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of the
December 16, 1960

Appointment of Norman Prady as Publications Editor at $7,000 effective November 14, 1960.

Appointment of Edward A. Goodwin as Director of Food Services at $6,000 effective December 1, 1960.

The following actions are recommended by Chancellor Varner of Michigan State University-Oakland in accordance with the tenure rules:

a. Associate Professors who have served their probationary terms and acquire tenure with this reappointment, effective September 1, 1961:

  James H. McKay Mathematics
  Francis P. Tafoya Foreign Languages

b. Second probationary appointment as Instructor for a period of two years from September 1, 1961:

  Nadine Popluiko Foreign Languages
  Helen Kovach Foreign Languages

c. The following individual is not recommended for reappointment and thereby will terminate employment on August 31, 1961:

  Orrin E. Taulbee Mathematics

Personnel action:

Establishment of a Typist-Dictaphone Operator position at Michigan State University-Oakland, paid from 91-9681.

Establishment of a Clerk I position in the Business Office at Michigan State University-Oakland, paid from 91-9681.

Establishment of an Instrument Maker IVB position in the Academic Division at Michigan State University-Oakland, paid from 91-9621.

Discussion of the selection of an engineering firm to make a study of the utility needs of Michigan State University-Oakland. Mr. Varner has recommended the appointment of Hyde and Bobbio, Inc., for the study.

Gifts for the Scholarship Fund:

For Michigan State University-Oakland Scholarship Fund:

$ 300 from Mrs. Donald Curry of Royal Oak
$ 479 from The Rotary Club of Southfield (p. 75)

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