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of the
September 14, 1966

The following is from the meeting of the Finance Committee:

Oakland University has received a gift of 110 shares of Prentice-Hall, Inc. common stock from John G. Powers. Authorization for sale of this stock is requested.

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

Our people in the housing department have reminded me pointedly that we have never had a dormitory ready to occupy at the time it was needed and scheduled for completion. This is, painfully, the situation we find ourselves in now in the new Calder dormitory, and we will be living in a chaotic situation for nearly a month. In view of this, they are urging that we start planning now for a new dormitory to be ready for occupancy in the fall of 1969. I must confess that this is considerable lead time, but in light of experience in years past, I am compelled to agree that we should get on with this at an early date.

I would like to recommend that we be authorized to commission Redstone and Associates to begin preliminary studies for a dormitory complex to house 1,200 students and to include dining facilities, to be ready for occupancy in September 1969. I would want to make it clear to Mr. Redstone that there will be no compensation until the decision is made to move on this unit and that we are making no commitment that cannot be retracted at a later date. In other words, we would ask him to do this on a speculative basis, with the expectation that it would be built ultimately and that he would be paid the regular 5 percent fee.

Our people who have worked with the three architectural firms which have done the dormitories here are convinced that Redstone has the greatest promise. The first three dormitories he designed for us came in at an extremely low cost, of which the last one was higher than we had expected. With our most recent experience, I am sure he will be supersensitive about costs.

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to approve the recommendations.

On September 12, 1966, bids were opened for remodeling a section of the administrative wing of North Foundation Hall on the Oakland University campus. The following firms submitted bids on this job:

  Bundy Construction Company  
  1509 S. Telegraph Road  
  Pontiac, Michigan $15,850
  Garascia Construction Company  
  1397 Hawthorne  
  Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan $17,200
  Harry D. Osgood Company  
  11331 Linwood
  Detroit, Michigan $13,2300
  Zervos Construction Company  
  14740 Plymouth Road  
  Detroit, Michigan $15,800

It is recommended that the Board authorize a contract to the low bidder for this remodeling:

  Harry D. Osgood Company $13,300

This contract will be charged to Alterations and Improvements budget.

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.


1. Approval of the Finance Committee Items on this date.

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the Finance Committee Items.

2. The President introduced a discussion of the minimum wage rate for students and suggested that consideration be given to establishing a minimum pay scale effective September 26, 1966 at $1.40 per hour, instead of the present $1.25 per hour - this to be effective for both Michigan State University and Oakland University.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Termination of William J. Schlicht, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Assistant Director of Psychological Services, effective August 31, 1966.

Appointment of John N. Dovaras as Instructor in the Music Department at $7,500 effective August 15, 1966. (p.249)

Change in salary for Robert C. Howes, Associate Professor of History, to $13,000, effective September 1, 1966 (from $12,100).

Change in salary for Fred Nixon, Manager of Oakland Center Food Service from $8,000 to $8,500 effective July 1, 1966.


Promotion of the following staff members from Instructor to Assistant Professor:

a. Ross Alexander Norris, Art, effective August 15, 1966.
b. Virindra M. Sehgal, Mathematics, with a salary increase from $9,400 to $9,700 per year, effective September 1, 1966.

Appointment of Robbin R. Hough, Associate Professor, As Chairman of Business Administration and Economics, effective July 1, 1966.

Appointment of Harvey Burdick, Professor, as Chairman of Psychology, effective July 1, 1966.

Recommendations as follows from the Director of Personnel:

1) Establish a Senior Departmental Secretary VII position in the Academy of Dramatic Arts
2) For Admissions:
--a. Establish an Admissions Counselor AP-III position
--b. Reclassify a Clerk-Stenographer III to a Departmental Secretary V position
3) For Biology:
--a. Reclassify a Departmental Secretary V to a Senior Departmental Secretary VII position
--b. Establish a Laboratory Manager AP-V position, half-time
4) Establish an AP-V position in the Business Office
5) Establish a Senior Account Clerk V position in Continuing Education
6) For Food Service:
--a. Establish a Clerk-Typist II position
--b. Establish a Clerk-Stenographer III position
7) Establish a Director Continuum Child Care Center AP-1 position
8) For the Library:
--a. Establish 2 Library Assistant VII-positions
--b. Reclassify an Assistant Librarian from AP-III to AP-V
9) Reclassify a Departmental Secretary V to a Senior Departmental Secretary VII position in Mathematics
10) Reclassify a Payroll Clerk V to a Personnel Clerk V position in Personnel and Payroll
11) For Physics:
--a. Reclassify a Departmental Secretary V to a Senior Departmental Secretary VII position
--b. Establish a half-time Laboratory Manager AP-V position
12) Establish a Clinical Psychologist AP-VIII position in Psychological Services
13) Establish an Experimental Machinist XII position in Science and Engineering
14) For Student Affairs:
--a. Reclassify an Assistant, Physical Education, Women AP-I to an Assistant, Physical Education, AP-1 position
--b. Establish a Clerk-Stenographer III position
15) Establish a Desk Clerk III position in Student Center operations

On August 9, the following bids were received for alterations to the Kresge Library at Oakland University:

  Architectural Trades  
  Albert D. Thomas, Inc.
  Zervos Construction Company
  Mayfair Building Company
  Mechanical Trades  
  Benjamin Muskovitz Company
  John E. Green Plumbing and Heating
  Electrical Trades  
  Schultz Electrical Service
  F. W. Moote Electric, Inc.
  Cates Electric Company

It is the recommendation of the architects and Oakland University officials that contracts be awarded to the following low bidders:

  Albert D. Thomas, Inc.
  Benjamin Muskovitz Company
  Schultz Electrical Service

The budget for this project will be:(p.250)

  General Construction
  Mechanical Work
  Electrical Work
  Architects' Fees
  Equipment, Furnishings, Contingencies

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

I am writing to report to you two actions which we have taken during the past few weeks, and about which we talked some ten days ago. Both of these are in connection with the establishment of the theater program here on campus, and both actions were necessary in order to have the facility ready for use when rehearsals start in mid-November.

The first action was in connection with the theater lighting equipment. We took bids on this, and the lowest bid was from the Century Lighting Company at $34,594.85. The second low bid was $52,900 from Kleigl Company. We have awarded the contract to Century with the understanding that the equipment will be delivered by November 1, and installed, ready for use by mid-November.

The second action had to do with some modifications in the building to make it usable by the theater. This involved a series of minor architectural, electrical, and mechanical modifications. The bids were taken after the specifications were drawn up by the architectural firm of O'Dell, Hewlett, and Luckenbach. While we had anticipated a budget of approximately $30,000, the low bid came in from the Bundy Construction Company at $93,000. We have subsequently made major modifications in the work to be done, and are now convinced that the minimum changes necessary for the operation of this program can, indeed, be achieved for the original figure. We have negotiated these figures with the Bundy Construction Company and the following awards have been made:

  Bundy Construction Company, architectural
  Schultz Electrical Company
  Benjamin Muskovitz Company, mechanical

This work has been authorized, and they are now proceeding with the target date of Nov. 15 for completion.

They all seem within the bounds of reason, and we have been assured that they can be completed in.time to permit the use of the theater for rehearsals on November 14.

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

This is to recommend for approval by you and the Board of Trustees an administrative regulation to govern our traffic situation here on campus. You will recall that we have not, up to this time, had an automobile registration fee, and have indeed had little problem because of traffic in view of our adequate parking accommodations. This situation has suddenly disappeared, and we have had a committee at work on this matter for the past several months. Their recommendations are as follows:

1) All automobiles--student, faculty, and staff--must be registered at the beginning of the fall semester.

2) The registration fee will be $2 per year for the first car and $1 for each subsequent car in the family. Anyone failing to register by October 1 will be subject to a $15 fine.

3) Fines for violations will be paid to the Cashier of the University and assessed according to the following schedule:

  lst violation - $2
  2nd violation - $5
  3rd violation - $10
  4th violation - $15
  5th violation - Referral to the Dean of Students
    (For staff, to Principal Administrator)

Failure to pay the fine within 7 days of the violation will result in the following added charges:

  After 1 week - An additional $ 2
  After 2 weeks - An additional $ 4
  After 3 weeks - An additional $ 8
  After 4 weeks - An additional $16

If the fine is not paid after one month, the matter will be referred to the Dean of Students or the appropriate principal administrator.

4) Non-University people who violate the parking regulations will be initially issued a courtesy ticket, which can be mailed to the University with the $2 fine. We propose to assign this fine income to our scholarship or to our student loan fund.

5) An appeal board will be established, made up of the Dean of Students (chairman), the Director of Public Safety, President of the Dormitory Council, President of the Commuter Council, and one member from the Faculty Affairs Committee.(p.251)

It is our hope that enforcement can be accomplished by our own people and that we can handle this without going through the township or county court system. After a year's observation, we would undoubtedly have some refinements to recommend on this procedure.

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Hartman, it was voted to approve the foregoing Oakland University Items.

Gifts and Grants

Grants as follows to be used for scholarship purposes:

a. For Awards Account, 32-3359:
    $88 from the American Business Women's Association of Clawson
    $1,650 from Warren Senior High School
    $189 from the Woman's National Farm & Garden Association of Union Lake
b. For Scholarship Account 32-3229:
    $165 from Delta Kappa Gamma of Rochester
    $90 from John Taylor of Rochester
c. For the Meadow Brook School of Music Scholarship:
    $75 from Arthur Hill High School of Saginaw
    $200 from the Civic Opera Association of Greater Muskegon
    $210 from the Denver Music Foundation
    $180 from The Detroit Urban League
    $50 from Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Flanders of Bloomfield Hills
    $100 from Goodale & Crocker, Inc. of Birmingham
    $151 from the Midland Music Foundation
    $240 from E.K. Terry Sales Company of Birmingham
    $50 from Mrs. Roger V. Walker of Detroit
    $500 from Washington Chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letters

Grant of $2,160 from the Michigan Employment Security Commission of Detroit to be used
under the direction of Robbin Hough in Economics to examine the relationship between applicants for employment in a small labor market area and some known poverty correlates.

Grant of $26,184 from the Air Force Missile Development Center of Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, to be used under the direction of J. C. Hill in Engineering to study the effects of control parameters on ASM Terminal Guidance Testing.

Grant of $6,547 from the Michigan Department of Education to be used under the direction of Lowell Eklund, $3,580 to provide college-educated personnel working in social agencies with basic orientation to poverty, and $2,967 for a workshop on community organization for community school directors, social work personnel, and neighborhood volunteers.

Grant of $7,500 from The Rockefeller Foundation of New York City to be used under the direction of Walter Collins in the Meadow Brook School of Music to support the Latin American choral conductors' stay at Oakland University.

Grant of $5,000 from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare of Washington to be used under the direction of Lewis Pino in the Chancellor's Office for library acquisitions.

Gift of 110 shares of Prentice-Hall, Inc. common stock valued at $6,215 from John G. Powers of New York City to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner to provide funds for a student, and the balance deposited to the Discretionary Gift Fund.

Grant of $3,200 from Mrs. Elizabeth H. Gossett of Bloomfield Hills to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner. This is credited to the Discretionary Gift Fund.

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner to Meadow Brook Music Festival:

$100 from the Bank of the Commonwealth of Detroit
$1,500 from Burroughs Corporation of Detroit.
$100 from Detroit Steel Corporation of Detroit
$100 from Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Gerstenberg of Bloomfield Hills
$200 from Hardware Spring Corporation of Detroit
$24 from Mr. and Mrs. C. Allen Harlan of Bloomfield Hills
$250 from Hawthorne Metal Products Company of Royal Oak
$100 from the Holley Carburetor Company of Warren
$25 from Mr. and Mrs. Read Jenkins of Bloomfield Hills
$6 from Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Johnson of Bloomfield Hills
$50 from Charles N. Lord of Detroit
$250 from The E. G. MacDonald Company of Detroit
$200 from Matthews-Hargreaves Chevrolet Company of Royal Oak
$50 from the Michigan Mutual Liability Company of Detroit
$300 from the Michigan Screw Products Company of Centerline
$300 from the National Broach and Machine Company of Detroit
$50 from Touche, Ross, Bailey, & Smart of Detroit
$100 from Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Wilson of Pontiac

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Hartman, it was voted to accept the Oakland University Gifts and Grants. (p.252)

Additional payments to salaried employees since July 1:

Advising     Meadow Brook Music Festival  
Robert Howes
  Edward Davies
$ 230.90
Computer Center     Meadow Brook School of Music  
Virginia Haywald
  Jon Appleton
Diana Roberts
  David DiChiera
Gwen Schultz
  Arthur Daniels
Nancy Schwalm
  Mischa Mischakoff
      Sixten Ehrling
Conferences and Institutes        
Clifford Harding
Richard Kammann
Lawrence Auld


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