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March 20, 1963

Recently Mr. Theodore O. Yntema offered 100 shares of Ford Motor Company stock to Oakland University at $10.50 per share. Apparently he was receiving this stock through options granted by the company and did not want to invest additional personal funds. Therefore, Oakland University was able to purchase the stock at his option price of $10.50 per share.

I would like Board approval to sell the stock at market in order that the transaction can be cleared and the difference between the cost and the sale price placed in the Discretionary Gift Fund under Mr. Varner.

On motion by Mr. Vanderploeg, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to approve this item.

Mr. Varner recommends that he be permitted to offer honorary degrees at the first Oakland commencement on April 20, as follows:

The first degree to Mrs. Matilda R. Wilson
The second degree to Mr. Harold. A. Fitzgerald
The third degree to Mr. Frank Keppel, the United States Commissioner of Education, the commencement speaker

On motion by Mr. Merriman, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve this item.

Change in salary for Damie Stillman, Assistant Professor of Art, from $7300 to $8200 effective April 1, 1963. (p.133)

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