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Finance Committee
January 16, 1970

At its September 19, 1969 meeting, the Board approved the granting of an easement to the Consumers Power Co. along the route of the gas line installed in connection with the conversion to a gas heating system at Oakland University. Attorney Carr reported that this easement had been granted.

The President brought to the attention of the Board its action of September 18, 1959 authorizing the remodeling and refurbishing of the former poultry manager's home at Oakland University to be used by the Chancellor of Oakland University as the Chancellor's home. It was agreed at that time that the Chancellor would make necessary alterations and remodeling of this facility at a cost not to exceed $15,000 and that the University would allocate to the Chancellor a $2,000 per year housing allowance over a 7 ½ year period to pay for these renovations. In a subsequent action under date of January 19, 1961, the Board agreed to an increase in the remodeling from $15,000 to approximately $30,000 and to increase the housing allowance from $2,000 to $3.000 over a period of 10 years rather than 7 ½ years.

It was now brought to the attention of the Board that Mr. Varner has spent approximately $38,158.31 in capital improvements to the Chancellor's home. Mr. Varner has been reimbursed to the extent of $28,750.through December 31, 1969.

On the motion of Mr. Nisbet, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was unanimously agreed that the University would pay Mr. Varner $9,408.31, which is the difference between the total cost of the remodeling and the amount that he has been paid to date.

The President brought to the attention of the Trustees the fact that approximately 13 years ago the Board purchased insurance programs for President Hannah, Secretary McDonel, Mr. May, and Mr. Varner. In the case of Mr. Varner, the premiums have been between $4,000 and $5,000 per year and the understanding was that this program would be owned by Mr. Varner after 15 years of service to the University. Mr. Varner is now accepting the chancellorship of the University of Nebraska, effective February 1, 1970, which is a little less than two years short of the specified period of 15 years that would fulfill the original obligation of Mr. Varner relative to this insurance program. Mr. Varner has asked the Board through the President that he be permitted to transfer this program to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska at the time of his resignation from Oakland University. The Board.of Regents of the University of Nebraska has agreed to take over premium payments effective the date of the transfer.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Huff, it was unanimously voted to allow Mr. Varner to transfer this program to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


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January 16, 1970

President Wharton announced that since this would be the last time Chancellor Varner would be meeting with the Board, the Oakland University agenda items would be considered first, and suggested that the manner of the selection of a successor to Chancellor Varner be discussed first.

The discussion opened with a motion by Trustee Huff, seconded by Trustee Hartman, to appoint an Acting Chancellor of Oakland University.

A number of Oakland University faculty, staff, and students were present in the Board Room, and the Trustees requested that speakers representing the several groups state their views regarding the selection of a new Chancellor. Professor William Sturner, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the University Senate; Glen Brown, President of the Administrative and Professional Association; Royce Butler, University Librarian; Joseph DeMent, Associate Professor of English and President of the Oakland chapter of the American Association of University Professors; Betty Hansen, representing the Clerical-Technical employees; Edward J. Heubel, Professor and Chairman of Political Science, representing the Steering Committee of the University Senate; Jimmy Oakes, Chief Negotiator for Employees Local 1418, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees; Mary B. Schultz, Director of Alumni Relations and Executive Secretary of the Alumni Council, indicated that their groups favored the appointment of Donald D. O'Dowd to succeed Mr. Varner. Professor Sturner stated that the four student representatives to the University Senate chose not to be present at the time a resolution was passed by the Senate requesting the Trustees to appoint Provost O'Dowd as Chancellor, and he recommended that student representatives now be permitted to report the sentiments of the students.

John Springfield, on of the Student Senators, spoke on behalf of 1448 students who signed a petition proposing that the Board of Trustees establish a Search and Selection Committee with an all-Oakland University community and a 50% student membership to recommend an Acting Chancellor and that a new Board of Trustees of an independent Oakland University ultimately select a permanent Chancellor. Mary Mattis, speaking for the same group as Mr. Springfield, and Mr. Stu House, representing the Black Students Association, spoke in support of Mr. Springfield's recommendations.

The vote on Mr. Huff's motion as follows: In favor of the motion were Trustees Hartman, Huff and White; opposed to the motion were Trustees Martin, Merriman, Nisbet, Stevens and Thompson. Motion failed.

The following resolution was then offered by Trustee Thompson:

WHEREAS, Chancellor Varner has accepted an appointment as Chancellor of the University of Nebraska effective February 1, 1970; and

WHEREAS, Oakland University requires constant and continuing leadership; and

WHEREAS, Oakland University now has a man who has served the institution in an outstanding manner for ten years in a wide range of assignments as Professor, Dean, and currently as Provost and Vice Chancellor;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Donald D. O'Dowd be appointed Chancellor of Oakland University, effective February l, 1970.

A motion made by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Dr. Martin, to approve this resolution carried. Trustees Martin, Merriman, Nisbet, Stevens, and Thompson voted "Yes." Trustees Hartman, Huff, and White voted "No."

It was recommended by Chancellor Varner that an arrangement be worked out whereby Oakland University would rent space to any student publication which desires to publish but that no accounting, purchasing or contracts would be handled through Oakland University offices.

Motion was made by Mr. White, seconded by Mr. Hartman, to approve this recommendation. Unanimously approved.

Chancellor Varner expressed his gratitude to the Board of Trustees for their support, patience, compassion, and generosity to him personally and particularly to Oakland University during the past 10 years.

RESIGNATION: Durward B. VARNER, Professor and Chancellor, effective 2/24/70.


MARZ, Roger H., Assoc. Prof. Polit. Sci, at full pay, eff. 1/6/71 to 4/15/71 to study in home area and Washington, D.C.

TAGORE, Amitendranath, Prof. Mod. Lang & Lit. at full pay, eff. 9/10/70 to 12/16/70 to study at home. (p.387)


BOTSAS, Eleutherios N., Asst. Prof. Economics change to Asst. Prof, Economics & Management Effective 1/1/70

EVARTS, Peter G., Assoc. Prof. English to Assoc. Prof. & Acting Chairman English Effective 1/1/70 to 4/30/70 - add'l $100/mo.

GREGORY, Karl D., Assoc. Prof. Economics change to Assoc. Prof. Economics & Management Effective 1/1/70

HOUGH, Robbin R., Assoc. Prof Economics change to Assoc. Prof. Economics & Management Effective 1/1/70

SEEBER, Norton C., Professor Economics change to Dean School of Economics & Management Effective 1/1/70

STARR, Edward, Instr. Economics change to Instr. Economics & Management, eff. 1/1/70

TOWER, John E., Asst. Prof. Economics, change to Asst. Prof, Econ. & Management, eff. 1/l/70

YNTEMA, Theodore 0., Vis. Prof, Bus. Ad. & Econ. change to Vis. Prof. Econ, & Management Effective 1/1/70

YOUNG, Kenneth C., Asst. Prof. Econ, change to Asst. Prof. Econ & Management, eff, 1/1/70

GIERKE, Wilbert, Programmer AP-1 Comp & Date Process Ctr. change to AP-2 at $9,000 Effective 2/1/70

MOORE, Richard C., Supt. AP-3 Physical Plant, change to Asst. Dir. Plant Operations AP-5, at $11,600, eff. 1/1/70


BOYCE, James, Dir. of Courses AP-8 Cont. Ed. from $14,000 to $14,600, eff. 2/1/70 - 6/30/70 DAVIS, Joseph, Admissions Adviser(Admissions) from $11,600 to $12,000, eff. 2/1/70 HABERMAS,.Richard C., Supv. & Sr. Finan. Comp & Data Proc, Ctr from $14,000 to $15,000 - Effective 2/1/70
VAN HOOK, Harry B., Jr. Dir., Management & Bus Programs AP-8 Cont, Ed. from $15,000 to $16,200, eff, 2/1/70 - 6/30/70


KLAITS, Joseph A., Instr. in History to Asst. Prof. History at $9,500, eff. 2/1/70

PALMER, Colin A. from Instr. History to Asst. Prof. History at $9,800, eff. 2/1/70


SCHACHNER, Lieselotte T. as Instr. in German at $8,300, eff. 8/15/70


Establish a Clerk-typist, CT-2 position for Admissions
Reclassify an Asst. to Controller AP-1 to an AP-3 position for the Business Office.
For the Computing and Date Processing Center:
-- Reclassify a Systems Analyst-Programmer AP-3 to a Programmer-Analyst AP-4 position
--Establish a Senior Financial Systems Analyst AP-7 position
--Establish 2 Systems Analyst-Programmer AP-4 positions
--Establish a Programmer AP-2 position
Establish an Assistant to the Dean for the Sciences AP-9 position for Continuing Education
Reclassify a Superintendent AP-3 to Assistant Director of Plant Operations AP-5 position for Physical Plant
Establish a Clerk-steno CT-3 position for the School of Performing Arts
For University Services:
--Reclassify a Supervisor, Univ. Services AP-1 to a Manager, Univ. Serv, AP-3
--Reclassify a Supervisor, Receiving & Shipping CT-9 to a Manager, Receiving & Shipping AP-3


Gift of a plastic runner valued at $160 from Alan Schwartz, Detroit, to be used in the Meadow Brook Theatre lobby.

Grants to be used for scholarship purposes as follows:
-- $1,637.50 from the National Foundation of Rochester
----- 150.00 from the Woman's National Farm & Garden Assoc., Inc., Rochester Branch, for a specified student. (p.388)

Gifts and Grants:

  National Sci. Found. Provost D.D. O'Dowd   Improve & strengthen the sciences at OU
  Nat'l. Inst. of Health Biol. Sciences C.V. Harding   Continue research on control of cell div. in ocular lens
  Pontiac State Bank Modern Lang. H. Kovach   Russian Lang students
  Ford Motor Co. Engineering J.E. Gibson   Unrestricted grant
  Chrysler Corp. Fund Student Affairs:Chancellor's Office D.B. Varner   $3,500 schol. asst. $1000 Affil Artists Program, $500 unrestricted grant
  Fruehauf Corp. Meadow Br. Mus. Fest. John DeCarlo   Festival support
  Ross Corbit Meadow Br. Theatre, & Meadow Br. Music Fest. John DeCarlo   Unrestricted grand
  Harold lO. Cousins Chancellor's Office D.B. Varner   Meadow Br. Theatre
  Harry B. Cunningham Chancellor's Office D.B. Varner   Meadow Br. Theatre
  Howard O. Powers Chancellor's Office D.B. Varner   Meadow Br. Theatre
  Estate of Nellie Herman Stannard Chancellor's Office D.B. Varner   Meadow Br. Theatre
  Alfred C. Girard Chancellor's Office D.B. Varner   Chancellor's Club
  Lucille W. Matthews Chancellor's Office D.B. Varner   Chancellor's Club
  Wm. G. Shaw Chancellor's Office D.B. Varner   For Wm. G. Shaw Charitable Trust
  Nat'l. Found. on the Arts Sch. Perf. Arts Donald Britton   To dev. audiences and collect knowledge about the Theatre/Music Fest. Programs

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Merriman,it was unanimously voted to approve the Oakland University Personnel Changes and to accept the Gifts and Grants.

It was recommended by Chairman Stevens that a suitable resolution be prepared expressing the Trustees' appreciation for the long and dedicated service of Chancellor Varner,to Oakland University, as well as to Michigan State University.

On motion by Mr. Stevens, seconded by Mr. Merriman, it was unanimously voted that an appropriate commendation resolution would be prepared and made a part of the permanent record of this meeting. It was also agreed that Chancellor Varner would assume the title Chancellor Emeritus at the time of his resignation from Oakland University.

Meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.

The next meeting of the Trustees is scheduled for Friday, February 20, 1970. (p.389)



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