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January 19, 1961

Recommendation that the agreement made with Chancellor Varner providing a house allowance of $2,000 per year for a 7 ½ -year period to take care of the cost of the alterations and improvements made by him at his expense in the President's House on the Michigan State University-Oakland campus be amended to increase the allowance from $2,000 per year to $3,000 per year and extending the original period from 72 years to 10 years. Mr. Varner has actually spent $29,358.31 which does not include draperies, carpeting, and furnishing, etc.

On motion by Mr. Harlan, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Chancellor Varner recommended that he be authorized to employ O'Dell, Hewlett and Luckenbach as architects to prepare preliminary sketches and plans for an auditorium to seat 3,000 persons at Michigan State University-Oakland. It is contemplated that this building is to be designed to be built at a cost of less than $2,000,000 and with the understanding that the architects will not be paid until the building is constructed.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was voted to approve the above recommendation.

Authorization for request for legislative approval for additional married housing units to be constructed at once for occupancy in the fall of 1961, additional dormitory housing for 1,000 students to be available for occupancy in the fall of 1962 and for housing units, student center and intramural building at Michigan State University-Oakland.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Harlan, it was voted to instruct the officers of the University to take such steps as are necessary to secure legislative approval for these items.

Resignation of Roy J. Alexander as Dean of Students effective June 30, 1961.

Appointment of Edward J. Heubel as Associate Professor of Political Science at $8000 effective February 1, 1961.

Appointment of Kenneth D. Roose as Director of Division of Business and Professor of Economics at $14,500 effective July 1, 1961.

Appointment of Ralph Claude Mobley as Professor of Physics at $10,000 effective September 1, 1961.

Salary change for J. Michael Bruno, Assistant Librarian, from $5000 to $5500 effective January 1, 1961.

Change in status of William E. Rhode from Assistant Professor of Political Science at Michigan State University-Oakland to Assistant Professor of Political Science and Assistant Director of Continuing Education at Michigan State University-Oakland with a salary increase from $7,000 per year on a 10-month basis to $8,750 per year on a 12-month basis, effective February 1, 1961. He is to be paid 67% from account 91-3074 and 33% from account 91-9621.

Designation of Hollie L. Lepley as Acting Dean of Students at Michigan State University-Oakland, in addition to his other duties, at an additional salary of $100 per month, effective January 1, 1961, for an indefinite period.

Personnel action:

Establishment of a Clerk-Typist position at Michigan State University-Oakland, paid from account 91-5842.

Gifts for Scholarship Fund:

For scholarships at Michigan State University-Oakland:

$558 from The National Foundation of Rochester of Rochester, Michigan, to support two scholarships to be known as the Howard L. McGregor Memorial Scholarships
$279 from George E. Wyman of Pontiac to continue the Roslyn B. Wyman Memorial Scholarship
$60 from The Rochester Ministerial Association (p. 77)
$558 from the MSU-O SOS Club of Rochester for 3 tuition scholarships for winter and spring terms 1961
$279 from The Lake Angelus Branch of the Woman's National Farm & Garden Association, Inc., of Pontiac (p. 78)

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