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February 4, 1969


PRESENT: Don Stevens, Chairman, Frank Merriman, Vice Chairman, Frank Hartman, Kenneth W. Thompson, Blanche Martin.

ABSENT: Stephen S. Nisbet, Clair A. White, Warren M. Huff.

President John A. Hannah reported that he had been approached to assume the position of Director of the Agency for International Development which reports to the President of the United States through the State Department; that he had concluded that the position was of sufficient importance to the nation to require his acceptance; that such a decision was compatible with the best interests of Michigan State University; that, if appointed and confirmed, he wanted to insure an orderly transition of University responsibilities during the period required to select a new president; and that details of the change in administration should be determined by the Board of Trustees.

Following discussion by the entire Board, it was moved, seconded and unanimously voted:

FIRST:   That Dr. Hannah is granted permission to continue negotiations with the President of the United States, and the Secretary of State, and to accept appointment as Director of the Agency for International Development, if mutually satisfactory.  It is understood that such an appointment is subject to confirmation by the United States Senate, and therefore, all provisions hereinafter specified are conditional upon such appointment and confirmation.

SECOND: That Dr. Hannah continue as president of Michigan State University through the end of the academic year which concludes June 30, 1969. He shall devote weekends, and such additional days as may be required, to satisfactorily conduct the business of this institution. It will be expected that he shall attend meeting of the Board of Trustees, participate in legislative hearings, preside over Commencement ceremonies, and attend functions important to the University. During the time the President is absent from the University, the offices of Vice President for Research Development and Advanced Graduate Studies, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Vice President for Special Projects, will report to the Provost.

THIRD:   That the President shall continue on full active status with the University through the end of the week in which his appointment is confirmed by the Senate and he has qualified with the oath of office. At such time as he is eligible to receive the salary allocable to the Federal position, the remainder of his salary for the balance of his term shall be diverted to the fund for the John A. Hannah Professorships. Nevertheless, all travel expenses incident to his service rendered to the University will be paid by the institution.

FOURTH: That effective July 1, 1969, Dr. Hannah shall be granted terminal leave, with full pay, for the period ending June 30, 1970, in accordance with the provisions of the retirement system.

FIFTH: That Dr. Hannah's family shall have full rights of occupancy to Cowles House until September 1969; subject, however, to the contingency that earlier vacating may be required for the convenience of his successor.

SIXTH: That, effective with the February 21, 1969 meeting of the Board of Trustees, process for selecting a new president shall be instituted, as required by Article IV of the Bylaws.

The Secretary and University Attorney were instructed to prepare a press release, which is appended to these Minutes.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


East Lansing, Michigan
February 4, 1969

At a special meeting of the Board of Trustees of Michigan State University held this evening, it was unanimously voted to grant the request of President John A. Hannah to continue negotiations with the Federal Administration.

Should Dr. Hannah accept the position of Director of the Agency for International Development, final details will be worked out at the February 21 meeting of the Trustees.
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