 Annual Report) 

Urban Affairs Expenditures 

V -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [ 2 folders] 

Van Fleet, Corey (Director of Athletics, Coach) [3 folders] 

Van Fleet, Corey. Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Proposal 

Van Fleet, Corey. GLIAC (Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) 

V an Fleet, Corey. Institute for Fitness and Health Proposal 

Van Fleet, Corey. Physical Education, Athletics and Sports Building Report; Aquatic Center Proposal 

Van Fleet, Corey. Recruiting Male Students 

Van Fleet, Corey. Snowstorm 

Van Hook, Harry (Continuing Education) 

Van Slambrouck, June (Meadow Brook Estate Clubhouse) 

Vann, Carl (Political Science) 

Varner Hall Dedication 

Velinsky, Libor Scholarship Fund 

Veterans Association 


W -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [2 folders] 

Waters, Elinor (Continuum Center) 

Westman, Carl (Employment Relations) [2 folders] 

Whitmar, Dana (Special Assistant to the President) 

Wilson, Jack (Director of Residence Halls) 1971-1974 

Wilson, Jack (Dean of Student Life) 1974-1978 

Wilson, Matilda R. & Alfred G. Awards Committee [2 folders] 

Wilson’s Weekend 

Women, Committee on the Status of Women at Oakland University (incl. A Report on the Status of Women at Oakland University, 1971) 

Women's Club 

Women’s Liberation Caucus 

Woodard, Dudley (Doug) (Dean of Freshmen) [4 folders] 

Woodrow Wilson Foundation Awards Committee 

Wright, Augustine (Commuter Services) 

XYZ -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous. 

Yntema, Theodore 

AAUP -- Student Special Services 


American Association for University Professors - AAUP 1968-1974 

Restricted Access

This folder contains confidential information. Closed for 75 years from date of creation or until death of subjects.

Latin American Organization for Better Education 


Long Range Development Committee [2 folders] 1963-1971 

Meadow Brook Music Festival & Theatre Executive Committee 

Michigan Partners of the Alliance 

Nature Conservancy Project (Tomboulian) 

Oakland People Against Racism [2 folders] 

Parking Appeals Committee, Faculty & Staff 

Parking Commission 

People for the People 

Policy Priority Conferences (OU) 1970-1971 

Prejudice and Discrimination, Council on [4 folders] 1968-1971 

Prejudice and Discrimination Council - Christmas Decorations - controversy 1969-1970 

Professional Affairs 

Project Right Now 

Review of Academic Deans 

Rumor Control 

Scholars, Committee of - Visiting (Ph.D. Program) 

Scholarship Committee 

Sidney Hillman Foundation Lectures 

Student Employment Committee 

Student Special Services Board 

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Off campus 

A -- American Association 


A – Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [10 folders] 

Action (Washington D.C) 

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education 

American Association of State Colleges and Universities [10 folders] 

American Association -- Association 


American Association of State Colleges and Universities [1 folder] 

American Council on Education (ACE) [8 folders] 

Affiliate Artists, Inc. 

American Ballet Theatre 

Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women 

Association -- C 


Association of American Colleges [ 2 folders] 

Association of Governing Boards of Universities & Colleges [2 folders] 

Avon Township 

B -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [9 folders] 

C -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [ 6 folders] 

C -- D 


C -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [ 2 folders] 

Carnegie Corporation, A report to = The University and the Performing Arts, April 1967 

Catering Management Inc. 

Center for the Education of Returning Veterans 

Chevrolet Dealers, Detroit [ 2 folders] 1968-1979 

Chevrolet Dealers, Detroit 1972-1979 

Contributions 7/1971 – 6/1972 A-D 

Contributions 7/1971 – 6/1972 E-L 

Contributions 7/1971 – 6/1972 M-P 

Contributions 7/1971 – 6/1972 Q-A 

Contributions 1/1971 – 6/1971 

D -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [9 folders] 

Danforth -- G 


Danforth Foundation [ 2 folders] 

Detroit Adventure [2 folders] 

Detroit Symphony Orchestra 

E -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [6 folders] 

Einstein (Milton Alma) Art Gift 1974 

F -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [7 folders] 

G -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [9 folders] 

Great Lakes -- K 


Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference [4 folders] 

H -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [ 10 folders] 

Haifa University 

Health, Education and Welfare, U.S. Department of 

I -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [4 folders] 

J -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [4 folders] 

K -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [3 folders] 

K -- Macomb 


K -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [ 2 folders] 

Kellogg Foundation 

Kresge Foundation 

L -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [ 6 folders] 

M -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [10 folders] 

Macomb County Community College 

Macomb County-Oakland University Scholarship Community 

MACRAO -- Michigan Council 



Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters 

Michigan Council of State College Presidents [13 folders] 1968-1972 

Michigan Council of State College Presidents 


Michigan Council of State College Presidents [13 folders] 1973-1974 

Michigan Council -- Michigan (State) Dept. 


Michigan Council of State College Presidents [7 folders] 1975-1976 

Michigan (State). Department of Education [6 folders] (Includes many state government documents) 1968-1971 

Michigan Dept. of Education 


Michigan (State). Department of Education [14 folders] 1971-1976 

Michigan. Dept. -- Michigan. Administrative 


Michigan (State). Department of Education [2 folders] 1977-1979 

Michigan (State). Administrative Agencies [8 folders] (Includes OU Capital Outlay Requests 1975-6, 1976-77) 

Michigan. Admin. -- Michigan. Legis. 


Michigan (State). Administrative Agencies [4 folders] (Includes OU Capital Outlay Requests 1978-9, 1979-80) 

Michigan (State). Advisory Committee on Needs for Higher Education in SE Michigan 

Michigan (State). Legislative Fiscal Agencies [10 folders] 

Michigan. Legis. -- Michigan State Univ. 


Michigan (State). Legislative Fiscal Agencies [ 4 folders] 

Michigan (State). Miscellaneous items [2 folders] 

Michigan (State). Higher Education Task Force 

Michigan (State). Program Budget Evaluation System (PBES) [2 folders] 

Michigan State University. Board Minutes 

Michigan State University. Miscellaneous correspondence & reports. [8 folders] 

Michigan, University of -- National 


Michigan, University of [2 folders] 

Milliken, William 

Moses (Emily) Memorial Fund 

MSU Federal Credit Union 

N -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [10 folders] 

Nanza University Project 1977-1978 

National Association of College & University Business Officers (NACUBO) 

National Beta Club 

National Collegiate Athletic Association [5 folders] 

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE visit, 1976) 

National Education Association 

National Endowment for the Humanities 

National Science Foundation [8 folders] 

New -- Occupational 


New Guinea Painting 

Newsletters from Don O’Dowd to Friends in the Community [4 folders] 

North Central Association of Colleges and Universities. 1969 Accreditation Report (MAT in Special Education) 

North Central Association of Colleges and Universities. 1971 Accreditation Report 

North Central Association of Colleges and Universities. 1978 Accreditation Report 

North Central Association of Colleges and Universities. Miscellaneous correspondence and reports, 1970-1979 [11 folders] 1970-1979 

O -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [4 folders] 

Oakland Community College 

Oakland County Board of Commissioners (includes Road Commission) 

Oakland Health Education Program [3 folders] SEE ALSO Pak; Medical Center, Health Sciences 

Oakland Prep School 

Occupational Safety and Health Conference, June 3-4, 1976, Meadow Brook Hall 

P -- Presidents' Council 


P -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [5 folders] 

Pontiac, MI. Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous 

Pontiac Township 

Presidents’ Council State Colleges and Universities (PCSCU). Minutes of meetings and memos.[9 folders] 

Presidents' Council -- T 


Presidents’ Council State Colleges and Universities (PCSCU). Minutes of meetings and memos. [4 folders] 

Q -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [2 folders] 1971-1972 

R -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [5 folders] 1970-1976 

Rochester, MI & Rochester Hills, MI. Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous 

Rogers, Lorene L. 

Rossetti Associates (Library expansion) 

ROTC Awards - 1976 

Scope and Contents note

Includes photograph.

S -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [9 folders] 1970-1979 

Saga Food Service 

Schulmerich Carillons, Inc. 


Seyburn Estate 

Smith, Hinchman & Grylls Associates (Architects-Meadow Brook Hall services) 

Straub Van Dine Dziurman/ Architects (Married Student Housing plans) 

Sunset Terrace 

Swanson Associates (renovation of President’s Office, NFH) 

T -- United States. Health Education and Welfare 


T -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [4 folders] 


Tinker Foundation (Proposal for Assistance to the Latin American Area Studies Program) 

Traffic Review 

U -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [2 folders] 1970-1979 


United States. Government Administrative Agencies [ 9 folders] 


United States. Health Education & Welfare [4 folders] 


United States. Health Education & Welfare -- Z 


United States. Health Education & Welfare [6 folders] 

Urban Universities Consortium Sept. 11, 1972 

V -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [3 folders] 1970-1979 

Varner, D B. (former OU president) 

W -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [7 folders] 1970-1979 

Wayne County, MI. Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous 

Wayne State University [2 folders] 

Western Michigan University 

William Beaumont Hospital 

Woodcock, Leonard 

XYZ -- Correspondence, memos, miscellaneous [3 folders] 1970-1979 

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