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May 16, 1963

Vice President May, Secretary Breslin and Director of Personnel, Glander recommend a revised schedule of compensation rates for employees in the classified service. The detailed recommendation was distributed to the Trustees.

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to approve the above-mentioned schedule of compensation rates for employees in the classified service.

Recommendation from Attorney Carr that paragraphs 2 and 3 on page 26 of Faculty Facts be amended to read as follows:

Retirement for all faculty will be optional on the first day of July following attainment of age 65 and will be compulsory on the first day of July following attainment of age 70. For continuance in service after age 68, however, a faculty member must be in good health, must pass a physical examination given by the University Health Service, and be rendering effective service to the University.

Sabbatical leaves will not be granted to faculty members after the age of 63. Faculty members who have rendered at least 15 years of service (including those activities of interest to and supported by the University, regardless of the source of financial support) of which 5 or more years immediately prior to retirement did not include compensated leaves, may serve their final year before retirement on a consultantship basis with agreed upon duties.

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Vanderploeg, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Chancellor Varner recommends that effective July 1, 1963, the following departments be established with the departmental chairmen designated as shown. These appointments are to be made for renewable terms of three years.

  Department   Chairman
  Art   John C. Galloway
  Classics   *Howard W. Clarke
  English   Robert G. Hoopes
  Modern Foreign Languages   Francis P. Tafoya
  History   Charles 0. Hucker
  Music   Walter S. Collins
  Philosophy   James C. Haden
Social Science
  Business Administration   Kenneth D. Roose
  Political Science   Edward J. Heubel
  Psychology   David C.Beardslee
  Sociology and Anthropology   *Frank F. Lee
  Teacher Education   Laszlo J. Hetenyi
Science and Engineering
  Chemistry   Paul Tomboulian
  Engineering Science   William G. Hammerle
  Mathematics   James H. McKay
  Physics   Ralph C. Mobley

* Acting Chairman

Recommendation that Hyde & Bobbio, consulting engineers, be employed at a fixed fee of $5,500 for the following work at Oakland University:

a. To do a study, analysis, and development of a master plan for the electrical system on the main campus.

b. To prepare detailed plans and specifications for the radial electrical feeder system, including field supervision during the construction period.

This cost is to be charged to the $105,000 state appropriation for construction of the electrical feeder system.

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve this item. (p.137)

Approval of a total payment of $68,700 to regular staff members for teaching in the third trimester of 1963.

Payment of the following additional amounts to salaried employees since the April Board Meeting:

  Peter Amann
$ 25.00
  Harvey Burdick
  K. Featherstone
  Robbin Hough
  Russell Jenkins
  Russell Kleis

Gifts and Grants:

Grant of $120,000 from the Charles F. Kettering Foundation of Dayton, Ohio, to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner as follows:

$60,000 payable to the University upon completion of construction of a laboratory facility to be named the Charles F. Kettering Magnetics Laboratory
$60,000 to employ a research staff member

Grant of $1,000 from The Ford Fund, Educational AID Program of Dearborn for the Discretionary Gift Fund, account 91-1162.

Gifts for the Scholarship Fund:

$109 from the Southfield Rotary Club for a student for 1962-63 spring term
$50 from Alpha Sigma Nu
$100 from G. R. Brooks
$56 from Delta Kappa Gamma Society
$1,340 from the Scholarship Committee of Oakland University
$25 from Donald D. O'Dowd
$1,020 from the Wayne Oakland Bank
$100 from Robert G. Hoopes
$20 from David T. Wilder

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items not already acted upon. (p. 138)


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