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October 19, 1967

A transfer was made for Richard C. Moore from General Foreman of Physical Plant at $9339 to Superintendent of Physical Plant AP-III position at $9400 effective October 1, 1967.

Salary change for Barbara Dickson, Assistant Director Housing, Coordinator Vandenberg Hall from $6200 to $6800 - effective November 1, 1967.

Promotion from Instructor to Assistant Professor, Gerald C. Heberle in History, with a salary increase from $7,850 to $8,350 per year - effective September 1, 1967.

Promotion from Instructor to Ass't Prof. of Saghir Ahmad, Sociology and Anthropology, with salary increase from $9,000 to $9,500 per year - effective October 1, 1967.

Designation of Carleton W. Smith, Instr. in Sociology and Anthrop., as Acting Chairman of of the Dept. at an add'l salary of $100 per month, effective September 1, 1967 to Apr. 30, 1968.

Recommendations as follows from the Director of Personnel:

a. Establish a Clerk-Steno III position in the Business office
b. Establish 4 Public Safety Officer X positions in Public Safety
c. Establish an Ass't Purch. Agent AP-IV position in Purchasing
d. Establish an Account Clerk III position in Student Affairs
e. Establish an Assoc. Dir. of Upward Bound AP-IX position in Student Affairs.

Mr. Leland W. Carr, Jr., University Attorney, and Chancellor Varner recommend the enactment of ordinances covering Oakland University identical with those in effect for Michigan State University with the single exception of those provisions pertaining to bicycle operation.

Gifts and Grants

Grant of $2,000 from the John A. MacDonald Fund of Pontiac to be used to establish the John A. Mac Donald Loan Fund to support Oakland County students who have special short range financial difficulties.

Grant of $2,000 from the American Chemical Society of Washington to be used under the direction of J. W. Russell in Chemistry to study the coriolos perturbation of vibrational intensities.

Grant of $5,199 from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner as a campus-wide equipment grant.

Grant of $250 from Swedish Crucible Steel Company of Detroit to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner in support of the Meadow Brook Music Festival.

On motion by Mr. Merriman, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items.

It was agreed that the November meeting would be held at MSU on the evening of the 16th and the morning of the 17th and that the December meeting would be held at Oakland University the evening of December 13 and on December 14.

A delegation of students from Oakland University appeared before the Trustees to give a progress report. It was indicated that an election had been held to determine the project favored by Oakland students as a memorial for Mrs. Wilson. Ten possible projects were submitted. Thirty-five percent of those voting favored a bell tower, but only about one third of the eligible students voted. The Oakland students requested that the Trustees give them more time for further work, with the understanding that when they have a formal recommendation they will present it to the Trustees.

On motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve this request.

The following fee determination guidelines were approved on August 31 to become effective as of that date:

1. All students and parents who submit an acceptable parental copy of the I.R.S. Form 1040 and the W-2 Form where applicable will be handled and processed immediately with the fee determination sent to the parents unless the student is now shown as a dependent on the 1040 Form or where there is indication shown that the return does not represent the income of both husband and wife. (These forms would include those filing under the category "single" or "unmarried head of the household.")

2. For those students and parents who submit forms on which the student has not been shown as a dependent, if all the papers appear in order they are processed in the same way as if the parents claim the student as a dependent.

3. Where the return does not indicate it represents the total income of both husband and wife, additional information is requested and where and if relevant information is secured regular processing follows. If full information is not secured by the Fee Determination Office no fee reduction will be granted. (p.295)

4) For students with divorced parents in which there is no indication of remarriage, any legal decree papers and child support commitments are requested. If there are child support payments they are added to the gross income of the "guardian" parent. Regular processing then follows, using the fee schedule as above. The fee schedule is based on the total parental income and child support payments.

5) For students with divorced parents where the "guardian" mother has remarried, the combined parental income plus child support payments are added and used as a basis for determining fees.

6) For students with a widowed parent, if the parent died after January 1, 1966, special consideration will be given on the basis of what the surviving parent certifies his or her current income will be.

7) For orphans, information is requested from the guardian for a legal decree on arrangements for the student. Each case will be handled individually by Kermit Smith and/or referred to the Fee Determination Committee. Expectations are that the committee and Mr. Smith will be liberal in their interpretations for this category student.

8) For those single students who qualify on a gross income basis and who claim independence from parents there will be:

a. A reduction for those who are 25 years of age or over by January 1, 1967

b. For those who can document their individual income from wages and/or G.I. benefits, and/or Social Security benefits, and/or loans from other than family sources of $2,400 or more exclusive of parental assistance will be granted a fee reduction. This assumes it requires $200 per month for living expenses in the Greater Lansing Area and for attending Michigan State University full time.

c. For those who do not qualify under either a or b above, individual fees will be determined finally by the special fee Determination Committee. There will be relatively few exceptions made.

9) For married students:

a. For those who were married on or prior to December 31, 1965, and who can document income from wages and/or G.I. benefits, and/or Social Security, and/or loans from other than family sources of $4,000 or more exclusive of parental sources will be granted a fee reduction.

b. For those who were married on or after January 1, 1966, the 1967 anticipated income will be used as a guideline for determining fees for the coming academic year with final determination to be made by the special Fee Determination Committee.

c. Those who have special cases will be provided opportunity to make representation to the special Fee Determination Committee whose action will be final.

The Fee Determination Committee has as its members a representative of the Vice President for Business and Finance, a representative of the Vice President for Student Affairs, a representative of the Provost, and Mr. Smith as head of the Fee Determination Office.

At the September Trustees' meeting, Mr. Stevens suggested the following changes in the fee policy:

1. That consideration be given to a possible revision effective winter term in the fee schedule for Michigan graduate students from the flat rate of $167 per term to a sliding scale fee based on the same family income level as for undergraduates but with the minimum fee at $143 per term and the maximum at $177 per term; and

2) Effective winter term when there are two or more children from the same family enrolled at Michigan State University or Oakland University that all after the first shall automatically qualify for the minimum fee.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. White, it was voted to approve the above changes in the fee policy. (p.296)



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