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April 27, 1961

Leave of absence - sabbatical - for William Schwab from January 1, 1962 to March 31, 1962 as a Fulbright lecturer at University of Philippines.

Appointment of James C. Haden as Associate Professor of Philosophy at $9300 effective August 15, 1961.

Appointment of Sol Schwartz as Assistant Professor of Psychology at $6600 effective August 15, 1961.

Appointment of Czetong Thomas Song as Assistant Librarian at $5800 effective July 1, 1961.

The following title changes are recommended for staff members of Michigan State University-Oakland, effective July 1, 1961:

George T. Matthews--to Professor of History and Associate Dean for the Humanities with a salary change from $10,000 to $13,000 per year on a 12-month basis.

James H. McKay--to Associate Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean for the Sciences with a salary change from $8,500 on a 10-month basis to $12,000 per year on a 12-month basis.

Kenneth D. Roose--to Professor of Economics and Associate Dean for the Social Sciences at the same salary of $14,500 per year on a 12-month basis.

Personnel action:

Establishment of a Clerk-Stenographer I position for the Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics at Michigan State University-Oakland paid from account 91-5842.

Recommendation that Lowell R. Eklund be changed from Associate Professor and Director of Continuing Education at a salary of $12,500 per year to Associate Dean for Continuing Education at Michigan State University-Oakland at a salary of $13,000 per year, effective July 1, 1961.

The following bids were received on the razing of two barns at Michigan State University-Oakland:

Horse Barn
  Donald McLellan, Attica  
  Clarence Rewold, Rochester  
  Sherman F. Dickson, Lake Orion    
  Kiser Construction, Inc., Union Lake  
  Wolverine Lumber, Pontiac  

It is recommended that contracts be approved for Donald McLellan, the high bidder, to remove the horse barn; and for Clarence Rewold, the high bidder, to remove the piggery.

*Michigan State University-Oakland to pay Wolverine Lumber.

On motion by Mr. Vanderploeg, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve the recommendation in the above item.

The following low bids have been received for the MSU-O Student Center Addition:

  General - Schurrer Construction Co.
  Mechanical - John E. Green
  Electrical - Schultz Electrical Service
  Kitchen - Great Lakes Hotel Supply Co.

It is recommended that the contract be awarded the low bidders.

The following budget is recommended: (p.83)

  Professional Fees    
    Legal Fees
    Field Costs
$ 31,400
  Construction (including general,    
      mechanical, electrical, and    
      kitchen equipment)  

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve awarding contracts to the low bidder recommended above.

Gifts for the Scholarship Fund:

For Michigan State University-Oakland scholarship fund:

$500 from the Oakland County Engineering Society of Ferndale to establish the "H. H. Corson Loan Fund"
$100 from Mrs. Carl J. Snyder of Bloomfield Hills
$100 from Edward E. Rothman of Birmingham
$280 from Semon E. Knudsen of Birmingham
$280 from Warren S. Booth of Detroit
$280 from Fred W. Sanders of Bloomfield Hills
$255 from C. R. Osborn of Detroit
$500 from T. Melville Rinehart, Jr., of Detroit
$1,000 from L. P. Fisher of Detroit
$1,000 from George T. Trumbull of Detroit
$150 from James C. Zeder of Bloomfield Hills
$500 from John S. Bugas of Dearborn
$280 from John F. Gordon of Detroit
$279 from The Lawyers' Wives of Macomb County
$280 from J. M. Roche of Detroit
$10 from Thomas B. Eccles of Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
$280 from F. G. Richardson of Birmingham

Gifts and Grants:

Grant of $40,000 from the Mathematical Association of America to be used under the direction of Robert J. Wisner in the Mathematics Department at Michigan State University-Oakland to establish and operate the office of the Executive Director of the Committee on Undergraduate Program in Mathematics.

Grant of $10 from Mrs. Donald K. Isbell of Pontiac to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner and deposited in the MSU-O Discretionary Gift Fund.

Grant of $200 from the Pontiac Branch of the American Association of University Women for the acquisition of the Oxford-English Dictionary at the Michigan State University-Oakland Library.

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to accept the Gifts and Grants. (p. 84)

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