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February 20 -21, 1969

Communication from Attorney Carr:

In 1957, Byron T. Barnett and his sister, Elizabeth Barnett, sold land in Section 18, Avon Township, Oakland County, Michigan, to the State Board of Agriculture for inclusion within the Oakland University Campus. The grantors retained a fraction over 36 acres for purposes of maintaining the family residence. At the time of closing, we secured an option to purchase this remainder at a price of $2,000 per acre. The option is exercisable upon the death of the survivor of the two Barnetts unless earlier activated by notice in writing.

During the intervening period of time, Byron Barnett has died, and Elizabeth Barnett is the sole surviving owner. She has decided to sell the land, reserving a life interest in a parcel supporting the old family residence. In light of the skyrocketing value of this real estate which is currently assessed at three and a half times the option figure and possesses a market value of twice the assessment, we notified her attorney of the desire of the Board of Trustees to effectuate its option rights.

It is requested that this matter is included in the agenda for the meeting scheduled February 21, 1969, and that the officers be authorized to work out the details of the transfer, paving the indicated per acre cost following receipt of a survey by Harold Keith, R.L.S.

On motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was voted to authorize the purchase of the Barnett property under the terms outlined in item 8.

Mr. Varner suggested that the Trustees authorize the officers of the University to sell stock from donors when it is offered for gift purposes without specific authority of the Trustees. This is occasioned by the fact that the resulting delay recently resulted in a depreciation of about $2,200 from the original value of gifts to Oakland University. This delay and loss of funds affects the tax advantage to donors, irritates them, and may affect adversely their future generosity.

The Trustees recognize the need for the immediate sale of stocks and bonds given to Michigan State University and Oakland University, and on motion by Mr. Nisbet, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was unanimously voted to authorize the officers of the universities to sell immediately such stocks and bonds and report these actions to the Board at its next meeting.

Mr. Huff moved, seconded by Mr. White, that any increase in appropriations from the legislature this year be used to support up to an additional 1000 MSU and 100 Oakland disadvantaged first-year students. In the discussion that followed, Mr. Stevens moved, seconded by Mr. Hartman, that this matter be referred to the Academic Council for study with the hope that the Council will submit recommendations for action at the April Board meeting.

Voting for Mr. Stevens' motion: Messrs. Stevens, Hartman, Martin, Merriman, Nisbet, and Thompson.

Voting against the motion: Messrs. Huff and White.


Recommendation that the Student Health Center be named the Graham Health Center.

It was recommended that the Trustees approve authorizing the University Attorney and Secretary Breslin to act for the Trustees in completing the arrangements for granting an easement to the Consumers Power Company for the installation of a major gas line running the full north and south length of Oakland University property. The route of this line has been worked out between representatives of the University and the Company in accordance with instructions and guidelines previously approved by the Board of Trustees.

Mr. Varner reported on the arrangements under which the Metropolitan Fund will become tenants at Oakland University in accordance with previous authorization by the Trustees.

Termination of John L. Broome, Asst. Dir. ADA, effective February 7, 1969.

Sabbatical leaves:

John G. Blair, Assoc. Prof. in English at half pay from 9/4/69 to 4/21/70 to study in France.

William Schwab, Prof. in English at full pay from 1/7/70 to 4/21/70 to study in the Philippines.

David G. Lowy, Assoc. Prof. Psychology at full pay from 1/7/70 to 4/21/70 to study at home.


Dolores Burdick, Assoc. Prof. Mod. Lang & Lit at no pay from 8/15/69 to 8/14/70


Maurice J. Beznos, Instr. Mod. Lang. & Lit. at no pay from 8/15/69 to 8/14/70 to study at Chicago University     (p.352)

Transfers and Changes of Assignment:

Howard R. Witt, Assoc. Prof, Engr. at $13,200,terminates 2/28/69 with change to Assoc. Prof, Engr. and Asst. Dean at $13,900, eff. 3/1/69

Donald C. Hildum additional $100 per mo. as Assoc, Prof, & Acting Chrm. Psychology
eff. 1/1/69 to 4/30/69

Karl D. Gregory, Asst. to Chanc. for Urban Affairs Cntr & Assoc. Prof. Economics change to 1/3 time from full time ($16,000 to $5,333 per yr.) eff. 1/20/69

Salary Changes

Wilber W. Kent, Jr., Asst. Prof. Music from $14,000 to $14,500, eff. 3/1/69, Assoc. Dean Performing Arts

Thomas W. Casstevens, Asst. Prof. Polit. Sc. from $11,000 to $11,500, eff. 3/1/69

Jesse R. Pitts, Prof. Sociol. & Anthr. from $17,000 to $17,500, eff. 3/1/69

George P. Rawick, Assoc. Prof. Sociol & Anthr. from $11,600 to $12,100, eff. 3/1/69

Daniel M. Dany, Asst. Dir AP-V, Personnel from $10,700 to $11,100, eff. 3/1/69


Audrey Smedley, Assoc. Prof. Sociol & Anthrop at $15,000, eff. 8/15/69

Thomas F. Waters, Instr. Socio. & Anthro at $10,000, eff. 8/15/69(2/3 31107, 1/3 10911)

Recommendations from the Director of Personnel:

Establish an Admissions Adviser AP-IV position in Admissions
For the Computing & Data Processing Center:
---Reclassify a Systems Analyst AP-V to a Supervisor and Senior Financial Systems Analyst AP-VIII position,
---Establish a Systems Analyst-Programmer AP-III position
Establish a Departmental Secy V position in Arts & Sciences
For Continuing Education
---Reclassify Dir. of Liberal Arts Program AP-VI to an Asst Dir, of Courses AP-VIII.
---Establish a Registration Acct V position
Registrar's office, estab. a Registration Asst V position
Reclassify an Asst Dir. AP-IV to an Asst Director for Urban Affairs AP-VIII position in Urban Affairs Center

Gifts and Grants

Gift of a 12-foot International One design dinghy, full equipment, and trailer valued at $750 from Buell Doelle of Grosse Pointe Farms to be used by the OU Sailing Club,

Grants as follows to be used for scholarship purposes:

For account #26727

$2,000 from The Mary Louise Johnson Foundation of Detroit
$ 200 from Mrs. Lida Velinsky of De Kalb, Illinois
$344.38 from various donors

For account #26731

$ 200 from Mr, & Mrs. R. A. Armstrong of Pontiac
$ 100 from G. R. Brooks of Rochester
$ 300 from Noel A. Buckner of Pontiac
$ 100 from George D. Johnston of Troy
$ 200 from Harold Schram of Pontiac
$864.43 from the Oakland Co. Scholarship Committee of Rochester

For account #26759

$ 500 from Theodore Gelemey of Detroit
$ 500 from the Heublein Foundation, Inc., of Hartford, Conn.
$ 150 from Ott Memorial Scholarship of Pontiac

For the John A. Macdonald Scholarship fund

$ 372 from The John A. Macdonald Memorial Committee of Pontiac
$388.75 from The Oakland County Bd, of Supervisors of Pontiac

For the Meadow Brook Summer School of Music Scholarships

$1,000 from Mrs. Wallace B: Frost of Birmingham

For the Matilda R. Wilson Honor Scholarship

$ 495 from various donors

Grant of $7,920 from the National Science Foundation to be used under the direction of F.M. Butterworth in Biology for undergraduate research participation.

Grant of $6,000 from the National Science Foundation to be used under the direction of Paul Tomboulian in Chemistry for undergraduate research participation.     (p.353)

Grant of $60,000 from The Matilda R. Wilson Fund of Detroit to be used under the direction
of D. J. Gibson in Engineering for the establishment of a Professorship to be known as the
John F. Dodge Engineering Chair.

Grant of $200 from Mrs. Sam B. Williams of Pontiac to be used under the direction of David Di Chiera in Music for support of the Opera Workshop.

Grant of $25 from Mr. & Mrs. Julian Lefkowitz of Franklin to be used under the direction of
Manuel Pierson in support of the Upward Bound Project.

Grant of $1,000 from the WestDee Glass Company of Pontiac to be used under the direction of Karl Gregory in support of the Pontiac Culture Center.

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of John Fernald in support of the Meadow
Brook Theatre:

$1,000 from The Green Family Foundation
$3,000 from The Lula C. Wilson Trust of Birmingham

Grants as follows to the Chancellor's Club:

$2,500 from Edward N. Cole of Bloomfield Hills
$1,000 from Alfred C. Girard of Pontiac

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner in support of the
Meadow Brook Music Festival:

$1,000 from Mrs. Wallace B. Frost of Birmingham
$1,000 from Mr. & Mrs. John S. Judd of Birmingham
$ 100 from Mr. & Mrs. Martin Kellman of Birmingham
$ 100 from Robert J. Korreck of Warren
$ 300 from Mr. & Mrs. Hughes L. Potiker of Southfield

Grants as follows to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner and credited to the
Discretionary Gift Account

$ 953.43 from Irwin I. Cohn of Detroit
$  100 from Rodkey Craighead of Birmingham
$  200 from Harry M. Denyes, Jr., of Birmingham
$   10 from Jay W. Dunivan of Detroit
$   25 from The Hallmark Corp.
$  200 from Gene Hamilton of Birmingham
$1,000 from Mr. & Mrs. John S. Judd of Birmingham
$  100 from Thomas R. Reid of Dearborn
$  100 from Mrs. Gerald R. Sandorf of Detroit

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Thompson, it was voted to approve the Oakland University items.

Adjourned at 12 noon.

The next meeting of the Trustees is scheduled for Thursday evening, March 20, and Friday,
March 21, 1969 at Kellogg Center.     (p.354)


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