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May 16, 1969


Bids were received on May 7 for Bookstore equipment, as follows:

The Columbus Show Case Company $30,834.00
Jentzen-Miller Company 33,640.33

It was recommended that a contract be awarded to the low bidder, The Columbus Show Case Company, in the amount of $30,834. Funds are available in the furniture and equipment budget of $193,000, which is a part of the total project budget of $2,400,000 approved by the Trustees at the December 1968 meeting.

Bids were received on May 14 for an addition to the Baldwin Pavilion as follows:

Combined Proposal:  
     E. E. Powell General Construction:Co.
     Bundy Construction Co.
     Harry D. Osgood Co., Inc.
     Garascia Construction

It was recommended that the contract be awarded to the low bidder and that the following project budget be approved:

Professional Services
Supervision and field inspection

The source of funds for this project is from a Kresge Foundation grant.

On motion by Mr. Nisbet, seconded by Mr. Thompson, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items.



Robert C. Busby, Asst. Prof. Mathematics, effective 8/14/69
James C. Haden, Prof & Chrm. Philosophy, effective 8/14/69
Michael J. Heffernan, Instr. English, effective 8/14/69

Leaves - other:

Harold Olofson, Instr, Sociol. & Anthr. at no pay to teach in Nigeria effective 8/15/69 to 8/14/70
Richard P. Tucker, Asst. Prof. History at no pay to do research for a book effective 8/15/69 to 8/14/70

Transfers & changes in assignment:

Gottfried Brieger, Assoc. Prof. Chem, change leave dates from 12/13/69 to 4/21/70 - new date 4/30/69 at half pay
Walter S. Collins II - change assignment from Prof. Music and Dean Meadow Brook School of Music to Professor of Music
David STAFFORD, Asst. Mgr. AP-II Oakland Center - assignment change to Asst. Dir. AP-V Residence Halls at $9800, effective 5/1/69 salary division 50% #42009, 50% 42036.

Salary change:

Dmytro IJEWLIW, Assoc. Prof. Mod. Lang & Lit. from $10,900 to $11,400 effective 8/15/69


Charles Peter Lawes, from Instructor Math. to Asst. Prof. Math at $10,500 effective 6/1/69
Cherryl A. Wagner, from Instr. Classics at $9000 to Asst. Prof. Classics at $9500, effective 6/1/69


Brown, Judith K., Asst. Prof. Sociol & Anthr at $11,000, eff. 8/15/69
Freeman, Jerry Marshall, Instr. Mod. Lang. & Lit. at $9500, eff. 8/15/69
Immerwahr, John, Instr. Philosophy at $8700, eff. 8/15/69
Kaye, Christiane M., Instr. Mod. Lang. & Lit, at $8800, eff. 8/15/69 -8/14/71
Wu, Yel-Chiang, Asst. Prof. Math at $12,500, eff. 8/15/69

Personnel Recommendations

Establish an Accountant AP-TIT position in the Business Office for Food Service
Reclassify a Director of Residential Food Service AP-In to an Asst. Dir of Residence Halls AP-V position
Reclassify an Asst. Manager of Vandenberg Food Service AP-I to a Manager of Vandenberg Food Service AP-II
Establish a Tutorial Coordinator AP-I position in Special Projects.    (p.361)


Gift of a sofa, chair, coffee table, and lamp valued at $443.95 from Leonard T. Lewis of Bloomfield Hills to be used by the Meadow Brook Music Festival in the in the Pavilion's Green Room.

Grants to be used for scholarship purposes:

$400 from Ferro Corp. of Cleveland, Ohio, for acct #26731
$ 79 from the Pontiac Council of PTA's for acct #26759.

Chancellor's Club account #92201

$1000 from Mr. & Mrs. Don Ahrens of Bloomfield Hills
$1000 from Mr.& Mrs. Harty N. Wieting of Bloomfield Hills

Meadow Brook Festival account #42531

$200    Allied Supermarkets, Inc., Detroit
$250    Amer. Safety Equip. Corp. of Detroit
$50      Atwood Vacuum Machine Co. of Detroit
$100    Automotive Moulding Company of Warren
$100    Mr. & Mrs. Paul N. Averill of Bloomfield Hills
$200    Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Berdis of     "              "
$100    Mr. & Mrs. Earl R. Bramblett       "              "
$100    Philip N. Buckminster, Royal Oak
$1000 The Budd Company, Detroit
$25      Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Cleary, Detroit
$100    Commercial Steel Treating Corp. of Detroit
$100    Walter B. Connolly, Grosse Pointe
$100    Dabco Frank Foundation, Inc.,Detroit
$100    Darin & Armstrong, Inc., Detroit
$100    Boyd P. Doty, Jr., Birmingham
$200    The Dow Chemical Co. Detroit
$100    The David and Edith Emerman Foundation, Inc. of Southfield
$150    Fayette Tubular Prod., Inc., Lathrup Village
$100    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Folladori, Jr., Russiaville, Indiana
$100    The General Tire & Rubber Co. Southfield
$100    Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Gerstenberg, Bloomfield Hills
$100    Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gordon, Bloomfield Hills
$500    The Harlan Foundation of Southfield
$250    Hawthorne Metal Products Co., Royal Oak
$25      Helm, Inc., Detroit
$15      Mrs. Muir Hotchkiss, Grosse Pointe Farms
$100    Howard Contractors, Inc., Detroit
$10      H. M. Huenink, Taylor
$100    International Business Mach. Corp., Detroit
$100    Mrs. Earle F. Johnson, Detroit
$100    Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Kemp, Grosse Pointe Shores
$100    Keystone Metal Moulding Co., Detroit
$100    Maurice Klein, Detroit
$100    Kurtz Steel, Detroit
$25      Lear Jet Stereo, Inc., Detroit
$50      Mr. & Mrs. Wilber H. Mack, Grosse Pointe Farms
$25      Mr. & Mrs. Ross L. Malone, New York City
$100    Midwest Export-Import Company, Detroit
$2000 The National Bank of Detroit
$20      Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Nuffer, Birmingham
$100    Peracchio Association, Inc., Detroit
$500    Pontiac State Bank
$10     John H. Potter, Grosse Pointe Farms
$100   John J. Riccardo, Birmingham
$100   Mr. & Mrs. Ross Roy, Grosse Pointe
$50     Mr. & Mrs. John H. Sherf, Dearborn
$100   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Strickland, Birmingham
$10     Mr. & Mrs. Russell S. Strickland, Bloomfield Hills
$200   Ternes Steel Co., Roseville
$100   Touche, Ross, Bailey & Smart, Detroit
$100   Trim Trends, Inc., Clawson
$250   Young & Rubicam, Inc., Detroit
$500   Uniroyal Foundation of Allen Park
$200   Visi-Trot Engineering Co., Detroit
$25      Carl A. Warnock, Birmingham

On motion by Mr. Nisbet, seconded by Mr. Thompson, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items.

Adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Next meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for June 20, 1969. (p.362)

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