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of the
January 19, 1962

Personnel action:

Establish a Typist-Dictaphone Operator III position in the Division of Physical Sciences

For the Office of Continuing Education:

  Establish an Institute Coordinator, AP-I, with a salary range of $5,820 to $7,200
  Establish an Assistant Director, Business Education, AP-VIII, position with a salary range of $9,600 to $12,120
  Establish a Clerk-Stenographer III position

Approval of exchange of trees for barns with Harvey Beach:

Mr. Harvey Beach of Lake Orion has offered to exchange evergreen trees for four of the barns on the estate. The trees are northern, nursery-grown Scotch pine, five feet and over, balled and burlapped, and have a commercial value of approximately $10 each. Mr. Beach proposes the following exchange:

  For the scale house 100 trees
  For the beef cattle barn 200 trees
  For the corn crib 50 trees
  For the trailer barn 100 trees

It is recommended that this proposal be approved.

Gifts for the scholarship fund:

$140 from Waterford Clarkston Business and Professional Women's Club of Clarkston
$140 from the SOS Club of Michigan State University-Oakland
$560 from the National Foundation of Rochester
$280 from Putnam Tool Company of Detroit
$25 from Center Line Education Association of Center Line
$55 from the Rochester Ministerial Association
$280 from John W. and Madeline S. Shenefield of Bloomfield Hills
$150 from the Women's National Farm & Garden Association of Birmingham

Gifts and grants:

Grant of $10,000 from Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Kyes of Bloomfield Hills to be used under the direction of W. S. Collins in Music to acquire music equipment.

On motion by Mr. Vanderploeg, seconded by Mr. Stevens, it was voted to approve the above recommendations relative to Michigan State University-Oakland. (p. 103)


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