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July 11, 1968

During the summer, bids will be taken for minor construction projects both at Michigan State and at Oakland.  It was recommended that the Board authorize the officers of the University, Mr. Stevens, and Mr. Thompson, to act for the Trustees approving the awarding of contracts to low bidders on these minor projects.

Bids will be taken for the classroom building at Oakland University which is a multimillion dollar building. When these bids are taken, if the low bids are within the budget and the funds available, this item will be handled through telephone conversations with the Trustees by Mr. Wilkinson and Mr. Breslin. In the event that the low bids are in excess of the funds available, it will be necessary to go back to the State Building Department and the Capital Outlay Committee of the legislature for supplementary funds or approval of changes in scope of the project, and rebidding.

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Hartman, it was voted to approve the procedures outlined above.

Chancellor Varner recommended the following budget detail for the 1968-69 fiscal year:

Estimated Income
State Appropriation
$ 661,600
Student Fees
Miscellaneous Income
Indirect Cost Recovery
Estimated Expenditures
$ 827,592
Retirement and Social Security
$ 941,892
Supplies & Services
1, 299,615

Following the same policies as for Michigan State University, Chancellor Varner recommended the following change in fee schedule effective for the fall semester 1968:T

Increase in fees as follows:

Minimum $15 per semester
Maximum $45 per semester
Undergraduate Family Income $12,300 minimum
Undergraduate Family Income $18,400 maximum

Resident Undergraduate Tuition
Resident Graduate Tuition
Non-Resident Undergraduate Tuition
Non-Resident Graduate Tuition

The fee increase between the minimum and maximum will be at the rate of 1.65% of family
income per semester.

Chancellor Varner reported that the estimated operating cost of resident halls at Oakland will be increased by 4.9 percent for the next academic year and recommended that the current room and board rate at Oakland be increased from $916 to $961, an increase of $45 per year, effective beginning with the fall semester 1968.

On Motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve the 1968-69 budgets, the revised fee schedules, and the revised dormitory and married housing rental rates, to be effective fall term 1968, for Michigan State University and Oakland University. Mr. White voted "No" on the schedule of married housing rental rates, and Mr. Thompson asked to be recorded as not voting on this same item.

(In Board action at the June 14, 1968 meeting, Messrs. Stevens, Harlan, Nisbet, Smith, and White voted "Yes" on the revised fee schedule; Messrs. Merriman and Thompson voted "No." Mr. Hartman was not present.)

Termination of Aharon Kuperman, Asst. Prof., Psychology, effective 8/14/68.

Leave for Ronald Lee Cramer, Asst. Prof., Education at full salary effective 8/15/68 to 8/14/69 (Univ. of Nebraska will reimburse for salary).

Appointment of John D. Cowlishaw, Asst. Prof. Biology at $10,200, eff. 8/15/68
Moon Jae Pak, Assoc. Prof., Biology at $12,700, eff. 8/15/68
Benjamin F. Cheydleur, Prof., Engineering and Director Comp. & Data Proc. Center at $18,000, eff. 7/15/68
Anthony G. Vasek, Instr., Engineering at $8500, eff. 8/15/68
Dmytro Ijewliw, Assoc. Prof, Mod. Lang. & Lit. at $10,900, eff. 8/15/68
Arthur W. Wild, Instr, Polit. Sci. at $9000, eff. 8/15/68
Dezo V. Silagyi, Asst. Prof., Teacher Ed., at $14,000, eff. 8/15/68. (p.329)

Miscellaneous: Change in effective date of the appointment of Percival D. McCormack as Prof. of Engineering from August 15, to July 15, 1968.

Change in title of Richard M. Brace from Professor and Chairman to Professor of History, effective July 1, 1968.

Appointment of Charles W. Akers, Prof. History, as Chairman of Dept. of History, eff. 7/1/68.

Change in sabbatical leave for Robert C. Howes, Prof. of History and Asst. Provost, from full pay from September 9 to December 18,1968, to leave with half pay from September 9, 1968 to April 16, 1969.

Change in title of David Di Chiera from Assistant Prof. and Acting Chairman of Music to Assoc.Prof, and Chairman of Music, effective July 1, 1968.

Change in title of Wilbur W. Kent, Jr., from Asst. Dean to Assoc. Dean of the School of Performing Arts, effective July 1, 1968.


Appointment of Robert M, Williamson, Prof. of Physics, as Acting Chairman of the Department, effective from Sept. 9 to December 18, 1968.

Appointment of Roger H. Marz, Assoc. Prof, of Political Science, as Acting Chairman of the Department at an additional salary of $100 per month, effective from September 1, 1968 to April 30, 1969.

Cancellation of sabbatical leave for David G. Lowy, Assoc. Prof. of Psychology, from September 9, 1968, to April 16, 1969.

Change in title of Jesse R. Pitts from Prof. and Chairman to Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, effective September 1, 1968.

Appointment of Carleton W. Smith, Instr. in Sociology and Anthropology, as Acting Chairman of the Department at an additional salary of $100 per month effective September 1, 1968 to April 30, 1969.

Recommendations as follows from the Director of Personnel:

Reclassify a Language Lab. Tech, IX to a Language Lab. Tech. AP-1 in the Language Lab.
Reclassify a Recorder VIII to a Recorder X position in the Registrar's Office.
Transfer from the Provost's Office and reclassify a Departmental Secretary V to a Senior Departmental Secretary VII position in Charter College.
Establish a Departmental Secretary V position in New College.
Reclassify an Editorial Secretary VII to an Editorial Assistant VIII position in Arts and Sciences.
Reclassify an Assistant Director AP-IV to an AP-V position in Computer and Data Processing.
Transfer from Personnel a Supervisor of Employment and Payroll AP-I to an Assistant to the Chief Accountant AP-1 position in the Business Office.
Reclassify a Departmental Secretary V to a Personnel Assistant VII position in Personnel.

For the Business Office
Reclassify a Principal Clerk VI to an Office Assistant VIII position.
Reclassify a Departmental Secretary V to a Senior Departmental Secretary VII.
Reclassify a Departmental Secretary V to a Principal Clerk VI position
Establish a Senior Clerk IV position

For Housing and Food Service
Transfer a Manager Food Service AP-V position from Food Service and reclassify to an Assoc. Director of Housing and Coordinator of Food Service AP-VIII position.
Establish a Staff Asst. in Student Personnel AP-II position.
Establish a Director of Residential Food Service Service AP-IV position.

For Fernald Theatre
Reclassify a Director of Public Relations from an AP-VI to an AP-VII position.

For Purchasing Department
Reclassify an Asst. Purchasing Agent AP-IV to an AP-V position.

On July 8 bids were received as follows for 8 tennis courts:

Nagle Paving Company
A & A Asphalt Company  
Lind Asphalt Paving Company

It is recommended that the contract be awarded the low bidder, the Nagle Paving Company, in the amount of $34,950.

The following budget is recommended:

Supervision & Inspection
Professional Services

This is part of the expansion of the Athletic Recreation Area approved by the Trustees at the January 1968 meeting and will be financed through the student fee allocation program. (p.330)

Bids were received on July 8 for an additional approximately 200 parking spaces to Parking Lot A. A tabulation of the bids is as follows:

A. & A Asphalt Company
Ajax Asphalt Company
Nagle Paving Company

The bid proposals have been examined by the engineers, and it was discovered that the low bidder had left the cost for the stone base out of their bid ($10,905.45). It is recommended that all bids be rejected and that the bid guarantee from A & A Asphalt Company be returned.

Gifts and Grants

Grant of $500 from Piety Hill Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution of Birmingham to establish a short-term student loan fund.

Grant of $150 from Oakland University Employees to be used in support of the William Spicklel Memorial Loan Fund.

Grants as follows to be used for scholarship purposes:

$ 720 various donors for the Mary Fogarty Anibal Scholarship Trust Fund.

For the Chancellor's Club 32-3929:

$1000 from Don E. Ahrens of Bloomfield Hills
$1000 from L. C. Goad of             "               "
Mrs. William T. Gossett, Bloomfield Hills

For the Meadow Brook School of Music Scholarship fund:

$ 120 from The Cranbrook Music Guild, Inc. of Bloomfield Hills
$ 250 from Mrs. Mary S. Horigian
$ 175 from the Milton J. & Jeanette X. Miller Foundation of Detroit
$  50 from Shirley Nelson of Royal Oak
$1350 from Mrs. Frank Rogers Seaver of Los Angeles, Calif.
$ 240 from The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit

Grant of $254,000 from the National Science Foundation to be used under the direction of Clifford Harding in Biology for undergraduate research and curriculum development in Biology

Grant of $1,000 from The Kiwanis Club of Pontiac to be used under the direction of Henry Rosemont in Philosophy to support the Pontiac Center,

Grant of $12,992 from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare to be used under the direction of Royce Butler to support the Library Resources Program.

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of Thomas Dutton, Dean of Students, in the Upward Bound program:

$ 100 from the American Assoc. of University Women of Bloomfield Hills.
$ 8 from Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Askew of Southfield
$ 8 from Mr. & Mrs. James E. Banyai of Southfield
$ 23 from the Beverly Hills Methodist Church of Birmingham
$ 8 from Mr. & Mrs. Milton F. Cramer of Birmingham
$ 50 from the First Methodist Church of Birmingham
$ 18 from Mr. & Mrs. James D. Fisher of Lathrup Village
$ 8 from Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Gould of Birmingham
$13.50 from Lakeland United Presbyterian Church of Pontiac
$ 40 from Marie L. Lapp of Birmingham
$ 12 from Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Mueller of Birmingham
$ 2 from Mr. & Mrs. Pe er W. Salmen, Jr., of Lathrup Village

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of D. B. Varner for the Meadow Brook Music Festival:

$ 200 from Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn, Inc., of Detroit.
$ 3400 from The Detroit Edison Company of Detroit
$ 1000 from the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company Foundation of New York City.
$ 25 from Radar Industries, Inc., of Roseville,
$ 400 from Jim Robbins Seat Belt Company of Mount Clemens

(No publicity) Gift of 1,000 shares of General Motors common stock valued at $82,375 from
Benjamin H. Anibal of Birmingham. One-half of the gift is to be used for the purchase of books for the Kresge Library and one-half for the Mary Fogarty Anibal Memorial Scholarship Fund. It is recommended that the Trustees accept this gift and authorize the sale of the stock so that the proceeds may be used for the intended purposes.

Additional payments to salaried employees since the June Trustees' meeting:

Continuing Education  
Sheldon Appleton
Gottfried Brieger
Harvey Burdick
Robert Donald
Robert Edgerton
Irving Torgoff
Celeste Steffens
Trudy Wiseman
Wanda Johnson
Marian Lucking
Edward Starr
Evelyn Allison
Anna Thornbury
Public Safety  
John Davis
Albert Klug
Robert Richert
Dean Rowe
Gary Schroeder
Upward Bound  
Charles Morton
F. Edward Rice
Edward Davies
Mary Wood

On motion by Mr. Merriman, seconded by Mr, Thompson, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

The Board will next meet on September 20, beginning with the Finance Committee meeting in the morning and continuing with the regular meeting in the afternoon. (p. 332)


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