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April 18, 1969

Miscellaneous from the Finance Committee meeting:

Secretary Breslin informed the Trustees that he had been asked to serve as a member of the permanent Senate Educational Advisory Committee to the Special Committee to Investigate Colleges and Universities chaired by State Senator Robert J. Huber.

After discussion, the Trustees instructed Acting President Adams, Chancellor Varner, and
Secretary Breslin to determine who best from MSU and Oakland University should serve on this committee. It was the consensus of the Board of Trustees that the Secretary should not serve on the permanent Senate Educational Advisory Committee.

Chancellor Varner explained that the Kresge Foundation had recently made a grant to Oakland University in the amount of $100,000 for expanded dressing facilities at Baldwin Pavilion. To have these facilities ready for the summer season, Chancellor Varner asked that the Trustees authorize the taking of bids immediately. Upon receipt of bids, the Trustees will be called and advised of the bids and asked to approve immediate construction, assuming the bids do not exceed the budget of $100,000.

On motion by Mr. Hartman, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was voted to approve the above procedure.

Regular meeting minutes:

Mr. Huff reintroduced the following motion which he submitted at the February Trustees meeting and which was referred to the Academic Council for study and recommendations:

Any increase in appropriations from the legislature this year be used to support up to an additional 1,000 MSU and 100 Oakland University disadvantaged first-year students.

Provost Neville reported that the committee appointed by the Academic Council has not had sufficient time to complete their report and would like to submit their recommendations at the May meeting.

Following discussion, Mr. Huff moved, seconded by Mr. White, that additional legislative funds which may become available be assigned on a high priority basis to the recruitment and admission of as large a number as possible of qualified disadvantaged students, both graduates and undergraduate, from the state of Michigan. Motion carried, with Mr. Merriman voting "No."

Leaves: George P. RAWICK, Assoc. Prof. Soc. & Anthro, at no salary to teach at Univ, of
Washington, St. Louis, effective 8/15/69 to 8/14/70

Change of status:

John HURD II from Instr at $9,950 to Asst. Prof, at $10,450 in Bus, & Econ. effective 5/l/69.

Madison COLE, JR. from Instr. at $9,300 to Asst. Prof. in Biology at $9800 effective 5/l/69.


Theodore 0. YNTEMA as Visiting Prof., no salary, dept of Bus, & Econ. effective 8/15/69 to 8/14/71

Peter Clark BERTELSON as Visiting Prof. in Engineering at $17,000, effective 8/15/69 to 8/14/70.

David Hunden EVANS as Visiting Prof. in Engineering at $14,500, effective 8/15/69 to 8/14/70,

Keeve M. SIEGEL as Visiting Prof. in Engineering at no salary, effective 8/15/69 to 8/14/70.

James Douglas GRAHAM as Assistant Prof, in History at $10,800, eff. 8/15/69

John Aloysius McCARTHY as Instructor in Mod. Lang & Lit, at $8,700 eff. 8/15/69

Recommendation from Director of Personnel: Establish an Urban Affairs Coordinator X position in the office of Urban Affairs.


For account #26731

$250 from Alfred Billstein of Toledo, Ohio
$250 from Sol Boyk of Toledo, Ohio
$200 from Richard Carter of Fostoria, Ohio
$100 from W. C. O'Brien of Toledo, Ohio
$ 50 from John Pavuk of Rossford, Ohio

$200 from The Birmingham Musicale for account #26762
$530 from various donors to the Matilda R. Wilson Tribute Fund #26764 (p.357)

Grant of $224,900 from Detroit Public Schools and Oakland Community College of Detroit to be used under the direction of Laszlo Hetenyi in Education for the Detroit Teacher Internship Program.

Grant of $50,000 from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of Washington, D.C., to be used under the direction of J. E. Gibson in Engineering for biosystems engineering research.

Grant of $10,150 from the United States Air Force of Arlington, Virginia, to be used under
the direction of Percival McCormack in Engineering for research on droplet spin and its
effect on evaporation rate.

Grant of $463.50 from various donors to be used under the direction of Dorothy C, Hope in
Alumni Relations and credited to Alumni Fund Contributions account #35964.

Grant of $2,000 from Mrs. E. Curtis Matthews of Bloomfield Hills to be used under the direction of John Fernald in support of the Meadow Brook Theatre.

Grant of $10 from Isaacs-Dobbs Systems, Inc,, of Los Angeles, Calif., to be used under the
direction of D. B, Varner and credited to the Discretionary Gift Fund #35962.

Grants under the direction of Chancellor Varner in support of Meadow Brook Music Festival
account #42531:

$100 Frank D. Abrams of Southfield
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Ackerman of Detroit
$ 50 Addressograph Multigraph Corp. of Detroit
$100 Aluminum Co. of America of Detroit
$200 Anchor Motor Freight, Inc., of Warren
$100 Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Austin of St. Louis, Missouri
$100 Mr. & Mrs. W. Kent Barclay of Birmingham
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Harry F. Barr of Franklin
$100 Bathey Manu. Co. of Plymouth
$100 Bee Chemical Co. of Troy
$1,000 The Bendix Corp of Detroit
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Phillip E. Benton, Jr. of Birmingham
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Benton, Jr. of      "
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bodor of Birmingham
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Boensch of    "
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Bokram of Grosse Pointe
$150 Borg and Beck Division of Borg-Warner Corp. of Detroit
$250 Borman Food Stores, Inc., of Detroit
$ 25 The Bostwick-Braun Co. of Toledo, Ohio
$150 Braun Engineering Co. of Detroit
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Brown of Birmingham
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Webster Brumbaugh of Ann Arbor
$250 Burton Abstract & Title Co, of Birmingham
$$100 Burton-Share, Inc. of Huntington Woods
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Calsibet of Birmingham
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. James L. Cameron of      "
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. W. Colin Campbell           "
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. Bert F. Carothers              "
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard A. Chapman of Bloomfield Hills,
$100 Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. of Southfield
$100 Complete Auto Transit, Inc. of Detroit
$2,500 Consumers Power Co. of Pontiac
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Corrigan of Dearborn Heights
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Howard E. Crawford of Grosse Pointe
$ 50 Creative Industries of Detroit
$200 The Cross Company of Fraser
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Cudlip of Grosse Pointe Farms
$100 Mrs. Merlin A. Cudlip             "        "          "
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Darnton of Lansing
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Davis of Lathrup Village
$ 25 Mr. L. E. Dearborn of Birmingham
$ 25 Mrs. S. R. Dennis of          "
$100 Detroit Ball Bearing Co. of Detroit
$350 The Charles B. DeVlieg Foundation of Royal Oak
$100 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Dooley of Birmingham
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Dunlap of Dearborn
$100 E. I. duPont de Nemours & Co., Inc. of Southfield
$100 E. & L. Transport Co. of Dearborn
$150 Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Eichenhofer of Trenton
$ 15 John F. Eley of Plymouth
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Ray R. Eppert of Bloomfield Hills
$100 Fife Electric Supply Co. of Detroit
$250 First Federal Savings & Loan Assoc. of Detroit
$500 Mr. & Mrs. Max M. Fisher of Franklin
$10,000 Ford Motor Fund of Dearborn
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Frankel of Birmingham
$ 50 Mrs. Johns. French of Bloomfield Hills
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Stuart M. Frey of Birmingham
r $100 Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn G. Gaskin of Grosse Pointe Shores
$100 Giffels & Rossetti, Inc. of Detroit
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. James R. Gitre of Grosse Pointe (p. 358)
$100 Mrs. Graham John Graham of Bloomfield Hills
$100 Great Lakes Express of Saginaw
$1000 Great Lakes Steel Corp. of Detroit
$100 Morton E. Harris of Dearborn
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hastings of Detroit
$ 25 Hickman, Williams & Co., Inc. of Detroit
$100 Holley Carburetor Co. of Warren
$1500 The J. L, Hudson Co. of Detroit
$250 Hughes-Hatcher-Suffrin, Inc, of Detroit
$100 Indian Head Inc. of Detroit
$ 15 Mr. & Mrs. William Inglis of Indianapolis
$200 Inter-City Trucking Serv., Inc. of Detroit
$100 Interstate Motor Freight System of Grand Rapids
$100 Interstate System of Detroit
$150 J & J Spring Co., Inc. of Roseville
$200 Janesville Auto Transport Co. of Janesville
$ 75 A. W. Jenks of Lathrup Village
$350 Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp of Warren
$100 Jones Transfer Co. of Monroe
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Ben Jones of Dearborn
$100 Albert Kahn Assoc. Arch. & Engineers, Inc. of Detroit
$ 15 Mr. & Mrs. L. W. Kaul of Birmingham
$100 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Kavooras of Birmingham
$ 20 Mr. & Mrs. George 0. Keutgen           "
$100 The Samuel G. Keywell Co., Inc. of Detroit
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Sol King of Southfield
$100 Koltanbar Engineering Co. of Clawson
$ 50 F. Jos. Lamb Co. of Warren
$ 50 LaSalle Machine Tool, Inc. of Warren
$ 20 Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Latimer of Bloomfield Hills
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Levison of Detroit
$100 Anonymous donor
$100 Long Transportation Co. of Detroit
$100 Mr. & Mrs. William E. Lorenzen of Detroit
$100 Mr. J. Edward Lundy of Dearborn
$100 Mr. & Mrs. William V. Luneburg of Ann Arbor
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. W. D. MacDonnell of Birmingham
$ 50 Maritz, Inc. of Detroit
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Marko of Bloomfield Hills
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph T. McElvenny of Grosse Pointe Farms
$100 McIntosh, Inc., of Detroit
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Sidney F. McKenna of Birmingham
$1000 McLouth Steel Corp. of Detroit
$100 Mechanical Handling Systems Div. of Warren
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. Roland A. Mewhort of Birmingham
$ 50 Michigan Bearing Co. of Detroit
$500 Michigan Screw Products Company of Centerline
$250 Mid-West Paper Products Co. of Detroit
$100 Thomas John Moroun of Grosse Pointe
$ 10 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Morris of Birmingham
$100 Mr. & Mrs E.C. Moser of Bloomfield Hills
$ 25 T. A. Murphy of Bloomfield Hills
$200 Lear Siegler, Inc., Natl Broach & Machine Div., of Detroit
50 Mr. & Mrs. Roy H. Nelson of Bloomfield Hills
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. L. W. Newbern of Birmingham
$ 10 Mr. & Mrs. P. Barry Niland of Bloomfield Hills
$100 Norfolk & Western Railway Co. of Southfield
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Trevor T. Norton of Plymouth
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Nowels of Rochester
$250 Mr. & Mrs. Oscar L. Olson of Grosse Pointe Shores
$250 Mr, & Mrs. Jack L. Otto of Grosse Pointe Woods
$500 Parke, Davis & Co. of Detroit
$ 25 Archie A. Pearson of Dearborn
$ 50 Penn Central Company of Detroit
$100 Mx. & Mrs. William G. Peoples of San Francisco, Calif.
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Aloysius F. Power of Bloomfield Hills
$750 Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Radke of Mount Clemens
$ 50 John F. Randall of Birmingham
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Reid of Dearborn
$250 Reynolds Metals Co. of Southfield
$200 Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert F. Richards of Bloomfield Hills
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Mayford L. Roark of Birmingham
$ 50 G. R. Root of Grosse Pointe
$200 Mr. & Mrs. Irving Rose of Detroit
$ 25 Donald G. Russell of Waterford
$150 Mr. & Mrs. George Russell of Bloomfield Hills
$ 25 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Ryall, Detroit
$100 M4. & Mrs Arthur W. Sackrison, Bloomfield Hills
$ 25 William B. Salter, Detroit
$ 25 Mx. & Mrs. E. J. Schott of Dearborn
$100 Mr, & Mrs Kenneth N. Scott of Detroit
$100 Mr & Mrs. Will Scott of Birmingham
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Louis G. Seaton of Orchard Lake
$250 Sheller-Globe Corp. of Detroit
$ 25 Mr.& Mrs. John H. Sherf, Dearborn
$ 50 Mr.& Mrs. Harvey A. Shuler, Bloomfield Hills     (p.359)
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Skinner, Bloomfield Hills
$ 50 Snyder Corp., Detroit
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Solomon, Detroit
$100 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Steinberg, Huntington Woods
$ 50 Sterling Stamping Co., Southfield
$ 10 Mr. & Mrs. B. R. Sweeney, Orchard Lake
$2000 J. Walter Thompson Co., Detroit
$ 95 Townsend Co., Plymouth
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Towle, Birmingham
$200 Transmission Products Group, Birmingham
$400 TRW, Inc., Warren
$100 David C. Turner, Grosse Pointe
$100 U. S. Truck Co., Inc., Detroit
$100 WKNR-KNORR Broadcasting Foundn, Dearborn
$100 Walbridge, Aldinger Co., Detroit
$100 Jervis B. Webb Co., Bloomfield Hills
$200 White Star Trucking, Inc., Lincoln Part
$ 20 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Whittingham, Grosse Pointe Woods
$100 Mrs. Zella H. Wieland, Birmingham
$ 50 Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Wilkerson, Livonia
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Williams, Grosse Pointe Farms
$100 Mr. & Mrs. Warren H. Williams, Bloomfield Hills
$ 25 Winston's Inc., Dearborn
$100 The Wolf Detroit Envelope Co., Detroit
$150 Woods Industries, Inc., Oaklahoma City, Oklahoma
$ 50 Yellow Freight System, Inc., Melvindale
$100 The Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co., Detroit
$ 10 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent S. Zerafa, Birmingham
$ 10 Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Zolad, Bloomfield Hills

At the Trustees' meeting on January 18, 1968, a grant of $37,706 was accepted from Mr. and Mrs. George T. Trumbull to cover the cost of improvements made to the Trumbull Terrace on the grounds of the Meadow Brook Music Festival. This amount should be corrected to $37,000.

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

The Board of Trustees at their March 20 meeting approved an increase in the course fees of the Meadow Brook School of Music from $40 to $45 per week. We neglected, however, to request approval for a change in fee from $500 to $300 for the four-week master classes, which this summer will be conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy, pianist, and Itzhak Perlman, violinist, The proposed reduction in course fees results essentially from a significantly lower cost of engaging the instructional artists.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Dr. Martin, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items.

Adjourned at 12:45 p.m.   (p.360)



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