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May 18, 1961

Trustee Huff raised the question as to whether or not the Board had authorized the request of MSU-O for an addition to the heating plant, including a building addition, boiler and auxiliary equipment costing $225,000.

Vice President May stated he was sure this request was authorized by the Board under the category "remodeling and additions," when the University's Capital Outlay request was made to the Department of Administration in October of 1960. This request does appear on page 13 of the Department of Administration Capital Outlay Budget Detail for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1962 under the classification "remodeling and additions."

On Motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was unanimously voted to accept the action of the Legislature in appropriating to MSU-O $225,000 for this project.

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Merriman, the following action was unanimously voted:

It is necessary to make it possible for Michigan State University-Oakland to take a freshman class, to heat and maintain the buildings now under construction, and to carry forward with present commitments. It is proposed that $100,000 of the $205,000 additional money granted by the legislature to Michigan State University in total for all of its operations be allocated to MSU-O. The requirements for operation of MSU-O on the basis of two terms of the proposed trimester program will be authorized on a deficit basis with the understanding that a request will be made to the Michigan legislature for the balance of funds required in excess of the $100,000 allocated from new funds, and the next session of the legislature can determine the availability of the third trimester for the 1961-62 academic year.


Appointment of Damie Stillman as Assistant Professor of Art at $7,000 effective August 15, 1961.

Appointment of Nat Simons, Jr. as Assistant Professor of Economics at $6500 effective August 15, 1961.

Appointment of James H. Stoddard as Assistant Professor of Mathematics at $7200 effective August 15, 1961.

Gifts for Michigan State University-Oakland scholarship fund:

$ 5,000 from the Pontiac Central High School to be invested and the income used to provide a scholarship to cover the cost of tuition for one student from Pontiac Central High School
$ 55 from Rochester Ministerial Association to aid a specified student
$ 558 from the National Twist Drill & Tool Company of Rochester for the continuation of 2 scholarships for 1961-62
$ 280 from Pontiac-Oakland Town Hall, Inc., for a deserving student from Oakland County for 1961-62
$ 400 from the Women's Advertising Club of Detroit for 2 specified students
$ 560 from The Junior League of Birmingham for 2 deserving girls in the Bloomfield Birmingham Franklin area for 1961-62
$ 500 from Maxon, Inc., of Detroit
$ 35 from the Rotary Club of Walled Lake
$ 255 from Harry S. Nichols of Detroit
$ 10 from St. Clair Shores American Legion Auxiliary #385
$ 25 from Roy O'Brien, Inc., of St. Clair Shores
$ 25 from LeRoy W. Howard of St. Clair Shores
$ 5 from Lakeshore Drugs of St. Clair Shores
$ 600 from Utica Chapter #240, Order of the Eastern Star
$ 100 from the Four Arts Club, Inc., of Elkhart, Indiana
$ 250 from the Frank Gerber Foundation of Fremont
$ 186 from Justus R. Pearson, Jr., of Birmingham
$ 20 from the American Legion, St. Clair Shores Post #385
$ 500 from the Detroit Gasket and Manufacturing Company of Detroit
$ 210 from Borman Food Stores, Inc., and Food Fair Stephenson Market, Inc. of Detroit
$ 1020 from the Wayne Oakland Bank of Royal Oak
$ 10 from H. Rollin Allen of Detroit
$ 15 from Mary Ann Cusack of Detroit
$ 500 from the Pepsi-Cola Company of New York City

Gifts and Grants:

Grant of $2,000 from the Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults of Chicago to be used under the direction of Lowell Eklund in Continuing Education at Michigan State University-Oakland for their experimental project in liberal arts for service clubs. (p. 85)

Grant of $1,988,38 from the National Educational TV and Radio Center of New York City to be used under the direction of Mary Ann Cusack at Michigan State University - Oakland for the production of a series of 13 radio programs entitled "An Ethic for Broadcasting."

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to accept the Gifts and Grants. (p. 86)


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