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February 16, 1961

Discussion of dormitory rates in the new facility at Michigan State University - Oakland.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to establish dormitory rates at Michigan State University-Oakland at $375 per semester.

As part of the personnel changes at Michigan State University-Oakland recommended by Mr. Varner, Dr. Hoopes will not receive the $600 expense allowance after July 1 when he assumes the changed responsibility, and the allowance will be paid to Donald D. O'Dowd.

Appointment of Charles 0. Hucker as Professor of History and Chairman of Asian Studies at $12,000 effective July 1, 1961.

Appointment of Herman Lewis as Associate Professor of Biology at $9500 effective September 1, 1961.

Personnel action:

Reclassification of a Clerk-Stenographer I to a Secretary-Departmental I position in the office of the Director of the Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, paid from 91-5842, at Michigan State University-Oakland.

Reclassification of a Secretary-Departmental I to a Secretary-Departmental II position for the Physical Plant at Michigan State University-Oakland, paid from account 91-9691.

Gifts to the Scholarship Fund:

For Michigan State University-Oakland scholarship fund:

$186 from the MSU-O SOS Club of Rochester
$194 from Alpha Delta Kappa of Pontiac
$100 from the Clarkston Community Schools
$186 from Justus R. Pearson of Birmingham
$279 from the Women's National Farm and Garden Club of Pontiac
$279 from an anonymous donor
$48 from the Rochester Junior Woman's Club of Rochester

The following bids were received for the Science Laboratory Equipment for the Engineering Science Building at Michigan State University-Oakland:

  Southern Desk Company
  Hamilton Manufacturing Company
  Weber Showcase and Fixture Company
  Kewanee Manufacturing Company
  Sheldon Equipment Company

The Sheldon Equipment Company bid security was in the form of a bid bond and the bid was not read.

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was voted to award the contract to the low bidder, Southern Desk Company at $122,887.69 for the Science Laboratory Equipment for the Engineering Science Building at MSU-O.

Change in status of Robert G. Hoopes from Dean of the Faculty and Professor of English at Michigan State University-Oakland to Professor of English and Assistant to the Chancellor, effective July 1, 1961.

Change in status of Donald D. O'Dowd from Associate Professor of Psychology to Dean of the University at Michigan State University-Oakland with a change in salary from $8,400 per year on a 10-month basis to $13,000 per year on a 12-month basis, effective July 1, 1961. (p. 79)

Chancellor Varner recommends the establishment of the following three academic divisions at Michigan State University-Oakland, effective July 1, 1961;

Division of Humanities
Division of Social Science
Division of Science and Engineering

On motion by Mr. Huff, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve Items 18, 19 and 20. (p. 80)

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