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August 20, 1958

Approved letting the contract to convert a poultry building into a classroom building at Michigan State University-Oakland to the low bidder, Frank Rewold and Son, in the amount of $14,063.

Approved the transfer of Roy J. Alexander from Instructor, University of the Ryukyus to Director of Student Affairs, Michigan State University-Oakland, at a salary of $10,500 per year effective July 16, 1958.

Promotion of Lowell R. Eklund to Associate Director of Continuing Education in charge of the Continuing Education Service at Michigan State University-Oakland and a salary increase from $10,500 to $11,000 per year on a 12-month basis, effective August 1, 1958.

Personnel action:

Establishment of a Secretary-Departmental II position paid from 11-4211 and a Secretary-Departmental II position paid from 11-5611. (p. 23)

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