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July 18, 1963

Communication from Mr. Varner in which he asks authorization to finish certain unfinished space in the lower level of the Intramural Building to provide a small theater for the use of Oakland University students for theatrical productions at a total cost of $20,000.

In the event a donor who has indicated some interest provides the funds to make this possible, it is requested that the Board authorize the undertaking of this construction.

On motion by Mr. Vanderploeg, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Approval of the following resolution:


That the NATIONAL BANK OF DETROIT as a designated depositary of this corporation be and it is hereby requested, authorized and directed to honor checks, drafts or other orders for the payment of money drawn in this corporation's name, including those payable to the individual order of any person or persons whose name or names appear thereon as signer or signers thereof, when bearing or purporting to bear the facsimile signature (s) of any one of the following:

Robert W. Swanson

and the NATIONAL BANK OF DETROIT shall be entitled to honor and to charge this corporation for checks, drafts or other orders, regardless of by whom or by what means the actual or purported facsimile signature or signatures thereon may have been affixed thereto, if such a signature or signatures resemble the facsimile specimens duly certified to or filed with the NATIONAL BANK OF DETROIT by the Secretary or other officers of this corporation.

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was voted to approve the above resolution.

At the June Trustees' meeting the Board approved in principle a series of recommendations having the purpose of permitting greater responsibility at Oakland University in the management of its fiscal affairs.

The Trustees requested a redraft of this tentative action to incorporate the Board's intent that Mr. May as Treasurer of the Board is finally responsible for all financial transactions for which the Trustees are responsible.

The demands on Mr. May's time with the closing of the fiscal year on June 30 and the beginning of the new fiscal year, complicated with the time involved in completing the dormitory financing have delayed finalization of this draft.

It is proposed to continue on the present tentative basis until the September Trustees meeting when a formal redraft of the June action will be submitted.

Appointment of Jack Raymond Moeller as Assistant Professor of Modern Foreign Languages at $8,000 effective August 15, 1963.

Appointment of Birgitta Johanna Vance as Instructor of Modern Foreign Languages at $6,000 effective September 1, 1963.

Appointment of Richard A. Kammann as Instructor of Psychology at $7,200 effective August 15, 1963.

Appointment of Walter Reed Boland as Instructor of Sociology and Anthropology at $7,200 effective August 15, 1963. Mr. Boland will not be considered under the tenure system until he can pass a satisfactory health examination. (p.143)

Gifts and grants:

Grant of $500 from The Richardson Foundation of Mount Clemens to be deposited in the Award Account 92-3359 for the 1963-64 school year with the following stipulations:

a. That the grant be made to the winner of the contest if she can meet entrance requirements.

b. That it will not be necessary to prove need.

c. If the grant is not used in 1963-64, it will be held over for next year's winner.

d. If next year's winner does not qualify or desire to use this grant, it will become an open scholarship for Oakland University.

Grant of $1,000 from The Village Woman's Club of Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills to be deposited to a Trust Fund Account 92-3415.

Grants totaling $701 from several individuals to be credited to the Mildred B. Matthews Art History Scholarship.

Gifts for the scholarship fund:

$20.50 from Donald O'Dowd
$10.00 from Kenneth D. Roose
$25.00 from Jayno Heights Women's Auxiliary
$20,500 from Oakland University Scholarship Committee
$560 from The Junior League of Birmingham
$1,431.50 from World Report Lecture Series

On motion by Mr. Vanderploeg, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve all the Oakland University items.

Chancellor Varner recommends that a student activities fee of $2 per student per term be instituted beginning with the fall 1963 term. This fee is to be segregated to be used for making available worthwhile extra-curricular student programs at Oakland University.

The grant from the Kettering Foundation provides $60,000 for the construction of the Kettering Magnetics Laboratory. It is recommended that the Trustees approve the site for this structure and authorize awarding the contract for the construction to the low bidder provided these bids are within the budget. The proposed budget is:

  Site Work

Oakland University received an allocation of $25,000 to employ consulting engineers to study and make recommendations for a long-range utility program.

After consultation with Albert Kahn representatives, it is recommended that their proposal to do a comprehensive study and make a report for a fixed price of $17,500 be accepted. It is recommended that the Board approve a contract in order that a study may be completed by the October 1 deadline suggested by the State Building Division.

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items. (p.144)

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