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February 7, 1964

Mr. Varner reported that an anonymous donor is willing to provide $825,000 in exchange for Oakland University's bonds to bear interest at the rate of 4 1/4 %. These bonds are to be cancelled upon the death of the donor and at that time treated as a gift to the University. Attorney Lee Carr has been negotiating final arrangements with the attorney for the donor. This money is to be used to cover the cost of the dormitory now under construction. The donor suggests that this dormitory be known as Hill House.

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was voted to approve these arrangements and to authorize Mr. May and Attorney Carr to complete the appropriate financial arrangements.

Chancellor Varner recommended that with the acceptance of the arrangement with the anonymous donor the $100,000 grant from the Pryale Foundation which was to have been used as a partial financing for the dormitory now be released and, with the approval of the Pryale Foundation, this fund be used for the construction of the Meadow Brook Festival facility. This amount plus the grant of $35,000 previously accepted will cover the cost of the concert shell with a roof for the audience and the essential facilities. The use of these Pryale Foundation funds will necessitate an annual charge of $4500 as long as the Pryales live to be charged to the annual operating budget of the Meadow Brook Festival.

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was voted to approve this recommendation.

Resignation of Thomas M. Coppe as Assistant Librarian effective January 31, 1964.

Transfer of Frederick W. Obear from Assistant Professor of Chemistry at $8,000 to Assistant Professor and Associate Dean of Students at $10,000 effective September 1, 1964.

Salary changes:

Jewel Bird from $5880 to $6060 effective January 1, 1964
Mary June Matthews from $6500 to $7000 effective January 1, 1964
Robert J. McGarry from $9000 to $9300 effective January 1, 1964
Edward Goodwin from $8000 to $8300 effective December 1, 1963
David H. Jones from $8700 to $9000 effective December 1, 1963

Gifts to the scholarship fund:

$100 from the Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Livonia
$250 First Congregational Church of Wayne
$375 Mrs. Elizabeth H. Gossett of Bloomfield Hills
$165 Women's National Farm and Garden Association, Holly Branch
$50 Daughters of the American Revolution of Birmingham
$500 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Armstrong of Pontiac
$1,000 Detroit Bank & Trust Company of Detroit
$500 Mr./Mrs. Jack W. Haupt of Clarkston
$1,500 Mary Louise Johnson Foundation of Detroit
$4,500 Macomb Town Hall, Inc. of Mount Clemens
$500 Marion L. Scott of Mount Clemens
$160 J. Walter Thompson Company of New York City
$324 George A. Wasserberger of Pontiac
$500 Elizabeth M. Wilson of Mount Clemens
$419.50 Women's National Farm and Garden Association of Lansing

Gifts and Grants:

$500 Alfred C. Girard of Pontiac for the Discretionary Gift Account.

Grant of $40,000 from the C. B. and Lula B. Wilson Trust Account, National Bank of Detroit, to be used under the direction of D. B. Varner as follows: $5,000 for the Oakland Tutorial Program, and $35,000 for construction of the Concert Shell.

$40 from Mrs. William H. McGaughey of Bloomfield Hills to be used under the direction of Gary Beeman in the Student Activities Office for the Fine Arts Festival.

Grant of $500 from Theodore 0. Yntema of Dearborn to be used under the direction of D. B. Varner for speakers for the Music Room.(p.155)

Additional pay:

  Continuing Education  
  Walter Collins

John Beardman

  Leonard Chisholm
  David DiChiera
  Robert Facko
  James Haden
  Priscilla Jackson
  Helen Kovach
  Richard Quaintance
  Robert Simmons
  Carman Urla
  Information Services  
  Mondine McNeil
  Oakland County Manpower Project  
  Robbin Hough
  Mary Isbel
  John Maher
  Nat Simons, Jr.

On motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Pingel, it was voted to approve all Oakland University items.(p.156)


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