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October 20, 1966

The following is from the Finance Committee Meeting minutes:

Vice President May presented a draft of the 5-year Capital outlay request for Michigan State University and Chancellor Varner presented the request for Oakland University.

After discussion, it was agreed that the request included funds for remodeling the old Administration Building and that funds for the Life Science Building be listed under a separate category - MEDICAL SCHOOL REQUIREMENTS - it was moved by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Stevens and voted to approve the 5-year Capital Outlay requests for Michigan State University and Oakland University. Unanimously carried.

Chancellor Varner presented the budget request for Oakland University. It was agreed that the request for salary adjustments should be reduced from 9% to 6% in line with the previous decisions for the Michigan State University budget.

On motion by Mr. Merriman, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the above item.

Recommendations as follows from the Director of Personnel:

a. Transfer a. Senior Departmental Secretary VII from Academy of Dramatic Arts to the John Fernald Theater, account 21-3050.
b. Establish a Budget Director AP-VIII position in the Business Office.
c. For CDPC:
    1) Establish a Principal Operator VIII position
    2) Reclassify a Clerk-Typist II to Control Clerk VI position
d. Reclassify an Assistant University Relations AP-I to a Director of News Service AP-VI position in Information Services.
e. For the Library:
    1) Establish an Assistant Librarian AP-VI position
    2) Reclassify an Assistant Librarian AP-IV to an Assistant Librarian for Public Services AP-VI position.
    3) Reclassify a Senior Library Clerk V to a Head Acquisitions Clerk VIII position
    4) Establish 4 Senior Library Clerk IV positions
f. Establish an Assistant Dean of the Meadow Brook School of Music AP-VIII position
g. For Public Safety:
    1) Establish a Director of Public Safety AP-VIII position
    2) Establish a Departmental Secretary V position
h. Establish an Audio Visual Assistant VI position in University Services
i. Establish the following positions in the John Fernald Company of the Meadow Brook Theatre:
    1) General Manager AP-X
    2) Director of Public Relations AP-VI
    3) Ticket and Business Manager AP-VI 
    4) Designer AP-III
    5) Wardrobe Mistress X
    6) Senior Departmental Secretary VII

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

This is to recommend that we name the new engineering building on campus the Dodge Hall of Engineering.

As you know, Mrs. Wilson has been especially interested in the development of the engineering program at Oakland University, and some time ago indicated that she hoped the name Dodge could be reserved for association with the engineering program. I have discussed this name for the building informally with her, and she seemed pleased.

If this is agreeable with you, I would appreciate this being approved at the October Board meeting so that we can make the announcement at the ground breaking ceremonies, which should be held soon, assuming that all the intricacies of several supporting agencies can be satisfactorily resolved.

On motion by Mr. Merriman, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was voted to approve the above.

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

As you know, we are inaugurating intercollegiate basketball this year, and while I suspect it will be at considerably less than professional level, we nevertheless will likely have some spectators. We have no seating in our gymnasium, since this item, along with completion of the basement area, was deleted when we awarded the initial contracts. We have planned to include this seating when we came in with the proposal for completing lower level, but it is apparent that the this will now be delayed for about a year.

In view of this, I am requesting authorization to place an immediate order for bleachers for the west half of the gymnasium at a cost of approximately $20,000. Mr. Swanson assures me that we can carry the financing of this from internal funds until we finalize the plans for the completion of the entire building several months from now. (p.255)

This will provide us with about 1,500 seats on the west side of the gymnasium. They could be folded back against the wall when not in use, but would provide much-needed seating for commencements and major events held in the gymnasium, in addition to seating for basketball games.

We would plan to install the other half of the seating when we moved on the completion of the rest of the building.

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Hartman, it was voted to approve the above.

Communication from Mr. Varner, as follows:

At the last meeting of the Board, I mentioned the problems we face in housing the theatre company which is assembling for rehearsals on November 14. The provisions of the standard contract with Actors' Equity require:

1) that we assure adequate housing for the actors in a price range that will permit each actor to have $100 a week remaining after payment for housing (there is a specified weekly minimum of $120), and

2) that if such housing is more than one-half mile from the theatre, transportation must be provided for rehearsals and performances.

Housing in general is simply not available in our community. This is acutely true when we seek furnished apartments for a limited period. The only possibility we have uncovered is the Waldron Hotel in Pontiac, which can provide single rooms but not apartments. Since this hostelry is five miles away and is quite undesirable for more than an overnight stop, we have explored the alternative of acquiring mobile homes for this purpose and have concluded that this is the most workable solution.

It is my recommendation, therefore, that we be authorized to follow this plan of action:

1) We purchase up to 15 mobile homes from the lowest bidder from five Michigan manufacturers: Champion Home Builders (Dryden), Gerdon Industries (Brighton), Marlette Mobile Homes (Marlette), Squires Mobile Homes (Sturgis), and Hutchinson Mobile Homes (Alma). It is estimated that the average cost of these units will be not more than $4,000.

2) We locate these units in the interior yard of the old Meadow Brook farm barn area just south of the Science Building. Utilities are available at this site, roadways exist, and the area is within easy walking distance of the theatre. It is estimated that it will cost not more than $1,000 a unit to put the utilities in place and to provide a foundation for the unit.

3) We borrow the money for these costs from a local bank at the lowest possible interest rate for a five-year period. An alternative would be to finance these from internal University funds.

4) We establish a system of rentals that will permit us to repay the entire obligation in five years, including the cost of all utilities and maintenance.

This program offers several advantages. It will provide immediate and suitable housing; it is within walking distance of the theatre; the units are completely furnished except for linens, dishes, and cooking utensils; it will provide badly needed housing for visiting couples and families who join our staff for the Meadow Brook School of Music in the summer, and it is, financially speaking, a good investment. We have been assured that after the period of five years, the units can be sold for more than 50 per cent of the original purchase price.

I hope this can be approved at the October meeting of the Board.

On motion by Mr. Hartman, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Communication from Vice President May:

On September 22, bids were received covering the construction of the Engineering-Biology Building. A tabulation of the bids is as follows:

  Lerner-Linden Construction Co
  Barton-Malow Company
  Utley-.James, Inc.
  A. Z. Schmina & Sons
  Steve Kruchko Plumbing & Heating
  Benjamin Muskovitz Co.
  Eames and Brown, Inc.
  Donald Miller Company
  John E. Green Plumbing & Heating
  Sylvan Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
  Kropf Plumbing and Heating
  Shaw-Winkler, Inc.
  Schultz Electric Service
  Fred W. Moote Electrical, Inc.
  Rogers Electric Service
  Cates Electrical Company
  E. R. Switzer Electrical Co.
  County Electrical Company
  Detroit Elevator Company
  Montgomery Elevator Company
  Dover Elevator Company
  Library Equipment  
  Modular Systems, Inc.
  Classrooms, Inc.
  Science Equipment  
  Southern Desk
  Royal School Laboratories, Inc.
  Hamilton Mfg. Co.
  Peninsular Slate Company

The bid proposals have been examined by the architect and staff, and it is recommended that the low bidders be accepted with the understanding that deduct items, which have been negotiated with the low bidders, will reduce the contract by approximately $98,840. It is recommended that the following project budget be approved:

           Less Deduct Items
  Professional Services  
  Furnishings and Equipment  
  D.P.W. Utilities  
  Supervision, Field Inspection, and C.P.M.  
  Parking Lot  

You will recall that the original funding of this project called for a state appropriation of $3,500,000, an HEFA grant of $1,000,000, and a grant from the National Institutes of Health of $500,000. Subsequently, the National Institutes of Health has made its grant in the amount of $380,000 which, of course, would necessitate supplemental funding of $120,000. We have reviewed in great detail the plans, specifications, and low bid proposals with the architect, the staff, and representatives of the State Building Division, Budget Office, Joint Capital Outlay Committee, and it was their unanimous recommendation that we should request the legislature in its special session to increase the capital outlay appropriation from $3,500,000 to $3,620,000. The legislature on October 12, gave its approval to this recommendation in Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 254 to add $120,000 to their appropriation.

On motion by Mr. Nisbet, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

The following are the minutes of the Board Meeting:

Termination of June E. Gabler, Assoc. Prof., Teacher Ed., effective February 15, 1967

Termination of Genevieve C. Prevost, Instructor, Foreign Language & Literature, effective August 14, 1966.

Change of Status for Edward E. Birch from Manager, Oakland Center and Director AP-VIII Student Activities to Assoc. Dean of Students and Director AP-VIII Oakland Center, effective July 1, 1966.

Change of Status for Robert Gene Gaylor, Asst. Librarian AP-IV to Asst. Librarian AP-VI (from $8900 to $9900) effective November 1, 1966. (p.257)

Change in status of June E. Gabler, Associate Professor of Education, from full time at a salary of $11,200 per year to two-thirds time at a salary of $7,467 per year, effective October 1, 1966.

Termination of the appointment of Maurice F. Brown as Acting Chairman of English, effective September 30, 1966.

Appointment of Professor William Schwab as Acting Chairman of English at an additional salary of $100 per month, effective from September 15, 1966, to April 30, 1967.

Gifts and Grants:

Grants as follows to be used for scholarship purposes:

For Scholarship Account 32-3229:
$800 from The Detroit Edison Company of Detroit
$36 from John Taylor of Rochester

For Awards Account 32-3359:
$200 from The Hodges Charitable Foundation of Ferndale
$154 from Oak Park High School
$150 from Pontiac Northern High School Varsity Club
$1,670 from The Pontiac Press

Grant of $3,000 from the American Chemical Society of Washington, D.C., to be used under the direction of J.W. Russell in Chemistry for a study of the coriolis perturbation of vibrational intensities.

Grant of $7,320 from Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc., of Warren to be used under the direction of J. E. Gibson in Engineering for aerospace research.

Grant of $300 from the Detroit Grand Opera Association of Detroit to be used under the direction of David DiChiera in Music. This is an unrestricted gift.

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner in support of the Meadow Brook Music Festival:

$1,000 from McLouth Steel Corporation of Detroit
$1,165 from the Chrysler Corporation Fund of Detroit

On motion by Mr. White, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to approve all Oakland University items.

Additional payments to salaried employees since the September Board meeting, as follows:

  Conferences and Institutes  
  William Forbes
  Harry Hahn
  Adeline Hirschfeld

(p. 258)

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