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July 19, 1957

Report on the action taken as a result of the authorization at the June Board meeting to acquire the property surrounded by the Wilson estate for Michigan State University:

a. B. T. and Elizabeth H. Barnett have given us an option on the 34 acres, including the farm buildings that were not covered in the purchase authorized at the June meeting, at $2,000 per acre. In addition we are to pay the real estate agent a 5% commission.
b. An option has been secured from Mr. and Mrs. W. L.. Garner for 26 acres at $1,800 per acre, to pay the real estate agent a commission of 10%.
c. Progress has been made on the acquisition of the remaining small holdings, and the details of these negotiations will be reported to the Board.

On motion by Mr. Brody, seconded by Mr. Rouse, it was voted to approve the above item.

Vice President Hamilton reported to the Board at length on plans and developments in connection with the Oakland Branch to be located on the Wilson Estate where this meeting was held. The Board again expressed to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson their sincere gratitude for the generosity of the Wilson’s that makes possible this development.(p.11)

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