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of the
April 21, 1960


Attorney Lee Carr and Chancellor D. B. Varner recommend the following resolution:

It Appearing to the Board of Trustees of Michigan State University, pursuant to authority heretofore granted September 18, 1959, that satisfactory arrangements for the financing of the faculty housing project at MSU-O have been effected, and

It Appearing that the several financing agencies involved in said project are agreeable to accepting promissory notes secured by leasehold mortgages executed by the prospective lessees, subject to additional security in the form of a written guaranty of payment by the Board of Trustees in the event of default by the principal obligor;

Now, Therefore, be it Resolved,

That the President and the Secretary or Treasurer, are authorized to execute on behalf of the Board of Trustees, the guaranty of payments on interim construction and/or long-term financing incident to the faculty housing project at MSU-O, subject to the approval of the University attorney.

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the above resolution.


Appointment of Charles Frederick Hofman as Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages at $7,200 effective September 1, 1960.

Appointment of Norman Susskind as Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages at $6,500 effective September 1, 1960.

Appointment of Melvin Cherno as Assistant Professor of History at $7,200 effective September 1, 1960.


George T. Matthews (History) to Professor
William Schwab (English) to Associate Professor
Gerald M. Straka (History) to Assistant Professor
Richard J. Burke (Philosophy) to Assistant Professor

Gifts to Scholarship Fund:

$5 from the Huron Valley Farm Bureau of Milford
$10 from Elizabeth Seaman Leggett P.T.A. of Pontiac
$10 from Thomas M. Cooley P.T.A. of Drayton Plains

Grant of $6 from the Faculty Folk Club of East Lansing to be used for the purchase of a book for the MSU-O Library. (p. 59)


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