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November 21, 1968

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

As I indicated to you in a personal visit a few weeks ago, the officers and directors of First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Detroit have invited me to join their Board of Directors. They have traditionally had on their Board one person from the field of higher education, and this particular position was formerly held by Dr. Clarence Hilberry. Since Dr. Hilberry's death the position has been vacant, and they have now asked me to fill this post. You indicated that you thought it would be a good thing to do but that I should touch base with Don Stevens. Don suggested that we hold up for a while on this, although he did not personally have any objection.

Late last week, Mr. Hans Gehrke, President of First Federal Savings and Loan, called to inquire about the status of the invitation, and I told him I would let him know within ten days or so. I then checked again with Don Stevens over the weekend, and he suggested that I raise the question with Mr. Huff since he would likely be familiar with the Detroit area operations. Mr. Huff in turn recommended that this matter be brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees so that they would be informed. I am under the impression that Mr. Huff personally has no objection to this but that he feels that the Board should be informed when any officer of the University accepts such a position.

In view of this, I wonder if you could bring this to the attention of the Board at its next meeting. As I indicated to you earlier, this is no emotional matter with me, but I suspect it will be to the advantage of the University in the long run to have this range of acquaintances, who in turn can be helpful in a great many ways in developing Oakland University in the community. Mr. Gehrke tells me that their Board meets one day each month for a two-hour period. I believe the regular meeting time is from 12 noon to 2 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month.

I await your advice and that of the Board.

After discussion it was decided to defer action on this item until the Trustees have an opportunity to discuss and develop a policy statement with reference to service by officers and other employees of the University on corporate boards, etc. It was suggested that Mr. Varner request the First Federal Savings and Loan to keep this matter open until January or February.

The Trustees discussed the dates of future meetings and agreed that the December meeting should be held on December 11 and 12 as originally scheduled and that the meetings after the first of January should be held on the third Thursday evening and Friday morning of each month unless otherwise changed.

Appointment of George F. Feeman as Prof. in Math Dept. at $16,000, effective 1/1/69

Tenure Recommendations:

Associate Professors who have served their probationary terms and acquire tenure with this
reappointment, effective August 15, 1969:

Joseph W. DeMent English
Keith R. Kleckner Engineering
John M. McKinley Physics
Siddheshwar Mittra Business Administration and Economics
Norton C. Seeber Business Administration and Economics
Harvey A. Smith Mathematics
W. Patrick Strauss History
Irving Torgoff Psychology

Assistant Professors who have served their probationary terms and acquire tenure with this
reappointment, effective August 15, 1969:

John W. Barthel Modern Languages and Literatures

Third probationary appointment as Assistant Professor for two years, effective August 15, 1969:

David E. Boddy Engineering
Leonardas V. Gerulaitis History
Anne H. Tripp History

Second probationary appointment as Assistant Professor for two years, effective August 15, 1969:

Arthuo Biblarz Sociology and Anthropology
Marc E. Briod Education
Richard W. Brooks Philosophy
Edward L. Buote Modern Languages & Literatures
Robert C. Busby Mathematics
Kenneth R. Conklin Education
H.Meredith Ellis Music
Robert I. Facko Music
Jon Froemke Mathematics
Gerald C. Heberle History
Glenn A. Jackson Engineering
Patrick J. Kennedy Political Science
David W. Mascitelli English
Helene Mitterkalkgruber Modern Languages & Literatures (p.340)
Donald E. Morse English
John R. Reddan Biology
Henry W. Rosemont, Jr Philosophy
David W. Shantz Psychology
Marshall J. Sheinblatt Physics
Richard L. Sprott Psychology
Luis Alberto Vargas Modern Languages & Literatures

Second probationary appointment as Instructor for two years, effective August 15, 1969:

Maurice J. Beznos Modern Languages & Literatures
Louis M. Buchanan English
Leonard Bushkoff History
William C. Fish Education
Daniel H. Fullmer English and Linguistics
Roy A. Kotynek History
James R. Ozinga Political Science
Clifford I. Pfeil Music

Second probationary appointment as Special Instructor for two years, eff. August 15, 1969:

E. Harold Bennett Education
Alice Engram Music
Norbert W. Noeldechen Modern Languages & Literatures

A second extension of one year was recommended for Edward Starr, Instructor in Business Administration and Economics, effective from August 15, 1969 to August 14, 1970.

On motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Nisbet, it was voted to approve the Appointments and Tenure Recommendations for Oakland University.

Recommendations from the Director of Personnel

For the Computing and Data Processing Center:

a. Reclassify a Programmer VIII to a Systems Analyst AP-II position
b. Reclassify a Programmer VIII to a Programmer AP-I position

Reclassify a Clerk-stenographer III to a Secretary V position in Continuing Education
Reclassify a Department Secretary V to a Senior Department Secretary VII in Education
Reclassify a Senior Department Secretary VII to an Executive Secretary VIII position in Urban Affairs.

On motion by Mr, Thompson, seconded by Mr. Nisbet, it was voted to approve the above Personnel Recommendations.

Report of the death of Libor J, Velinsky, Assistant Professor of Physics, on October 21, 1968. Dr. Velinsky was born on December 31, 1931. He was a member of the staff of Michigan State University from October 1, 1959, to August 31, 1963, and on the staff of Oakland University since August 15, 1965.

It is recommended that his widow continue to receive his salary for a period of 9 months beyond the date of his death, or until July 21, 1969.

On motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr, Nisbet, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Gifts and Grants

Grant of $225,244 from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare for federal student loans under terms of the National Defense Student Loan Program.

Grant of $81,700 from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare for education opportunity grants for needy students.

Grants as follows to be credited to the scholarship fund, 26762:

$100 from Bor-O-Tools, Inc., Troy
$ 40 from Alice Engram of Birmingham
$ 5 from Katherine E, Wasserfallen of Detroit

Grant of $1,358.57 from Research to Prevent Blindness of New York City to be used under the direction of Everett Kinsey in the Institution of Biological Sciences for research entitled "Opthalmic Chemical Research."

Grant of $22,091 from the Royal Oak City Schools to be used under the direction of Harry Hahr in Education fro the reading and study improvement program.

Grant of $151 from various donors to be used under the direction of Philip Johnson in Mathematics to acquire mathematics books. The contributions were made in memory of Theodore Philip Linstruth, Class of 1966.

Grant of $265 from various Upward Bound students to be used under the direction of Manuel Pierson and credited to the Upward Bound Discretionary Gift Fund. (p.341)

Grant of $1,000 from George N. Higgins Charitable foundation and Trust of Ferndale to be used under the direction of Dean Thomas Dutton in support of Project 20.

Grant of $13,000 from The Lula C. Wilson Trust of Detroit to be used under the direction of John Fernald to support the Meadow Brook Theatre.

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner:

$ 500 from Russell Gibb for the Discretionary Gift Fund.
$ 500 from Ben D. Mills of Bloomfield Hills for the Chancellor's Club
$1,000 from Hiram Walker & Sons, Inc., of Detroit for   "             "

On motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Nisbet, it was voted to accept the Oakland University Gifts and Grants.

Mr. Varner reported that the Oakland faculty have voted unanimously to divide the summer trimester into two 8-week units so that two sessions taken together would represent a full semester's work. Unless there is serious objection by the Trustees, he would like authorization to proceed with this change effective for the 1969 summer term.

On motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Nisbet, it was voted to approve the change to two 8-week units for the Oakland University summer term.

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

With the approval of another $250,000 for the continuation of Oakland University Campus Improvement Program (Phase I--Roads, lighting, landscaping--complete plans and construction), a review of our approach to this and other improvement construction was made.

You will recall that Act 252, Public Acts of 1967 provided an original $50,000 for campus improvement and in June we asked the Board of Trustees to appoint Johnson, Johnson and Roy, Inc. of Ann Arbor to handle this project. Since then and with the addition of the $250,000 (Act 244, Public Acts of 1968) it is our opinion that the University would be advantaged if the two sums of money could be put together and the total project assigned to an engineering firm whose primary purpose and work is road construction. Johnson, Johnson and Roy have planned the original $50,000 of work through preliminary drawings on an hourly basis paid from our campus planning retainer agreement with them. We would like to have one of the engineering firms listed below to pick up the work from Johnson, Johnson & Roy and incorporate the balance of the work with the new $250,000. We would ask the new firm to do the contract drawings, specifications, and supervision for construction of the total $300,000 package.

Now we ask the Board of Trustees to give us approval for the above described change of procedure and we recommend for the Board's approval the following firms in order of preference:

Johnson & Anderson, Inc,, Pontiac
Giffels-Webster, Inc., Birmingham
Hubbell, Roth and Clark, Inc., Bloomfield Hills

On motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Nisbet, it was voted to approve the recommended change of procedure and appointment of Johnson & Anderson, Inc., to continue the plans for the Oakland University Campus Improvement Program.

The following alteration and improvement items have been approved and are charged to Alterations and Improvements account 17203:

Pedestrian signs
$ 367.50
Grill remodeling
No trespassing metal signs
Partitions for Dean of Students area
Installation of partitions for Dean of Students Area
Installation of bookshelves for Arts and Sciences

Additional payments to salaried employees since September 20:

Activity Planning Committee     Computer Center  
Harold Dawson
$ 29.37
  Heinreich Hellman
$ 51.15
Dean Rowe
  M. Pauline Jones
Gary Schroeder
  Margaret Keller
      Joan Kowalski
Audience Development     Mary McKenzie
Sharon Brown
  Edith Ricks
Carlton Smith
  Diana Roberts
Bookstore     Continuing Education  
Suzanne Baal
  Maureen Bieber
Betty Hansen
  Eleutherios Botsas

Jenny Cross

Business Office     Alfred Lessing
William Allen
  Carol Quinlin
Harold Dawson
  Carlton Smith
Terry Schoneman
  Edward Van Slambrouck
Housing     Public Safety  
Wanda Johnson
$ 51.98
  William Allen
$ 24.92
Marian Lucking
  John Davis
Edward Star
  Patricia Kleindl
      Albert Klug
Meadow Brook Estate     Robert Richert
Daniel Aldrich
  Dean Rowe
William Allen
  Gary Schroeder
Jack Calvert
Harold Dawson
Albert Klug
  Edward Davies
Dean Rowe
  Jon Froemke
Terry Schoneman
  Cecilia Genereux
Gary Schroeder
  Helen Ghrist
      Charles Morton
      Roderic Righter
      Ruth Rounds

Adjourned at 11:30 a.m. (p.343)


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