Kresge Library

June 19, 1970

Personnel Changes


Landon Crocker Peoples, Asst. Prof. Psychology, effective 8/14/70
Steven J. Takiff, Asst. Prof. Mathematics, eff. 8/14/70
Anthony L. Van Geet, Assoc. Prof. Chemistry, effective 8/14/70


John George Blair, Assoc. Prof. English at no salary, eff. 8/15/70 to 8/14/71 to teach at Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland
Gertrude M. White, Prof. English at no salary, eff. 8/15/70 to 8/14/71 to be Vis. Prof. at Univ.of Massachusetts

Transfers and changes in assignment:

Frederick W. Obear , Assoc. Prof. Chemistry and Acting Provost at $21,500 to Assoc. Prof. Chemistry and PROVOST at $26,000, effective 7/1/70
Richard J. Burke, Assoc. Prof. Philosophy, from Acting Chairman to Chairman, effective 7/1/70
Nahum Z. Medalia, Prof. Soc. & Anthro from Acting Chairman to Chairman effective 7/1/70
Roderic E. Righter, Assoc. Prof. and Assoc. Dean, Education at $18,000 to Assoc. Prof. Education at $16,000, eff. 7/1/70

Academic Promotions:

Carlo Coppola from Instr. Mod. Lang & Lit at $10,200 to Asst. Prof. at $11,700, eff. 7/1/70
Lorna Ann Middendorf from Instr. Psychology at $10,500 to Asst. Prof. at $11,000, eff. 7/1/70
Peter Bertocci from Instr. Soc. & Anthro at $10,600 to Asst. Prof. at $11,600, eff. 7/1/70


William E. Bezdek, Asst. Prof. Soc. & Anthro at $12,300, eff. 8/15/70
Peter J. BINKERT, Asst. Prof. Ling & Classics at $10,000, eff. 8/15/70
James W. DOW, Instr. Soc. & Anthro. at $10,700, eff. 8/15/70
William Frank HORWATH, Asst. Prof. English at $10,800 eff. 8/15/70
Arlene Marjorie JACKSON, Vis. Asst. Prof. English at $11,000, eff. 8/15/70 to 8/14/71 William David JAYNES, Instr. Mod. Lang. & Lit. at $9,800, eff. 8/15/70
Carl William JOHNSON, Instr. Linguistics, Soc. & Anthro at $1.0,200 effective 8/15/70 i Paul Abbott KETCHUM, Asst. Prof. Biol. Sci, at $11,000, eff. 8/15/70
Gary Allan KLEIN, Asst. Prof. Psychology at $11,700, eff. 8/15/70
Harold G. LAWRENCE, Vis. Assoc. Prof. Area Studies at $14,500, eff. 8/15/70 to 8/14/71
Gadis NOWELL, Asst. Prof. Econ & Mgt. at $15,000, eff. 8/15/71
Virginia Elizabeth O'Leary, Asst. Prof. Psychology at $11,700, eff. 8/15/70
Raquel Lucia PEREZ, Instr. Psychology at $9,800, eff. 8/15/70
Jordan Black PHILLIPS, Asst. Prof. Mod. Lang & Lit at $11,200, eff. 8/15/70
Warren Frederick PHILLIPS, Asst. Prof. Engineering at $10,500, eff. 8/15/70
Ronald M. SWARTZ, Instr. Education at $9,700, eff. 8/15/70
Michael John WOZNY, Assoc. Prof. Engineering at $14,000, eff. 8/15/70
Avigdor-ZAROMP, Asst. Prof. Mathematics at $12,000, eff. 8/15/70
George K. ZOLLSCHAN, Vis. Assoc. Prof., Soc. & Anthro, at $15,000, effective 8/15/70

Recommendations from the Director of Personnel:

Reclassify a Tutorial Coordinator from an AP-1 to an AP-V in Special Projects
Establish a Counseling Director AP-VIII position in Special Projects

Gifts and Grants

Grants to be used for scholarship purposes as follows:

$1,159.40 from various donors for the Isaac Jones Scholarship Fund
$   594.00 from various donors for the John C. Galloway Memorial Fund
$2,314.16 from various donors for the Herbert Heidenreich Memorial Scholarship fund for Mexican-American Students

Grants to aid specified students:

$ 345 from the Kamehameha School Organizations, Honolulu, Hawaii
$ 400 from the Oakland County Community Trust, Birmingham
$ 132 from the Woman's National Farm and Garden Association, Rochester Branch.

$12,558 from the Ford Foundation, New York, to be used under the direction of Robert L. Donald in English to contribute materially to his professional development.

$16,000 from the U.S. Office of Education, Washington, to be used under the direction of
Ronald L. Cramer and George E. Coon in Education to initiate a program for the training of teachers for the early childhood period.

From the National Science Foundation for the purchase of instructional scientific equipment for the School of Engineering:

$  5,900 to be used under the direction of H.R. Witt
$19,700 to be used under the direction of Tung H. Weng (p. 401)

$ 6,022 from the U. S. Office of Education, Washington, to be used under the direction of W. Royce Butler, Library, to support the Library Resources Program.

$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Royce Butler, Rochester to be used in the Library to purchase books to be added to the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Collection.

For Alumni Relations, to be used under the direction of Mary Schultz:

$15 from the General Electric Foundation, Ossining, N.Y.
$25 from International Business Machines Corp., Flint

$100 from Eaton Yale & Towee, Inc., Cleveland, a supplemental grant as a result of a National Merit Award, to be used under the direction of Chancellor O'Dowd.

$1,000 from the Metropolitan Detroit Chevrolet Dealers Adv. Assoc., Inc. a contribution to the Discretionary Gift Fund, to be used under the direction of Chancellor O'Dowd.

$1,000 from M. E. Snyder, Birmingham, a contribution in support of the Meadow Brook Theatre Five-Year Fund, to be used under the direction of Chancellor O'Dowd.

$7,000 from Abercrombie and Fitch Co., New York, to be used under the direction of John
De Carlo in Performing Arts, $3,500 for the Meadow Brook Festival and $3,500 for the Meadow Brook Theatre.

Grants to be used under the direction of John DeCarlo in Performing Arts in support of the Meadow Brook Music Festival, as follows:

$ 200 from Anchor Motor Freight, Inc., Warren
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. W. Kent Barclay, Birmingham
$ 115 from the Barry Steel Corporation, Detroit
$ 100 from D. P. Brother & Company, Detroit
$ 500 from The Campbell-Ewald Foundation, Detroit
$ 100 from Complete Auto Transit, Inc., Southfield
$ 100 from Jack Cooper Transport Co., Inc., Kansas City, Mo.
$ 200 from Mrs. Albert H. deSalle - Little Gallery, Birmingham
$ 100 from The Detroit Free Press, Detroit
$   25 from Detroit Plastics Products, Mt. Clemens
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. John L. Dooley, Jr., Birmingham
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Boyd P. Doty, Jr., Birmingham
$ 500 from The Firestone Tire & Rubber Co., Allen Park
$ 500 from Mr. & Mrs. Max M. Fisher, Detroit
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. J. Herman Fles, Grand Rapids
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Folladori, Jr., Russiaville, Ind.
$   50 from Mr. & Mrs. C. R. Frye, Detroit
$1,000 from Great Lakes Steel Corp., Ecorse
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. I.T. Harris, Bloomfield Hills
$   25 from Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haupt, Birmingham
$   50 from Hess Cartage Co., Melvindale
$   25 from Hickman, Williams & Co., Inc. Detroit
$1,500 from The J. L. Hudson Co., Detroit- Mr. J. L. Hudson, Jr.
$ 250 from Hughes-Hatcher-Suffrin , Detroit - Mr. Bernard E. Pincus
$ 100 from Inter-City Trucking Service, Inc., Detroit
$ 200 from Janesville Auto Transport Co., Janesville, Wis.
$ 350 from Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp., Warren
$ 100 from Albert Kahn Associates, Detroit
$ 100 from The Samuel G. Keywell Co., Inc., Detroit
$   50 from Mr. & Mrs. Sol King, Southfield
$ 100 from F. Jos. LambCompany, Warren
$   30 from Mr. & Mrs. Max M. Lebowitz, Southfield
$ 100 from Edward C. Levy Company, Dearborn
$ 100 from Macoid-Howell Industries, Inc., Southfield
$ 1,000 from McLouth Steel Corp., Detroit
$ 100 from Michigan Abrasive Company, Detroit
$2,000 from Michigan Bell Telephone Co., Detroit
$ 100 from Michigan Mutual Liability Co., Detroit
$ 100 from Brada Miller Freight System, Inc., Kokomo, Ind.
$ 250 from Mr. & Mrs. Marshall M. Miller, Detroit
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. William G. Peoples, San Francisco, Calif.
$ 250 from Reynolds Metals Co., Southfield
$  50 from Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Reynolds, Birmingham
$  50 from Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Richardson, Sr., Bloomfield Hills
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. William A. Richardson, Birmingham
$   50 from Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Ristau, Southfield
$ 200 from Mr. & Mrs. Irving Rose, Detroit
$   25 from D. A. Ross - R. J. Tower Iron Works, Inc., Greenville
$   50 from R. C. Schallom, Jr., Southfield
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Shannahan, Wyandotte
$ 100 from S.K.D. Manufacturing, Southfield
$   75 from Spina Electric Corp., Warren
$ 100 from Transport Storage & Distributing Co., Renton, Wash.
$ 100 from White Star Trucking, Inc., Lincoln Park
$   50 from Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Wilkerson, Livonia
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Warren H. Williams, Bloomfield Hills
$ 100 from Woodstock Die Casting, Southfield
$ 125 from Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co., Detroit (p.402)

Grants to be used under the direction of John DeCarlo in Performing Arts in support of the Meadow Brook Festival or Theatre, as follows:

$ 200 from Accurate Stamp Co., Detroit
$ 100 from Active Tool & Mfg. Co., Detroit
$ 100 from Aluminum Company of America, Detroit
$ 200 from Applied Industries, Inc., Centerline
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Bankerd, Detroit
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Bokram, Grosse Pointe
$ 100 from Jack Bott Sales, Inc., Detroit
$  50 from Braun Engineering Co., Detroit
$  25 from Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Bredeson, Bloomfield Hills
$ 200 from Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Carey, Bloomfield Hills
$  50 from Bert F. Carothers - Armco Steel Corp., Southfield
$ 100 from Central Transport, Inc., Detroit
$ 100 from Commercial Carriers, Inc., Romulus
$ 500 from Convoy Company, Portland, Oregon
$  25 from Mrs. S. R. Dennis, Birmingham
$ 100 from Detroit Ball Bearing Co., Detroit
$ 150 from The Dow Chemical Co. - E. J. Quackenbush, Detroit
$ 200 from DSI Corporation - Mr. W. P. Scott, Plymouth
$ 150 from Ford & Earl Design Assoc., Inc., Warren
$ 100 from Great Lakes Express Co. - Mr. W.C. Blair, Saginaw
$ 200 from Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Green, Madison Heights
$  50 from Groves Manufacturing Co., Ferndale
$ 100 from Holley Carburetor Div. - Cold Industries, Warren
$ 100 from A.W. Jenks, Lathrup Village
$   50 from Kaul Glove & Manufacturing Co., Detroit
$ 250 from Lake Sales Company, Royal Oak
$ 100 from McIntosh, Inc., Detroit
$   25 from Michigan Bearing Co., Detroit
$   50 from Missouri Pacific Railroad Co., St. Louis
$ 100 from Modern Manufacturing Co., Southfield
$   20 from Daniel J. Murphy, Southfield
$   50 from The National Transit Corporation, Dearborn
$ 100 from Ogden & Moffett Co., Marysville
$ 100 from J. H. Ryall - Rayle Industrial, Detroit
$ 250 from Sheller-Globe Corp., Detroit
$   25 from H. L. Thompson, Jr. - J. T. Wing Co., Detroit
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Williams, Grosse Pointe Farms
$ 150 from Woods Industries, Inc., Oklahoma City, Okla.
$   50 from Yellow Freight System, Inc., Melvindale
$   50 from Youngstown Cartage, Detroit

Other items:

Request for approval of the establishment of a Department of Linguistics in the College of Arts and Sciences. The establishment of this department has been approved by the Assembly of the College of Arts and Sciences and the University Senate. A major in linguistics has been authorized by the State Board of Education.

The University now has a number of qualified linguists on the faculty who carry appointments in existing departments. A number of these individuals would assume joint appointments in the Department of Linguistics and their present departments. No new faculty will be added to staff this department for at least one year.

Recommendation that the appropriate degrees be awarded to those students who according to the records of the Registrar completed the requirements for graduation at the end of the Apri1,1970 term.

On motion by Dr. Martin, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items.

Vice President Wilkinson presented to the Board four items that need consideration as Oakland University becomes independent.

A. The consolidated investment fund

The Ann Arbor Trust Company will liquidate the units relating to Oakland University, and we will issue a check in the approximate amount of $130,000 to represent their value as of the date of separation.

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Hartman, it was unanimously voted to approve this procedure.

B. Term loan of $900,000 due from Oakland University to Michigan State University.

The Board of Trustees authorized Michigan State University to loan Oakland University up to $1,000,000 for working capital with a 4 ½ interest rate to be paid by Oakland to Michigan State University. This loan will have to be repaid from working capital to Michigan State University. Mr. Swanson and Mr. Wilkinson will have to work out a repayment schedule which will have to be approved by the Board of Trustees. (p 403)

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Hartman, it was unanimously voted to increase the interest on this loan from 4 ½ % to 5%, effective immediately,

C. Temporary construction loan from Michigan National Bank of approximately $3,825,000 is outstanding and will have to be permanently financed.

Michigan State University has placed cash in certificates at Michigan National Bank in order to guarantee this loan. This commitment is through December 15, 1970. Discussions have taken place between Mr, Swanson, Mr. Wilkinson, and the Ann Arbor Trust Company to arrange the financing of this project.

D. Trust 4604 - Intramural Building and Student Center

This trust holds Michigan State University with a contingent liability wherein If Oakland University does not meet its commitments, Michigan State University will be obligated. This results in approximately $142,000 in fees with the maturity of 1992. The bonds are held by All-State and the Detroit Bank and Trust Company.

Motion was made by Mr. Nisbet, seconded by Mr. White, that Vice President Wilkinson should ask representatives of the Ann Arbor Trust Co, to request the two firms involved to remove this contingent liability. Unanimously approved.

Chancellor Donald D. O'Dowd of Oakland University requested the Board to authorize a consent election to establish whether or not the Oakland faculty wishes to designate a representative for collective bargaining.

On motion of Dr. Martin, seconded by Mr. Hartman, the Trustees, by a vote of 5 to 3, approved the authorizing of a consent election. Trustees Merriman, Huff, and White voted "No." Materials concerning this item are on file in the Secretary's office and made a part of these minutes.

Remarks by Chancellor Donald D. O'Dowd:

President Wharton and members of the Board of Trustees, I might take a moment, although I know it's late, to make a brief statement on this occasion.

A quick count tells me that Oakland University has been on the, agenda of this Board for approximately 120 meetings, 5 of which I have attended -- the last 5. And on behalf of the students and the alumni, the staff, and faculty of the University, and also Woody Varner who was associated with you for 18 years, I'd like to express the appreciation of Oakland University for the great support that it has received from this Board. I know that on many special occasions Board members have come down to Rochester to participate in University activities and have given continuous guidance to the University.

I am reminded that when this institution -- Oakland University -- was conceived in 1958 and 1959 it was a time of great economic constraint in the State of Michigan and Mr. Varner, on a number of occasions, pointed out that the year in which Oakland was started, I believe the appropriation -- the only appropriation and the only money -- did not come through until some time in late June or early July to begin a new institution on the first of September of that year. And the Board was willing to support the University and to urge the Chancellor to go ahead and make arrangements and said they would find the money if the Legislature would not. I guess that, happily, the Legislature came through when Oakland got under way with adequate support.

I might review for a moment the legislative situation. As you well know, the House acted about two months ago to support an independent resolution or bill and the Senate voted 32 to 4 about 10 days ago. My understanding is that the bill is on the Governor's desk and probably will be signed this coming week, though an exact time has not been set. I heard as of yesterday that Wednesday was a possible time for signing of the bill giving Oakland University separate authorization.

I'd like to comment on our gratefulness at the willingness of this Board to grant Oakland a unique status in American higher education. About 5 years ago when the North Central Association was reviewing its accreditation procedures, it selected Oakland as the least dependent of all branch campuses in the North Central region of 17 or 18 states and probably the most autonomous existing branch campus in the country. This is a daring course that the Board took and I think it gave Oakland an opportunity, in my judgment, to be uniquely successful. As far as I know, of those new campuses started in the post-World War II era, I thing though a little biased at this, I would argue that Oakland probably has been the most successful if you take into account the economic and fiscal constraints under which we have operated. The University of California campuses which have been started in the last 20 years have had about 3 times the support per capita that Oakland has had, and the New York State campuses have been running between 2 and 3 times the per capita support, so that what Oakland has accomplished could only have been done with the support of this Board.

So I would like to express thanks here to President Hannah for his guidance from the beginning and to President Wharton for his assistance during this past year, but particularly to the Board for its continuous concern with the growth of Oakland and giving of its prestige and of its strength of Oakland's development and to its support in every respect from 1957 when the idea first came into being until today. (p. 404)


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