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of the
November 17, 1967

A committee from Oakland University met with the Trustees to present the following statement:

We propose that the amount to be borrowed for the Matilda Wilson Memorial be $100,000 to be paid back over a six to ten year period, based upon the following approximate projected enrollment figures:


The loan will be repaid through an assessment of $1 per student per semester starting with the winter semester 1968.

It was agreed that Oakland University should proceed to plan the book memorial with the details to be presented to the Trustees at the December meeting for discussion and possible action.

Appointment of Robert Leon Donald as Res. Associate in English Department at $10,000 per year, effective September 1, 1967 to June 30, 1968. Mott funds.

A transfer was made for Craig Fairbrother from 12-Programmer VIII in Data Processing at $6900 to 12-Programmer AP-1, Data Processing at $7200, effective December 1, 1967.

The following actions are recommended in accordance with the tenure rules:

a. Associate professors who have served their probationary terms and acquire tenure with this reappointment, effective August 15, 1968:

  J. Carroll Hill Engineering
  George Rawick Sociology and Anthropology

b. Assistant professors who have served their probationary terms and acquire tenure with this reappointemnt, effective August 15, 1968:

  John L. Beardman Art
  David DiChiera Music
  Alfred Lessing Philosophy
  David G. Lowy Psychology
  Steven R. Miller Chemistry
  Paul A. Tipler Physics

c. Second probationary appointment as Assistant Professor for two years, effective August 15, 1968:

  Saghir Ahmad Sociology and Anthropology
  Eleutherios Botsas Business Admin. and Economics
  Francis M. Butterworth Biology
  Harold Cafone Education
  Nguyen Phuong Cac Mathematics
  Thomas Casstevens Political Science
  Kenneth H. Coffman Psychology
  George H. Engeman Modern Foreign Lang. and Literatures
  Lawrence B. Friedman Chemistry
  Richard Haskell Engineering
  Adeline Hirschfeld Speech
  John H. Langer Education
  L. Crocker Peoples Psychology
  Joel W. Russell Chemistry
  Ralph Schillace Psychology
  Fred W. Smith Education
  William F. Sturner Political Science
  Richard P. Tucker History
  Nalin J. Unakar Biology
  Gilbert L. Wedekind Engineering

d. Second probationary appointment as Instructor for two years, effective August 15, 1968:

  David C. Bricker Education
  Phoebe Chao English
  F. James Clatworthy Education
  Jane L. Davidson Education
  John N. Dovaras Music
  Donald H. Dwyer Art
  Renate Gerulaitis Modern Foreign Lang. and Literatures
  Frederick A. Hughes English
  John Hurd II Business Admin. and Economics
  C. Peter Lawes Mathematics
  Wallace S. Messer Education (p.297)
  Jean-Pierre Ponchie Modern Foreign Lang. & Literatures
  Carleton W. Smith Sociology and Anthropology

e. Reappointment of a Special Instructor who acquires job security with this reappointment, effective August 15, 1968:

  Joan G. Rosen English

The following are recommended for 1-year extentions from August 15, 1968, to August 15, 1969, and are deviations from tenure rules:

Marc E. Briod, Instructor in Education
Edward Starr, Instructor in Business Admin. and Economics
Leonardas V. Gerulaitis, Assistant Professor of History (to bring in line with tenure policy)

The following individuals are not recommended for reappointment and thereby terminate employment on August 14, 1968:

  Ross A. Norris Art
  Alan L. Seltzer Political Science

Promotion of Thomas M. Jenkins from Instructor to Assistant Professor of Mathematics with an increase in salary from $9,000 to $9,400 per year on a 10-month basis, effective December 1, 1967.

Recommendations as follows from the Director of Personnel:

a. Establish a Programmer AP-1 position in DRta Processing
b. Establish an Assistant Librarial-Cataloger AP-III position in the Library

On October 16 bids were received for the playfield area development as follows:

  Sterling Garrett Company
  E. T. Cook, Inc.

The Bid proposals have been reviewed by the engineers and the staff and found to be in order, but it is recommended that both bids be rejected. The estimated budget was established at $204,000.

Gifts and Grants

Gift of a Sony TCV 2010 Videocorder valued at $1,345 from George T. Trumbull of Bloomfield Hills for use in the Audio-Visual Center.

Gift of a 1959 Chevrolet van and attached winch valued at $300 from Charles C. Olin and Son of Birmingham for use in Grounds and Landscaping.

Grant of $114.79 from Symphony of Fashion of Birmingham to be credited to the Meadow Brook School of Music scholarship fund.

Grant of $16,000 from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare of Washington to be used under the direction of Thomas Dutton, Dean of Students, for education opportunity grants for needy students.

Grant of $173,824 from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation of Flint for support of the Mott Center for Community Affairs.

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of John Fernald for support of the Meadow Brook Theatre:

$64 from Bloomfield Country Day School of Bloomfield Hills
$750 from the Charles Stewart Harding Foundation of Flint
$22 from Mrs. Adeline Hirschfeld of Berkley

Grant of $300 from Mr. & Mrs. Hughes L. Potiker of Southfield to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner for the Meadow Brook Music Festival.

The following alterations and improvements have been approved since the last report and charged to Alterations and Improvements 91-9163:

a. Painting of Gate House and Garage
b. Connect Autoclave, Room 350 Science Building
c. Plaster and repair administrative area of North Foundation
Hall and Room 265 South Foundation Hall
d. Floor pad for Music House

On motion by Mr. Nisbet, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items.

The Board agreed that the December meeting would be held at Oakland University the evening of December 13 and on December 14.(p.298)


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