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of the
March 25, 1965

Mr. Varner reported a prospective donation from the Kresge Foundation to make it possible to buy theater seating for the music shell at Oakland and requested that he be authorized to order the seats in order to assure delivery in time for the coming summer season.

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve the purchase of these seats on a negotiated basis without going through the usual bidding proceedings.

Approved awarding of contracts to the low bidders for the Classroom Building at Oakland University, as follows:

  Architectural -Schurrer Construction Co.
  Mechanical - Benjamin Moskovitz Co.
  Electrical - Schultz Electrical Service

The following budget was approved:

  Architectural Fees
  Contingencies and Bonds

The following bids were received:

  Architectural Trades  
   Schurrer Construction Company
   A. Z. Shmina & Sons Company
   J. A. Ferguson Construction Company
   Markward & Karafillis, Inc.
  Mechanical Trades  
   Benjamin Muskovitz Company
   Eames & Brown, Inc.
   Mechanical Heat & Cold
   John E. Green Plumbing & Heating Co.
   Brady Plumbing & Heating
  Electrical Trades  
   Schultz Electrical Service
   Cates Electrical Company
   Colonial Electric Company
   Standish Electric Engineering Co.
  Elevator Trades  
   Otis Elevator Company
   Dover Elevator Company

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve the above item.

Resignation of Peter H. Amann as Associate Professor of History effective August 31, 1965.

Resignation of Richard Quaintance as Assistant Professor of English effective August 14, 1965.

Appointment of Herbert Schuel as Assistant Professor of Biology at $9,000 effective August 15, 1965.

Appointment of G. Philip Johnson as Professor and Chairman of Mathematics at $16,500 effective August 1, 1965. (p.189)

Salary change for Melvin Cherno from $9,300 to $10,700 effective April 1, 1965.

Salary change for Alfred DuBruck from $7,900 to $9,200 effective March 1, 1965.

Salary change for Norman Susskind from $9,000 to $10,000 effective March 1, 1965.

Personnel action:

Establish an Auditor AP-VII position in the Business Office
Establish a Publicist AP-I position in Continuing Education and the Mott Center for Community Affairs, paid 50% from 21-3074 and 50% from 51-5835.
Establish an Assistant AP-V position in Physical Education
Establish an Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Men AP-IX position in Student Affairs

Chancellor Varner recommends that Oakland University grant honorary degrees to the following at commencement on April 24, 1965:

Professor Meyer Schapiro, distinguished art historian at Columbia University
Roy Wilkins, Executive Director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Congressman John V. Lindsay from New York, the commencement speaker

Chancellor Varner recommends that the same sabbatical leave policy be authorized for Oakland University as is now in effect at Michigan State University. It is recommended that the provisions for compensation be clarified and made to read as follows:

For 10-month employees, sabbatical leaves may be granted for one semester with full pay, for 2 semesters at half pay, or for one calendar year with half pay.

For 12-month employees, sabbatical leaves may be granted for 6 months with full pay, or one year with half pay.

Gifts to the Scholarship fund:

$25 from the Village Woman's Club of Birmingham for their scholarship trust fund
$56 from The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak
$100 from Ecorse V.F.W. Post 5709 & Ladies Auxiliary
$250 from Miles Laboratories, Inc., of Elkhart, Indiana
$50 from the School District of the City of Troy
$500 from Donald E. Ahrens of Bloomfield Hills
$300 from the Consumers Power Company of Pontiac
3 shares of Class B stock in GM Shares, Inc. valued at $1,737 from Alfred L. Boegehold of Bronxville, New York
$100 from Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Armstrong of Pontiac
$15 from Stanley H. Brams of Bloomfield Hills
$100 from Glenn R. Brooks of Rochester
$2,500 from Edward N. Cole of Detroit
$100 from the Daughters of the American Revolution of Bloomfield Hills
$100 from Mrs. Walter Gehrke of Pleasant Ridge
$100 from Mrs. Harold E. Howlett of Birmingham
$25 from Mrs. George Mitten of Birmingham
$350 from Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Norvell of Pontiac
From the Oakland County Scholarship Committee:
     $22,044.55 from the 1964 Music Festival Program Book
     $9,000 from the 1964 Hunt Fair
     $1,835 from The Tribute Fund
$100 from Aloysius F. Power of Bloomfield Hills
$100 from James M. Roche of Detroit
$8 from Jack Taylor of Rochester
$20 from Mrs. William A. Taylor of Birmingham
$25 from Mr. and Mrs. Harry Warholak of Rochester
$50 from Mrs. Frank Winton of Birmingham
$5 from Mrs. J. Sidlar of Warren
$50 from the Wyman Furniture Company of Pontiac

Gifts and Grants:

Grants as follows for the Everett Grinnell Loan Fund:
     $25 from Dr. and Mrs. Harold J. Brown of Oxford
     $25 from Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Grinnell of Pontiac
     $5 from Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Blakeley of Orchard Lake

Grant of $3,750 from Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner for inorganic chemical reference books.

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner in support of the Meadow Brook Music Festival:
     $2,000 from Campbell-Ewald Company of Detroit
     $1,000 from the Chrysler Corporation Fund of Highland Park (p. 190)

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of Floyd Cammack in the Library:

$500 from Richard B. Wallace of Bloomfield Hills for the purchase of the New York Times on micro-film
$125 from the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada of Southfield for the purchase of a set of Encyclopedia Canadiana
For the purchase of books for the Library:
    $50 from Mr. and Mrs. James L. Cameron
    $50 from the Ford Foundation
    $67 from Mr. and Mrs. John W. Shenefield
    $100 from Leonard T. Lewis
    $100 from Alvin Larson
    $15 from Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Norvell
    $100 from Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Yntema
    $100 from Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Katke
    $25 from Canada Life Assurance Co.
    $50 from Mrs. Alfred G. Wilson

Grant of $100 from the Oakland County Engineering Society to be used under the direction of Dean Sells to establish the Oakland County Engineering Society Loan Fund for engineering students.

The following alteration and improvements have been authorized and charged to account 91-9163:

  Floor tile for the area vacated by a chemistry laboratory
  Architectural services in connection with the design for  
the Little Theater in the IM Building
  Installation and purchase of a black nucite chalkboard in  
the Science Building
  Installation of the centrifuge machine in the Science Bldg.
  Construction and installation of Biology Frog tanks
  Electrical, mechanical, and structural maintenance work at  
  the Animal Shelter for the Biology program
  Installation of gas outlets in the Science Bldg for Biology
  Electrical work for the installation of an electron microscope  
in Biology
  Electrical work for the Little Theater in the IM Bldg

Additional payments to salaried employees since the February meeting of the Trustees, as follows:

  Sheldon Appleton
  Richard Burke
  Robbin Hough
  Book Center  
  James Gallivan
  Computer-Data Processing  
  Nancy Grebe
  Kathy Norris
  Diana Roberts
  Continuing Education  
  David Burner
  Floyd Cammack
  Emil Oestereicher
  Meadow Brook Music Festival  
  James Gallivan

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve all Oakland University items. (p.191)


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