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April 13, 1962

Chancellor Varner presented a tentative proposal from the Pryale Foundation as follows:

  (1) That the Board of Trustees authorize the issuance of 30-year bonds in the amount of $450,000 to bear interest at 4 ½ per cent with the agreement that upon the death of Mr. and Mrs. Pryale these bonds be cancelled
  (2) That these bonds be exchanged for Pryale Foundation funds as these funds become available. I understand that the Foundation is in a position to purchase at least $165,000 of bonds immediately and that in the course of the next several months an additional $285,000 in purchases will be made
  (3) That these Pryale Foundation funds be invested immediately by the University in securities that will hopefully yield 4 ½ per cent, but available for the intended use within the next 12 months
  (4) That the Board authorize the expenditure of not to exceed $113,688 of this grant for the purchase of two pieces of scientific equipment. The details of this proposal are described in the Memorandum No. 1, on file with these minutes.
  (5) That the balance of the gift--not less than $336,312--be reserved for the construction and furnishing of a student residence to be known as Pryale House. The details of this proposal are described in Memorandum No. 2, on file with these minutes.
  (6) That interest payments to the Pryale Foundation be made through these measures:
      (a) from University investments until the gift money is released for specific projects
(b) net income from the student residence (the Pryale House)
(c) income from overhead on research contracts
(d) annual contribution by MSU-0 Foundation for any balance remaining after (b) and (c)

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to approve in principle these recommendations with the understanding that no commitments would be made covering the expenditure of any funds under (4) above, until funds from the Pryale Foundation are in hand to cover them. When funds are available, it is understood that Mr. Varner will recommend to the Trustees the details covering the purchase of the accelerator and the computer.

Termination of William E. Rhode as Assistant Professor of Political Science and Assistant Director of Continuing Education effective May 7, 1962.

Appointment of Richard E. Quaintance, Jr. as Assistant Professor of Humanities at $7300 effective August 15, 1962.

Appointment of John G. Blair as Instructor of Humanities at $6500 effective August 15, 1962.

Appointment of Robert C. Howes as Assistant Professor of Humanities at $8700 effective August 15, 1962.

Appointment of Alfred Joseph DuBruck as Assistant Professor of Humanities at $7000 effective August 15, 1962

Appointment of Robert Marshall Williamson as Professor of Physics at $12,000 effective August 15, 1962.

Added responsibility for Robert W. Holmes, Assistant Professor of Music, in the Office of the Dean of Students with additional pay of $100 per month, effective from March 1, to April 30, 1962. (p.107)

Personnel action:

Establish a Departmental Secretary V position for the MSU-0 Foundation Office, paid from account 91-3898
Establish a Departmental Secretary V position in Continuing Education, paid from account 91-3074
Establish a Principal Accountant AP-II position in the Business Office, paid from account 91-9311

Bids were taken for the construction of a fireplace in the Oakland Center, as follows:

  Brencal Contractors, Inc.
  J. A. Fredman, Inc.
  Schurrer Construction Co.

It is recommended that the contract be awarded to Brencal Contractors, Inc., the low bidder, for $4,100. This is to be paid from a gift from the Anibals.

Bids were received on April 6 at Michigan State University-Oakland for plant materials and landscaping of the Student Center Addition and Residence Halls as follows:

  Troy Tree & Landscaping
  Holly Hills Nursery
  C. D. Wolf Tree Expert Co.

It is recommended that, the Board award a contract to the Troy Tree & Landscaping firm, the low bidder.

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Gifts to the scholarship fund:

$106 from Delta Kappa Gamma of Rochester for MSU-0 Awards, account 91-3359
$90 from the Rochester Area Ministerial Association of Rochester
$150 from the Women's National Farm & Garden Association of Birmingham
$140 from Alpha Delta Kappa of Pontiac
$279 from Wyman Furniture Company of Pontiac
$279 from Mrs. Jesse Chamberlain of Birmingham
$100 from the Ford Educational AID Program of Dearborn
$510 from Zonta Club of Pontiac
$279 from Michigan Bell Telephone Company of Pontiac

Gifts and grants:

Gift of 2 Holmes movie projectors valued at $600 from Alan Gornick of Dearborn, to be used at the discretion of Michigan State University-Oakland.

Grant of $390.02 from the Greater Pontiac Centennial Commission of Pontiac to be added to the Greater Pontiac Student Loan Fund.

Grant of $109.90 from Margie Kresge of Birmingham to be used for the purchase of a record turntable for the Music Department. The donor requests that her name remain anonymous.

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to approve all the Michigan State University-Oakland items. (p.108)

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