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June 16, 1960

Chancellor Varner recommended that Giffels and Rossetti be relieved, at their request, of the responsibility for the architectural services on the Science and Engineering Building at MSU-O and that O'Dell, Hewlett and Luckenbach Associates, be retained as architects for this building at an architect fee of 5% of the construction cost.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Vice President May presented the annual budget for 1960-61 as recommended by the officers of the University. The budget as distributed and discussed is filed with the material for this Board meeting. The total budget is recommended for 1960-61 involved budgets for the various operations and responsibilities to the Board of Trustees as follows:

  Michigan State University
  Michigan State University-Oakland
  Agricultural Experiment Station
  Cooperative Extension Service
  Research and Foreign Programs financed with grants
  Auxiliary enterprises, including residence halls
  Expendable gifts
  Departmental self-supporting activities

The total State appropriations of $29,471,835 for support of the academic program at Michigan State University, MSU-O, the Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service supply funds to meet only 46.4 per cent of the University's total expenditures in the fiscal year.

On motion of Mr. Vanderploeg, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the budget with the understanding that the details will be presented to the Board at its next meeting.


Appointment of John C. Galloway as Professor of Art at $10,500 effective September 1, 1960.

Appointment of Harold Fromm as Instructor in English at $5,800 effective September 1, 1960.

Appointment of Louis E. Martin as Assistant Librarian at $7,000 effective August 1, 1960.

Gifts and Grants:

Gift of $25 from the United Church Women of Birmingham to be credited to the Unrestricted Gift Account for MSU-O.

Gift of $50 from the Valley College Association, Inc., of Saginaw to be credited to the Unrestricted Gift Account for MSU-O.

Gift of $3,600 from The Dow Chemical Company of Midland to be used under the direction of David Wilder of the MSU-0 Library to purchase chemical journals for the Library at MSU-O. (p.63)

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