Kresge Library

of the
July 20, 1961

Approved awarding contracts to the low bidders for the high temperature hot water and gas piping systems and for electrical distribution lines to service the mechanical engineering and the Kresge library buildings at Michigan State University-Oakland, as follows:

  Eames & Brown, Inc., High Temperature Hot Water  
  and Gas Piping Systems
  Cates Electric Company, Electrical Distribution

The budget for the project is:

  Sewer Lines
  Electric Lines
  Mechanical Lines
  Oakland D.P.W. Commitment  
  Hyde & Bobbio Engineering Survey  
Total Committed


Resignation of Julie C. Stevenson as Lecturer of Foreign Languages effective August 31, 1961.

Resignation of William Kluback as Assistant Professor of History effective September 15, 1961.

Resignation of Robert F. Hopkins as Director of Counseling and Testing effective August 15, 1961.

Resignation of Audrey North as Associate Librarian effective August 15, 1961.

Appointment of Mary Patricia Ruskin as Assistant Librarian at $7500 effective August 15, 1961.

Change in status of Serge Shishkoff, Lecturer in Foreign Languages at Michigan State University - Oakland, from a salary of $5,800 per year on a 10-month basis to a salary of $7,250 per year on a 12-month basis, effective July 1, 1961.

Assignment of Herbert N. Stoutenburg, Registrar at Michigan State University - Oakland, to the Nigeria Project at his regular salary, effective from June 16 to August 14, 1961, paid from 71-2024.

Report of the death of Christiane Hilaire Caulkins, Lecturer in Foreign Languages at Michigan State University - Oakland, on June 12, 1961. Mrs. Caulkins was first employed by the University on September 1, 1960, and her salary checks should be paid to August 31, 1961.

Personnel action:

Change Head Nurse VII at Michigan State University - Oakland from 10-month at 12-month
Reclassify Clerk-Stenographer III to Departmental Secretary V
Change Clerk-Stenographer III from 10-month to 12-month
Establishment of Technical Assistant, Registrar's Office, X
Change Typist-Dictaphone Operator III from 10-month to 12-month

The following low bid was received for the proposed well for Michigan State University-Oakland:

  O. O. Corsaut Company $4,200

It is recommended that the low bid of O. O. Corsaut Company be accepted. (p. 91)

Gifts for Scholarship Fund:

$ 150 from Rochester Business Women's Club of Rochester
$ 5 from Mrs. Helen Wilson of East Detroit
$ 400 from Ford Educational AID Program, Ford Motor Company of Dearborn
$ 100 from Mr. and Mrs. Edgar R. Thom of Metamora, Michigan
$ 500 from Edward T. Bennett, Jr., of Bloomfield Hills
$ 500 from the Willey Foundation of Detroit
$ 200 from Center Line Education Association of Warren, Michigan
$ 100 from Mrs. M. M. Burgess of Bloomfield Hills
$ 55 from Rochester Ministerial Association of Rochester
$ 250 from Pontiac Council of Parent Teachers Association of Pontiac
$ 305 from Mrs. Fred Kaiser of Roseville, Michigan
$ 280 from Hi 12 Club of Mount Clemens
$ 10 from Edward R. Brown Realty Insurance of St. Clair Shores
$ 100 from Edward C. Levy Slag Company of Detroit
$ 100 from Michel T. Halbouty of Houston, Texas
$ 55 from Rochester Ministerial Association of Rochester
$ 139 from Clarkston Community Woman's Club of Clarkston, Michigan
$ 279 from Rochester Community PTA Council of Rochester
$ 279 from Woman's National Farm & Garden Association, Inc. of Pontiac
$ 558 from Rochester Junior Woman's Club of Rochester
$ 280 from Michigan Eta Xi Chapter #5223 of Beta Sigma Phi of Rochester
$ 1,000 from the Village Woman's Club of Birmingham, Michigan to be deposited to the Village Woman's Club Trust Fund for the Village Woman's Club of Birmingham Scholarship at Michigan State University-Oakland

Gifts and Grants:

For the Discretionary Gift account:

$75 from the West Bloomfield Schools of Orchard Lake
$50 from the Farmington Public School District
$1,900.48 from Mrs. William T. Gossett

$200 from the Ford Educational AID Program of Dearborn
$30,000 from the Oakland County Board of Supervisors as a 1960 contribution towards retirement of bonded indebtedness on the MSU-O Student Center. (p. 92)

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