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February 19, 1959

It is necessary for the Board to approve a resolution covering the loan agreement for the Student Center at Michigan State University-Oakland now under contract. The resolution as prepared by Mr. Cress of the Ann Arbor Trust Company and subject to approval of the Board attorney was presented for approval and will appear in full in the permanent records.

On motion of Mr. Stevens, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve the above-mentioned resolution.

On January 21, Mrs. Matilda Wilson transferred an additional 2200 shares of Clark Equipment Company stock to the State Board of Agriculture in accordance with the contract in which she agreed to make payments at certain stated times covering the $2,000,000 cost of the construction of the first unit at Michigan State University-Oakland. This stock was sold by Mr. May at a price of 60 7/8 per share. It, is necessary for the Board to authorize the usual resolution authorizing the sale of this stock and authorizing Mr. May to sign the stock certificates.

On motion of Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Brody, it was voted to authorize the appropriate resolutions covering the sale and transfer of this stock and to instruct the Secretary to write Mrs. Wilson expressing the continuing gratitude of the Board for this stock and for the complete cooperation that she is giving Michigan State University in the development of Michigan State University-Oakland.

Recommendation that D. B. Varner be given the title of Chancellor of Michigan State University-Oakland, effective immediately. In this capacity he will report to the Board through the President of Michigan State University in the same manner as all other operations of the University. Mr. Varner will continue as Vice President of Michigan State University, carrying on certain responsibilities in that capacity for an indefinite period.

On motion of Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Grant of $30,000 from the Oakland County Board of Supervisors in Pontiac to assist in the construction of the Student Center Building at Michigan State University-Oakland.

On motion of Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Rouse, it was voted to authorize the Secretary to convey to Mr. Delos Hamlin, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Pontiac, Michigan, the sincere thanks of the State Board of Agriculture, for their generous gift to assist in the construction of the Student Center Building at MSU-O.

Bids were received as follows for finished grading and landscape work at Michigan State University-Oakland:

  Harry White & Sons, Inc.
  Northland Landscaping
  Woody Acres Nursery
  Clauss Brothers
  Charles F. Irish Co.
  C. D. Wolf Tree Xpert Co.
  Ace High Top Soil Co

It is recommended that the contract for this work be awarded to the low bidder, Harry White & Sons, Inc., of Pontiac at a cost of $23,922.76. Funds for this work are included in the project budget. (p. 35)

Mr. Swanson of Swanson Associates had lunch with the Board and presented his final report on the work done at Michigan State University-Oakland. (p. 36)

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