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February 17, 1962

Mr. Varner recommends an increase in compensation for R. J. Wisner who is being paid with federal funds from $17,234 to $17,967, to be effective January 1, 1962.

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve the above item.

Retirement policy:

It is proposed that the Trustees approve the following statement of our retirement policies. This is a consolidation of the policies adopted in 1955 and 1956 and changes adopted in 1961 and certain additional changes.

  a. Retirement for all wage and classified employees will be optional on the first day of July following attainment of age 65 and will be compulsory on the first day of July following attainment of age 68
  b. Retirement for all faculty and administrative-professional personnel will be optional on the first day of July following attainment of age 65 and will be compulsory on the first day of July following attainment of age 68. Faculty members who are in good health and can pass a physical examination given by the University Health Service and who are rendering effective service to the University will normally be retained in active-service status to the first of the July following attainment of age 70.
  c. Sabbatical leaves will not be granted to faculty members after the age of 63. Faculty members who have rendered 10 years or more of service immediately prior to retirement without compensated leaves may be granted a year of consultantship with pay and agreed-upon duties after the retirement date.

Administrative officials, including deans, directors, and department chairmen, will be relieved of administrative responsibilities on the first day of July following attainment of the age of 65 unless specific exception is made by the Board of Trustees. When relieved of administrative responsibility, they may:

1) Request one year terminal leave followed by retirement, or

2) Continue active service (without terminal leave or furlough) to age 70 with assignment to new responsibilities. Salary may be adjusted to a level commensurate with the new duties.

  e. Re-employment of any retired employee or faculty member may be permitted on a year-to-year basis when the retired person is in good health and when his retention is in the best interest of the University. When such continuation is authorized, the beginning date of the approved retirement pension shall be postponed until the end of the extension of active service. The rate of pay during the period of extended services shall be commensurate with the duties

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was voted to approve the above retirement policy.

Appointment of James Louis Cooper as Instructor in History at a salary of $6,000 per year on a 10-month basis, effective August 15, 1962.

Approval of proposed Faculty Organization:

Recommendation that the Trustees approve the proposed Faculty Organization at Michigan State University-Oakland.

Gifts for the scholarship fund:

$279 from George A. Wasserberger, Pontiac
$100 from Mrs. Fred Van Lennep, Lexington, Kentucky
$300 from Consumers Power Company, Pontiac
$100 from Ford Educational AID Program, Birmingham
$140 from R & C Builders, Inc., Rochester
$2,159.50 from Macomb County Scholarship Committee
$280 from Justus R. Pearson, Jr., Birmingham
$280 from Bass Engineering & Construction Company, Birmingham
$255 from William & Sarah Seidman Foundation, Grand Rapids

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Vanderploeg, it was voted to approve Items I, 2, and 3. (p.105)

Communication from Chancellor Varner:

During the past several weeks, we have been conducting a careful study of the enrollment probabilities for the third semester and the cost problems which such an enrollment would create. We are now ready to make a firm recommendation for this operation.

During the January 1 enrollment, we asked all students to fill out a questionnaire indicating their plans for the third semester. We asked them to tell us whether they (a) definitely would attend the third semester, (b) probably would attend, or (c) definitely would not attend. We also asked them to indicate the exact courses which they would plan to take if they did enroll.

On the basis of these questionnaires, we have learned that 377 students "definitely plan to attend" and take 1,036 courses. This would mean a full-time equivalent load of about 260 students. If we include those who say they "probably will attend," then the head count figure jumps to 513 and the course count to 1,264. This would give us a full-time equivalent load of 316. Of those surveyed, only 169 said they definitely did not plan to enroll, while 220 gave no response at all.

We are making our plans on what seems to be a fairly conservative base--assuming that only those saying they definitely plan to attend will actually enroll. On this basis, we anticipate the fee income will amount to $46,620 (this calculated on an average of $45 per course). Our anticipated expenses for operating the third semester will amount to $61,300--with $20,230 of this chargeable to the 1962-63 budget year.

In the light of this, we should like to make this proposal:

a. That we be authorized to announce to our students immediately that there will be a third semester operation,

b. That we ask for no deficiency appropriation to support this operation, and

c. That we plead with the Legislature to include in our 1962-63 appropriation an added amount of approximately $20,000 to cover that part of our third semester operation which will actually fall into the next fiscal year.

If there is any significant change in terms of increased enrollments, this will tend to reduce the deficiency since we can add more students to the courses established.

Since we need to identify faculty members immediately for the third semester and since the students are eager to get some formal announcement on this question, I would hope this could be approved at an early date.

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve the above Michigan State University-Oakland item.

No meeting of the Board of Trustees in March, 1962. (p.106)

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