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Woodcock East Asia Reading Room

The Woodcock East Asia Reading Room on the 4th floor of the Kresge Library (KL 429) is a focal point for American faculty and students who are studying about China, as well as for Chinese students and visiting scholars studying here at Oakland University.

The Reading Room is named to recognize Leonard Woodcock and honor the contributions of this visionary public servant who served not only the local and national but also the international community. Mr. Woodcock served as the first United States Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.   The purpose of the Reading Room is multifold. It provides a pleasant place for American and Asian faculty and students and others to meet, study and exchange ideas

Since its inception, Oakland University has maintained a long-term commitment to Chinese Studies. The establishment of the Woodcock East Asia Reading Room reinforces that commitment by strengthening the ties among faculty, students, alumni, businesses from the surrounding area, local and county governments and other interested parties.

We invite you to browse our open stacks to learn more about China and enjoy the collection of Oriental art that is displayed on the fourth floor.

DS 701-783
3d floor, north
PL 2250-3277 3d floor, north
PL 1065-2249 3d floor, north
Economic Conditions
HC 427 3d floor, south
LA 1131 3d floor, south
N 7340-7345 3d floor, north
B 125-128 3d floor, south
BL 1801-1975 3d floor, south
JQ 1501-1539 3d floor, south
Maps & atlases
G 2305 2d floor, south
Social conditions
HN 672-680 3d floor


Current Journals include:

China Today
DS 701. C643 4th floor, south
Modern China
DS 701. M575 4th floor, south
Taiwan Review
DS 701. F74 4th floor, south
Beijing Review
DS 701. P42 4th floor, south

For additional information concerning Leonard Woodcock, former president of the UAW and first ambassador to China see:

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