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of the
September 16, 1960

Bids for the MSU-O Library will be taken in early October. Inasmuch as the next Board meeting is not to be held until October 28, Chancellor Varner raised the question as to whether or not the Board would be willing to follow the same procedure in awarding contracts to the low bidders, in the event bids are within the estimate, as was followed with the Classroom Building.

By unanimous consent, it was agreed to follow the same procedure.

Change in the effective date of the appointment of the following staff members at Michigan State University-Oakland:

David C. Beardslee, Associate Professor of Psychology, from September 1 to August 1, 1960
Laszlo J. Hetenyi, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, from September 1 to July 1, 1960
John C. Galloway, Professor of Art, from September 1 to August 1, 1960
Donald D. O'Dowd, Associate Professor of Psychology, from September 1 to August 1, 1960

Change in status of Robert J. Wisner, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Michigan State University-Oakland, from a 10-month basis at a salary of $9,400 per year to a 12-month basis at a salary of $17,234 per year, effective August 1, 1960. Dr. Wisner will serve as Executive Director of the Committee on Undergraduate Programs in Mathematics, and his salary is to be paid from a grant from the Mathematical Association of America, account 71-2842.

Appointment of Robert William Holmes as Assistant Professor of Music at $7,300 effective September 1, 1960.

Appointment of Roland John Hidde, Jr. as Assistant in Student Affairs at $5,100 effective September 1, 1960.

Personnel action:

Reclassification of a Clerk-Stenographer I to a Secretary-Departmental I position at Michigan State University-Oakland.

Gifts to the Scholarship Fund:

To be credited to the Michigan State University-Oakland Scholarship Fund, 1960-61:

$ 500 from Roy Fruehauf Foundation, Inc., of Detroit
$ 75 from the Utica Community Schools
$ 60 from the First Presbyterian Church of Pontiac
$ 120 from the Rochester Ministerial Association
$ 50 from the Women's Auxiliary, Jimmie Day Amvet Post #12 of Pontiac
$ 50 from the Cooperative Vacation Church School of Rochester
$ 1,000 from the Pontiac Press
$ 300 from Consumers Power Company of Pontiac  (p. 69)

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