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May 18, 1967

Chancellor Varner recommended that he be authorized to engage O'Dell, Hewlett & Luchenbach to proceed to plan alterations to the original plans and specifications for the Intramural Building so that this facility may be completed at an early date to temporarily house the performing arts program.

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Nisbet, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Termination of Jogindar Singh Ratti, Ass't Prof., Math Dpt., effective August 14, 1967.

Termination of Virindra M. Sehgal, Ass't Prof., Math Dpt., effective August 14, 1967.

Termination of Arthur M. Daniels, Ass't Prof., Music Dpt., effective August 14, 1967.

Termination of David C. Potter, Ass't Prof., Polit. Sc. Dpt., effective May 31, 1967.

Leave of Absence for Floyd M. Cammack, Assoc. Prof., Linguistics, effective August 15, 1967 through August 14, 1968. Mr. Cammack will teach in Japan with no pay.

Leave of Absence for William C. Bryant, Ass't Prof., Mod. For. Lang. & Lit., effective August 15, 1967 through August 14, 1968. Mr. Bryant will study in Spain with no pay.

Leave of Absence for Jesse R. Pitts, Prof & Chrm., Sociol & Anthr., effective August 15, 1967 through December 20, 1967. Mr. Pitts will study in France with no pay.

Appointment of Theodore 0. Yntema as visiting Professor, Business Adm. & Econ. at no pay, effective August 15, 1967 through August 14, 1969.

Appointment of Glenn Alben Jackson as Assistant Professor, Engineering Dept. at $10,000 effective August 15, 1967.

Appointment of Daniel H. Fullmer as Instructor of Linguistics at $7900 effective August 15, 1967.

Appointment of Robert C. Busby as Assistant Professor of Mathematics at $10,800 effective August 15, 1967.

Appointment of Luis Alberto Vargas as Assistant Professor of Mod. For. Lang. & Lit. at $9400, effective August 15, 1967.

Appointment of Marshall J. Sheinblatt as Assistant Professor of Physics at $9500 effective August 15, 1967.

Appointment of Max Brill as Assistant Professor of Psychology at $10,000 effective August 15, 1967 through August 14, 1968.

Change in status of Reuben Torch from Ass't Dean to Assoc. Dean of Arts & Sciences at $17,250 per year on a 12-month basis effective July 1, 1967.

Change Roderic E. Righter from Ass't Dean to Assoc. Dean of Edu. effective July 1, 1967, retains title of Ass't Prof. of Edu.

Change Richard R. Shank from Ass't Dean to Assoc. Dean of Engineering, effective July 1, 1967. He retains title of Assoc. Prof. of Engineering.

Continuation of William Schwab as Act. Chrm. of English from May 1 to May 31, 1967, with an additional salary of $100 for the month.

Recommendations from the Director of Personnel as follows:

a. Reclassify a Departmental Secretary V to an Executive Secretary VIII position in the Chancellor's Office.
b. For the Theater:
    1) Establish a Director of Audience Development and Special Assistant to the General Manager AP-VI position
    2) Establish a Departmental Secretary V Position.
c. For the Library:
    1) Establish 2 Library Assistant VII positions
    2) Reclassify an Assistant X to a Supervisor, Circulation and Public Services Assistant AP-I position.
    3) Reclassify a Head Acquisitions Clerk VIII to an Assistant Acquisitions AP-I position.
d. Reclassify a Senior Clerk IV to a Registration Assistant VII position in the Registrar's office.
e. Establish a Group Leader, Mail Section VI position in University Services.

Recommendation for the payment of $156,421 to regular staff members for teaching during the third semester. (p.279)

Communication from Mrs. Paul Solonika:

I am writing you this letter to thank you and the Board of Trustees for continuing Paul's salary.

It is and will be greatly appreciated.

I also want to thank the University through you about Mary's scholarship. It will make us happy to see her education completed. Her Dad would be very grateful to you for this gesture. Paul had a great respect for higher education.

I, personally, want to thank you, Mr. Varner, for attending the funeral Mass. I appreciated your coming to it.

Gifts and Grants

Grant of $120 from members of the faculty and staff of Oakland University to be used to establish the Paul Solonika Loan Fund for the granting of unrestricted interest free student loans.

Grant of $550 from the Lathrup Village Woman's Club to be used to establish the Lathrup Village Woman's Club Student Loan Fund for students residing in Oakland County.

Grants as follows to be used for scholarship purposes:

$4,066.23 from the Oakland County Scholarship Committee for the Scholarship Acct 32-3220.
$100 from the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Royal Oak for the Awards Acct 32-3359.
$100 from the Birmingham Musicale for the Meadow Brook School of Music Scholarship Fund
$240 from Tuesday Musicale of Pontiac
$420 from The Village Woman's Club of Bloomfield Hills.
$1,000 from the Webber Charitable Fund of Detroit

Grant of $480 from the Oakland University Employees' Union Local 1418 to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner for the entrance gate at the Meadow Brook Festival ground.

Grants for Meadow Brook Music Festival:

$ 125 from 2 anonymous donors
$ 100 from Admiral Coated Products, Inc. of Detroit
$ 100 from B & L Rubber and Plastics, Inc. of Warren
$ 100 from the Bee Chemical Company of Lansing
$  50 from Bennett Equipment Corp. of Detroit
$  50 from Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bienenstock of Detroit
$  50 from Broner Glove Company of Detroit
$ 100 from Boydell Chemical Coatings Co. of Detroit
$1,000 from The Campbell-Ewald Foundation of Detroit
$  50 from Cavalier Manu. Co., Inc. of Madison Heights
$ 100 from the Celanese Plastics Co. of Bloomfield Hills
$2,500 from Consumers Power Co. of Pontiac
$ 100 from Raymond DeSteiger, Inc., of Roseville
$ 300 from D-M-E Corp. of Detroit
$ 250 from Detroit Plastic Molding Co. of East Detroit
$ 300 from Domtar Packaging Ltd. of Ontario
$ 500 from The Dow Chemical Co. of Southfield
$ 500 from Enjay Chemical Co. of Southfield
$ 125 from Federal Pipe & Steel Corp. of Detroit
$   5 from Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Frenkel of Huntington Woods
$ 250 from Gage Products Co. of Ferndale
$ 100 from Grow Solvent Co., Inc. of Detroit
$ 100 from Hassan Steel Fabricators, Ltd, of London, Ontario
$1,500 from the J. L. Hudson Co. of Detroit
$ 500 from Lear Siegler, Inc. of Detroit
$ 250 from The E. F. MacDonald Co. of Detroit
$ 100 from the Madison Electric Co. of Detroit
$ 100 from the Marathon Oil Co. of Detroit
$ 250 from Marbon Chemical of Royal Oak
$2,000 from the Michigan Bell Gelephone Co. of Detroit
$ 350 from the Mid-West Paper Products Co. of Detoit
$  15 from Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Partusch of Oak Park
$ 250 from Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc. of Evansville, Indiana
$ 500 from Rockwell-Standard Corp. of Detroit
$ 150 from J & J Spring Co., Inc. of Roseville
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Stuart of Livonia
$ 400 from The Timken Roller Bearing Co. of Detroit
$  40 from Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tucker of Birmingham
$ 500 from the Uniroyal Foundation of Detroit
$ 500 from The Wayne Oakland Bank of Royal Oak
$ 150 from Winkelman Stores, Inc. of Detroit
$ 100 from The Leon & Josephine Winkelman Foundation of Detroit
$1,000 from Mr. & Mrs. James 0. Wright of Birmingham

Additional payments to salaried employees since the March Board meeting, as follows:

  Continuing Education  
  John Beardman
  Joan Brace
  Richard Brooks
  John Cameron
  Walter Collins                                                   (p.280)
  Abraham Davidson
  Joseph Dement
  John Dovaras
  George Engeman
  James Haden
  Helen Kovach
  Carmine Linsalata
  Richard Lyons
  Richard Mazzara
  George Rawick
  William Sturner
  Continuum Center  
  David Lowy
  Roger Marz
  Henry Rosemont
  Edward Starr
  Dean of Students  
  Mondine McNeil
  Robert Howes
  Pam Bomsta
  Marian Lucking
  Language Laboratory  
  Joseph Dezio
  Patrick McNeil
  Robert Stanton
  Michigan Education Grant  
  Walter Feinberg
  James McAlpine
  School District of Troy  
  John Langer
  Marian Lucking
  Elizabeth Wright
  Carolyn McAboy
  Charles Morton
  Reba Murray
  George Rawick
  David Ross

On motion of Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Thompson, it was voted to approve all Oakland University Items.

Communication from Mr. May:

A letter has been received from Mr. Varner advising that only one bid was received for bleachers for the west half of the gymnasium in the Intramural Building. This bid in the amount of $23,980 from the McFadden Corporation is higher that the original estimate, but is believed to be a fair price for the equipment specified.

The Laich Equipment Company originally drew plans, but later advised that their equipment had not been tested sufficiently for them to bid on this particular installation. The Michigan School Service also drew bids, but found that their equipment would not fit into the space in the Intramural Building without alterations. They, therefore, decided not to bid, but have indicated that their price would have been $24,860.

It is recommended that the Trustees authorize the contract with the McFadden Corporation in the amount of $23,980, and that the cost of the installation be charged against Oakland University's Reserve for Student Services Facilities.

On motion by Mr. Merriman, seconded by Mr. Nisbet, it was voted to approve the above recommendation. (p.281)


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