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January 25, 1957

Communication from the Board of Supervisors of Oakland County as follows:

"WHEREAS, on January 3, 1957, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Wilson of Avon Township, announced that they were donating their country estate in Oakland County, together with a cash endowment of $2,000,000 to the Michigan State University; and

"WHEREAS, it appears that it is the intention of the donors and of Michigan State University to establish a branch of Michigan State University upon the said property, which will ultimately offer a full university program; and

"WHEREAS, it is the belief of this Board that the establishment of such an institution will be of great benefit to the County not only presently but for future generations to come; and

"WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper that this Board should express its appreciation of the entire project as proposed, together with its approval;

"NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That this Board does hereby go on record as endorsing and approving the establishment of a branch of Michigan State University upon the Wilson Estate.

"BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Board forward a copy of this resolution to the proper authorities of Michigan State University.

"On behalf of the Board of Supervisors of Oakland County I move the adoption of the foregoing resolution."

/s/ Delos Hamlin
Chairman Board of Supervisors


The following resolution was passed by the Michigan legislature January 24, 1957:


A concurrent resolution of appreciation and acceptance of the gift of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wilson, of Meadow Brook Farms, and a cash endowment to Michigan State University of Agriculture and Applied Science.

"Whereas, this is the most populous area of the state not having the benefit of comparatively easy access to educational opportunity on the collegiate level for its young people; and

"Whereas, equality of educational opportunity is a fundamental principal of our democratic society; and

"Whereas, the State of Michigan is singularly fortunate in having among its citizens those who are willing to give of their private means to support higher education, thus lessening the financial burden upon the resources of the state; and

"Whereas, the enthusiasm engendered by the prospect of having an institution of higher education near at hand, prospects for support from industrial sources, and the demonstrated need for such an institution assure the success of the project beyond all reasonable doubt; and

"Whereas, this generous benefaction testifies to the belief of the donors in the Michigan system of higher education and to their desire to see educational benefits even more widely spread under the administration of one of our finest universities; now therefore be it

"Resolved by the House of Representatives (The Senate concurring), that the legislature of the State of Michigan, speaking for and on behalf of all of its citizens, expresses its deep appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson for the magnificent generosity which prompted this gift, the sincerity of the purpose for which it has been given, and the outstanding contribution it makes toward meeting the needs of the state for educational facilities; and be it further (p.1)

"Resolved, that the legislature of the State of Michigan affirms that the State Board of Agriculture in accepting this benefaction will be contributing significantly to the solution of the state's serious problem of providing adequate post high school educational facilities; and be it further

"Resolved, that copies of this resolution be transmitted to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Wilson and to the State Board of Agriculture."

Resolution for acceptance of Wilson Gift:

Acceptance of the Wilson gift. The following resolution is suggested:

"Throughout history, the greatest advances in human welfare have been made through the efforts of those who sought, not to gain selfish advantage for themselves, but to improve the lot of their fellow men and those to come after them.

"One of the most magnificent exemplifications of this high tradition of altruism is to be found in the gift by Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Wilson of their Meadow Brook Farms estate and $2,000,000 to Michigan State University wherewith to found a branch to serve an area of heavy population, great national economic importance, and unmet educational needs.

"The true dimensions of their benefaction will never be known, for their action opens an opportunity of unlimited proportions, both for those who will be students there in the years to come, and for this University to broaden its services to the people of Michigan.

"In return, they can anticipate nothing more than the unending gratitude of those who are and will be the beneficiaries, and the satisfaction which comes from making possible richer and more satisfying lives for others. They expect no more; they deserve no less.

"In expressing to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson the grateful appreciation of this University and the people of Michigan, the members of the Board solemnly acknowledge the great obligation placed upon them and their successors so to manage this trust that the benefits derived will justify full the confidence they place in the administration of the affairs of this University in the larger public interest, and the generous expression of their trust in the principles upon which it was founded, by which it lives, and by which it must abide as it grows in usefulness to our democratic society."

On motion by Mr. Brody, seconded by Mr. Baker, it was voted to approve the above resolution. A copy is to be sent to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and a copy spread upon the permanent records.

Founding date - January 25, 1957 - date of acceptance of gift from Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. (p.2)

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