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July 17, 1959

Chancellor Varner and Vice President May discussed the faculty housing project at Michigan State University-Oakland. Following is the letter received from Chancellor Varner:

"During the past two weeks I have been working with appropriate local officials in an effort to arrange the financing for water and sewer facilities for the faculty housing for MSU-O. In cooperation with Mr. Harold K. Schone, Director, Oakland County Department of Public Works, Mr. Louis H. Schimmel, Director, Municipal Advisory Council, Mr. John Nunneley of Miller, Canfield, Paddock, and Stone, and Mr. Cyril Miller, Supervisor, Avon Township, the following plan has been devised and is hereby proposed:

1. Avon Township, in cooperation with the Oakland County Department of Public Works, develop and operate a water and sewer system to serve the MSU-0 faculty community exclusively. The current estimated total cost is $144,000, with $95,000 chargeable to the 64 sites now being developed, the balance to future development.
2. Avon Township to issue water and sewer revenue bonds in the necessary amount, with a maturity date of 1985. (These bonds to be callable to facilitate early payment.)
3. The Board of Trustees of Michigan State University enter into a contract with Avon Township to pay semi-annually to the township an amount adequate to cover the principal and interest payment due. The total annual obligation of the University would not exceed $10,000 for the first five years, and would never exceed $12,000
4. The University would collect from each member of the faculty building a house in the development a sum sufficient to cover the proportionate share of the total cost plus interest. It is expected that this will amount to approximately $1800 per building site. This will insure that when all 64 lots are developed the income will have been sufficient to retire the indebtedness chargeable to these lots, plus interest
5. The Oakland County Department of Public Works will operate the system and levy quarterly charges upon the individual adequate to cover the costs of operating and maintaining the system.

This arrangement will insure the proper development of the faculty housing project; will provide water and sewer facilities for each house at approximately the cost of a well and Septic tank (the costs can be included in home construction costs in the mortgage), and will provide an adequate safety factor for the university in that only six houses must be built annually to cover the payments. On the other hand, the bonds will be drawn so that they may be retired at the earliest possible date without penalty. The other parties have agreed to cooperate on this program if we approve the plan.

It is my recommendation that this proposal be approved in principal and that Mr. May, Mr. Carr and I be authorized to work out the details and execute the necessary contractual arrangements with Avon Township."

On motion of Mr. Brody, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to authorize the execution of appropriate contracts with Avon Township to provide water and sewer connections for faculty housing projects to be repaid over a period of years.

Chancellor Varner recommends that the building financed at Michigan State University-Oakland with money contributed by Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Wilson be named "Foundation Hall."

On motion of Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Brody, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Justus R. Pearson, Jr., Assistant Professor of English at MSU-O at a salary of $6900 per year on a 10-month basis effective September 1, 1959.

Gertrude Mason White, Assistant Professor of English at MSU-O at a salary of $6000 per year on a 10-month basis effective September 1, 1959 to August 31, 1960. (p. 45)

J. David Danielson, Instructor in Foreign Languages at MSU-O at a salary of $5400 per year on a 10-month basis effective September 1, 1959.

June Gertrude Collins, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at MSU-O at a salary of $7200 per year on a 10-month basis effective September 1, 1959.

William Schwab, from Assistant Professor of Communication Skills to Assistant Professor of English at a salary of $7200 per year on a 10-month basis effective September 1, 1959.

Robert W. Swanson, from Education Cost Analyst in the Business Office, to Director of Business Affairs at a salary of $8500 per year on a 12-month basis effective August 1, 1959.

Personnel action:

Establishment of the following classified positions:

  Assistant to the Chancellor Secretary Executive
  Dean of the Faculty Secretary Executive
  Director of Business Affairs Secretary Executive
  Director of Student Affairs Secretary Executive
  Director of Continuing Education Service Secretary Executive
  Director of Admissions Secretary-Departmental I
    Recorder I
  Director Student Center Clerk-Stenographer I
  Director Counseling & Testing Secretary-Departmental I
  Librarian Secretary-Departmental I
    Librarian III
  Director Physical Plant Clerk-Stenographer I
  Secretarial Pool Secretary-Departmental I
    Clerk-Stenographer I
    Typist-Dictaphone Operator

Appointment of William E. Rhode as Assistant Professor of Political Science at a salary of $6600 effective September 1, 1959. (p. 46)

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