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March 21, 1969

Recommendation from Chancellor Varner that the following appropriate honorary degrees be granted at commencement on April 19:

Dr. Lee A. DuBridge, President Nixon's Science Adviser
Dr. Harry Broudy, Professor of Education, University of Illinois
Mr. Walter Reuther, President of the United Automobile Workers

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Dr. Martin, it was voted to grant the honorary degrees as recommended by Chancellor Varner.

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

May I extend through you to the Board of Trustees an invitation to hold their September meeting on the Oakland University campus. We would be delighted to make all the necessary arrangements.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. White, it was voted to accept Chancellor Varner's invitation.

Resignation of David G. Hoover, Instr. in Music, effective 8/14/69.


Steven R. Miller, Assoc. Prof. Chemistry at half pay, eff. 9/4/69 to 4/21/70 to study at home and U. of N. Carolina

W. Patrick Strauss, Assoc. Prof. History at full pay, eff. 9/4/69 to 12/19/69 Study at home

Donald D. O'Dowd, Prof. & Provost at full pay, eff. 7/1/69 to 12/31/69 for study and writing in Europe and USA


Marilyn L. Williamson, Assoc. Prof. English, no pay, eff. 8/15/69 to 8/14/70 to complete book in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Transfers and Changes of Assignment

Norton C. Seeber, Assoc. Prof. Bus. Adm. & Econ. salary change from $14,000, 4/30/69
to $20,000, eff. 5/1/69. Change of status to Assoc. Prof. & Dean of Economics & Management at $20,000, eff. 7/1/69

Robert E. Reitz, Programmer Ap-VI Comp. & Data Proc. Cntr. at $12,300, eff. 3/31/69
Change to Supv. & Sr. Stu, Rec. Analyst AP-VIII at $13,300, effective 4/1/69


David P. Doane, Instr. Bus. Adm & Econ. at $10,300, eff. 8/15/69
Kenneth Chandler Young, Instr. Bus. Adm. & Econ. at $11,000, eff. 8/15/69
Charles Michelson Broh, Instr. English, at $9100, eff. 8/15/69
Robert Thomas Eberwein, Asst. Prof., English at $10,000, eff. 8/15/69
Nigel Hampton, Instr. English at $9000, eff. 8/15/69
Helen Joyce Schwartz, Instr. English at $9000, eff. 8/15/69
DeWitt S. Dykes, Jr., Asst, Prof. History at $11,000, eff. 8/15/69
Joseph Aaron Klaits, Instr. History at $8700, eff. 8/15/69
Colin A. Palmer, Instr. History at $9300, eff. 8/15/69
William C. Hoffman, Professor, Math at $20,000, eff. 8/15/69
Cordell W. Black, Instr. Mod. Lang. & Lit. at $8000, eff. 8/15/69
David Saint-Amour, Instr. Mod. Lang. & Lit at $9000, eff. 8/15/69
Marilyn Z. Velinsky, Instr. Physics at $9500, eff. 8/15/69
Harry Gold, Assoc, Prof. Sociol. & Anthrop, at $14,500, eff. 8/15/69
Philip Singer, Professor, Sociol & Anthrop at $16,000, eff. 8/15/69

Recommendations from Director of Personnel

Reclassify an Asst. Director AP-VI to a Supervisor and Sr. Computer Systems Analyst
AP-VIII position
Establish a Senior Systems Analyst Programmer AP-VI position

Gifts & Grants

Gift of 4 paintings valued at $325 from N. J. Stock of Lathrup Village to be used by Troy
Crowder in University Relations.

Grant of $250 from George N. Higgins of Ferndale to establish the George N. Higgins Loan

Grants to be used for scholarship purposes:

$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tipler of Rochester for acct #26727
$ 131 from the Amer. Business Women's Assoc of Pontiac for acct #26731

For account #26759

$ 146 from the Amer. Business Women's Assoc. of Pontiac
$1,232 from The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak
$ 375 from The New York Medical College of New York City
$ 20 from Hamlin Hall Council for acct #26763

For account #61012

$2,500 from Mrs. Jean S. Everingham of Miami, Florida
$2,000 from Mrs. Ruth Gardner      (p.355)

Grant of $23,040 from the Atomic Energy Commission of Argonne, Illinois, to be used under
the direction of V. E. Kinsey in the Institute of Biological Sciences for biochemical studies on the ocular lens in relation to cataractogenesis.

Grant of $1,500 from Lula C. Wilson Trust of Birmingham to be used under the direction of
Henry Rosemont in Philosophy for support of the Pontiac-Oakland Educational Assistance

Grant of $20 from Hamlin Hall Council to be used under the direction of Royce Butler for a
contribution to the Kresge Library.

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of John Fernald for the Meadow Brook

$ 500 from Allen Industries Foundation, Inc., of Detroit
$ 4,543 from Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Estes of Birmingham
$ 10,000 from Lula C. Wilson Trust of Birmingham

Grant of $1,000 from Alvin R. Larson of Bloomfield Hills to be used under the direction of
Chancellor Varner for the Chancellor's Club

Contributions as follows to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner for support
of the Meadow Brook Music Festival:

$ 100 from American Airlines, Inc., of Detroit
$ 100 from Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse J. Conniff of Detroit
$ 100 from Mr. and Mrs. William N. Genematas of Detroit
$ 100 from Alan L. Gornick of Bloomfield Hills
$   25 from Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haupt of Birmingham
$   50 from Imperial Cartage Company of Detroit
$   50 from Leckie & Associates, Inc., of Southfield
$ 100 from Macoid Industries, Inc., of Detroit
$100 from Mr. and Mrs. Judson J. Willhite of Livonia

On motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Dr. Martin, it was voted to approve the Oakland
University Personnel Changes and to accept the Oakland University Gifts and Grants.


Recommendation from Chancellor Varner for the establishment of the School of Economics and Management at Oakland University, effective July 1, 1969.

On November 24, 1965, the Board of Trustees approved a scale of fees for the Meadow Brook School of Music which has applied without change since. This schedule provides for a fee of $40 per week for instruction and materials. Because of the increasing costs of bringing talent to the campus to conduct this program, we are now requesting that this fee
be increased to $45 per week.

On motion by Mr. White, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the Oakland
University Miscellaneous items.

Adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

The next meeting of the Trustees is scheduled for Friday, April 18, 1969. (p.356)


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