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February 9, 1963

Discussion of a name for MSU-O, to be effective immediately.

After prolonged discussion, on motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Vanderploeg, it was voted that the name of the institution at Rochester be changed to Oakland University (affiliated with Michigan State University).

After consensus, it was agreed that Mr. Carr and Mr. Varner would discuss this name change with Mrs. Matilda R. Wilson and in the event she does not approve, or has any reservations about it, this action is not to become final until it receives further discussion. (Subsequently Mrs. Wilson approved this name change.)

Secretary Breslin presented to the Board the following revised "Sick Leave Policy" to be included in the new MSU Handbooks:

"For your security the University has a sick-leave policy designed to continue your pay for a reasonable period of time when you are unable to work because of illness or an off-the-job accident. You start earning paid sick leave the first month on the job, and you may use it after you have completed your first month of service. You continue to earn sick leave at the rate of one day per month or a total of 12 days per year. Effective January 1, 1963, whatever sick leave you do not use may be saved until you have a total of 100 days. You may take this sick leave only for cases of your own illness.

"If your illness extends beyond the number of sick days you have accumulated, your leave may be continued as a personal leave without pay, with the approval of your department head and the Personnel Office. Sometimes it may be necessary for you to furnish a statement from a doctor concerning your illness. If you terminate employment, you will not receive any pay for accumulated sick leave."

Secretary Breslin also presented a revision in the retirement regulations that would provide for retirement without penalty at age 62 of employees covered by University retirement system under the following conditions:

"A qualifying employee with at least 15 years of continuous service under the noncontributory plan may request retirement on the first day of July following attainment of age 62, and retirement benefits will be paid to him beginning on the first day of July following attainment of age 65. In these instances the employee will receive credit for all of the years of his continuous employment in computing retirement benefits.

"An employee meeting these requirements and who desires to retire on the first day of July following attainment of age 62 must arrange with the payroll office to make premium payments in advance for his group life insurance and hospitalization insurance, if any. After the first day of July following attainment of age 65 the University will assume the responsibility for premium payments for group life insurance and no further contribution by the employee is required. After that date premiums for hospitalization or major medical insurance, as applicable to certain administrative-professional employees, will be deducted from his pension check.

"An employee with 25 years of service under the noncontributory (MSU) retirement plan may retire under one of the following options:

1. He may elect a pension starting on July 1 following completion of 25 years of service based on his years of service but with a penalty of one year for each year he lacks of attaining age 65, or

2. If he is 62 years of age or older he may retire with a pension that starts on July 1 following attainment of age 65 without penalty. In order to keep life insurance and hospitalization in force, he may make arrangements with the payroll division of the University Business Office for payment of premiums. Beginning July 1, after attaining age 65 life insurance premiums will be paid by the University."

On motion by Mr. Vanderploeg, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the above items. (p.131)

Personnel action:

Establish a Director, Alumni Education, position at Michigan State University-Oakland, at the AP-VII level

Gifts and grants:

Grant of $13,000 from the United States Atomic Energy Commission of Washington, D.C., to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner for equipment acquisition to initiate laboratory instruction in nuclear instrumentation and nuclear physics and chemistry.

Grant of $1,000 from C. Allen Harlan of Detroit to be used under the direction of Chancellor Varner to provide award money for sculpture competition.

Grant of $60,000 from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek to be used under the direction of Lowell Eklund in Continuing Education to conduct a pilot study of the operation of an alumni continuing education program at Michigan State University-Oakland.

Grant of $22,000 from the National Science Foundation of Washington, D. C., to be used under the direction of R. C. Mobley in Physics to support the undergraduate instructional scientific equipment program.

On motion by Mr. Vanderploeg, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve the Michigan State University-Oakland items. (p.132)

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