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December 12, 1969

At the October meeting of the Trustees Chancellor Varner submitted a resolution on behalf of the Oakland University Senate "requesting the Board of Trustees of Michigan State University to take the necessary and appropriate action to authorize Oakland University to become an independent member of the systems of state colleges and universities."

A committee composed of the Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman, Executive Vice President and Secretary, the Chancellor of Oakland University, and Attorney Carr had been designated "to study and recommend" what action should be taken on this request and to report its findings at the December meeting. Mr. Carr presented the following resolution on behalf of the committee:

WHEREAS the Board of Trustees of Michigan State University has carefully considered the petition of Oakland University submitted by its Academic Senate requesting institutional independence, and

WHEREAS the Board of Trustees acknowledges the declaration of the State Board of Education in its state plan for higher education that branch campuses should become independent institutions as soon as possible, and

WHEREAS the Board of Trustees has reached tentative consensus on a policy determining the long-range aspirations of Oakland University,


1. That autonomy for Oakland University is consistent with and desirable for the best interests of higher education in Michigan.

2. That the process which will eventuate independence for Oakland University should coincide with identical action by the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan in respect to its Flint and Dearborn branches;

3. That an invitation be immediately extended to the Board of Regents for a joint meeting within 60 days to explore commitment for such releases and, if agreed, a combined method of implementation.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was unanimously voted to approve the above resolution.

Personnel changes:

Robert G. HOOPES, termination as Prof & Chrm English Dept. effective 2/28/70

William F. STURNER, sabbatical (Assoc. Prof. & Asst. Provost) at full pay, eff. 6/1/70 - 8/31/70 to study in Detroit and Rochester

John Browning CAMERON, leave (Assoc. Prof - Art) at no pay, eff. 1/7/70 - 4/14/70 to be Vis. Prof., U. of Calif, Berkley.

Karen SACKS, leave (Instr. Soc. & Anthro) at no pay, eff. 8/15/70 - 8/14/71 to study in Rochester and Detroit

Donald H. DWYER, Asst. Prof.-Art change lv. dates from 9/8/69 - 12/12/69 to 8/15/69 to 8/14/70

William J. JORNS, Ed. Couns. Continuum Ctr AP-V to AP-VI w/ salary increase to $12,300 effective 1/1/70

Eleutherios N. BOTSAS, Asst. Prof. Econ. salary, increase to $13,100, eff. 1/1/70

Renate S. GERULAITIS, Instr. Mod. Lang. & Lit. increase to $9,800, eff. 12/1/69

James N. MYERS, Biblio. Kresge Library salary increase to $10,000, eff. 1/1/70

David PHILLIPS, Mgr. Oakland Ctr. Food Serv. salary increase to $9,300, eff. 11/1/69

Recommendations from the Director of Personnel:

Reclassify a Clerk-Steno CT3 to a Senior Admissions Clerk CT5 position for Admissions Establish an Editorial Assistant AP1 position for Information Services.
Reclassify an Intermediate Library Assistant CT5 to a Senior Library Asst. CT7 in the Library.
Establish a Reproduction Machine Operator position for University Services.

Gifts and Grants:

To aid specified students: grants as follows for scholarship purposes

from Columbus Citizens Committee, Inc., New York
$ 83
from The Pontiac Press, Pontiac
National Cancer Inst for Biology Dept.under dir. Nalin Unaker for research for hydrox and chemically induced hepatomas
Nat'l Sci. Found. for Mathematics under George Feeman for Improvement of teaching on college and junior college levels
Genl Motors Res. Lab. for Physics Dept, under Ralph Mobley for Magnetic research at Kettering Lab.
$ 10
Chrysler Corp. Fund for Alumni Relations under Mary B. Schultz - matching contribution of Robert G. Gergle
$ 55
Ford Motor Co. Fund - Alumni Relations under Mary B. Schultz - matching contributions of William J. Schwark & William L. Kath
$ 2,183
OU Alumni for Alumni Relations under Mary B. Schultz - contributions from alumni for 1969 Alumni Fund Drive
$ 1,000
Detroit Edison Co. for MBMF under John De Carlo
$ 5,000
The Bugas Fund              "                            "                       (p. 384)
$ 2,000
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Mealey MBT under John De Carlo
$ 1,200
Stroh Brewery Co.                  "                        "
$ 7.20
Richard H. Morgan, Jr. Spec. Projects under Manuel Pierson - Upward Bound
$ 1,000
John B. Poole                        Chancellor's Club - under D.B. Varner
$ 1,000
Mr.. & Mrs. James 0 Wright            "             "                       "
$ 1,000
Mr. & Mrs. Geo. M. Endicott            "             "                       "

On motion by Mr. Nisbet, seconded by Mr. Thompson, it was unanimously voted to approve the Oakland University items.

Adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for January 16, 1970. (p. 385)


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