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Compiled by
Elizabeth Raczkowski, Audrey Burke and Shirley Paquette

   Presidents, Vice Presidents, Candidates, and Election Details

2013 Elected: Brandon Hanna and Jibran Ahmed
  Ran against Amera Fattah / Maria Arellano
2012 Elected: Samantha Wolf and Robbie Williford
  Ran against: James Sklar / Tommy Chen
2011 Elected: Benjamin Eveslage and Elisa Malile
  Ran against: Eric Sturgis / Shakita Billy
    Tom Cruz / Brett McIsaac
    Tyler Glen / Ryan Rott
2010 Elected: Brandon Gustafson and Amy Ring
  Ran against: Cameron Schea / Mike Diedrich
    Saman Waquad / Laura DeSanto
2009 Elected: Kristin Dayag and Saman Waquad
  Ran against: Anthony Ivone
    Janelle Arbuckle
    Mark Medaugh
2008 Elected: Steve Clark and Dan Evola
  Ran against: Andrew Bashi and Ed Karner
Jordan Twardy and Avery Neale
2007    Elected: Rob Meyer and Jameelah Muhammad
  Ran against: Unopposed
             - Turnout for 2007 decreased by 75% (only 295 voters)
2006  Elected: Mike McGuinness and Madalyn Miller
  Ran against:  Peter Vitale and Mark Ewing
2005 Elected: Mike McGuinness and Kori Lynn Caver
  Ran against: Bryan Austin and Danny Johnston
    Charity Jones and Brendan Stevens
2004  Elected: Jonathan Parks and Mike McGuinness
  Ran against: Matt Edwards and Mario Hagar
2003 Elected: Jonathan Parks and Kenton Lewis
  Ran against:   Mike McGuinness and Sarah Cook
2002  Elected: Brian Tomina and Michelle Jamian
  Ran against: Kristina Ivanovic and Kenton Lewis
    Amir Emami and Matthew Fionda
    Avis Choulagh and Elvis Saloum
    One vote decided the election, according to The Oakland Post, 3 April 2002.
2001  Elected: Derek Dickow and Vesna Saveski
  Ran against: Kim Langley and Justin Ewald
    Tim Whiting and Cory Heck
    The election resulted in eight pages of write-in candidates, according to The Oakland Post, 28 March 2001. 921 ballots were cast.
2000   Elected: Adam Kochenderfer and Jennifer Wegner
  Ran against: Jeffrey Stoffer and David Levin
1999   Elected: Nick Mitchell and Rob Filer
  Ran against:  Carina Moore
    Philip Hall
Rumors of Nick Mitchell and Rob Filer stuffing ballot boxes and misuse of the Student Congress office were mentioned in The Oakland Post 14 April 1999. Elections were “delayed until further notice.”
1998 Elected: Scott Andrews and Hemant Mahamwal
  Ran against: Shajan Kay and Scott Pettigrew
    Aaron Gibson and Donny Aird
    Trouble with voting led to a three week delay and two validation committees, according to The Oakland Post, 15 April 1998.
1997  Elected: Bryan Barnett and Hemant Mahamwal
  Ran against: Jonathan Raiss
1996 Elected: Garrick Landsberg and Carla Sabbagh
  Ran against: Angela Dodson and David Lingholm
    Garrick Landsberg and Carla Sabbagh
    Brad Perry and Barry Gray
1995 Elected: Rayissa Slywka and Michael Manson
  Ran against: Unopposed
1994  Elected: Michael Simon
  Ran against: Melissa Winter
1993   Elected: Amy Rickstad
  Ran against:   Michael Kismal
1992  Elected: Derek Wilczynski
  Ran against: Nate Wells
    Phil Wolschlager  
    Two elections were needed, after a discrepancy with The Oakland Post,11 December 1991. At this point, elections were held in November of each year.
1991  Elected: Michael Heintz
  Ran against: Nate Wells
    Tonja Long
1990   Elected: Christina Landry
  Ran against:  Greg Marrs
1989  Elected: Brian Murphy
  Ran against:  Tom Voytas
    David Nykanen
1988 Elected: Kelly Martek
  Ran against:  Joe Schlichting
     Rob Meister  
1987 Elected: Keith Faber
  Ran against:  Sean Higgins
    Robert Waters
    Randall Straughen
    Susan Jezewski
    Tony Boganey
1986   Elected: Tony Boganey
  Ran against:  John Farr
    Colleen Ochoa
1985   Elected:  Michael Carbone
  Ran against:  Pamela S. Connon
    Gary Nanian
    Christopher E. Finneran
1984 Elected: Robert McClory
  Ran against:  Unopposed
1983 Elected:  Fred Zorn
  Ran against: Lorie King
    John M. Pitton
    Alexander Simpson
    Steve Mastrogianis
1982 Elected:  Zachary Shallow
  Ran against: Alan Frampton
    Michael Rubino
1981 Elected: na
  Ran against: na
1980 Elected: Gary McMahan
  Ran against: Kevin Appleton
    Anthony Brazile
1979 Elected:  Mary Sue Rogers
  Ran against: Dave Ross
    Bill Tweitmeyer
    Jan Dunstan
1978 Elected: Gary Foster
  Ran against: Will Biddlingmeier
1977 Elected: na
  Ran against na
1976 Elected: Donald R. Fuller
    Resigned Dec.2, 1976; vacancy filled by Ray Torongeau
1975 Elected: John Lawton
    Resigned Nov.5, 1975; vacancy filled by Gerald Alt
1974 Elected: Emsley Wyatt
  Ran against: Gordon Young
1973 Elected: Rick Lind
  Ran against: Jim Ciullo
1972 Elected: Jennifer Jinkling
  Ran against: na
1971 Elected: Robert Barkdull (resigned 10/1971) vacancy filled by Ronald Carlson
R. Barkdull Ran against: Cathe Calder
    Joel Becker
    M.T. Thompson
    Brian Seyburn
R. Carlson Ran against: Mark Silverberg
    James Roberts
    Mark Baskin
1970 Elected: Lawrence Garvin
  Ran against: Steve Gaynor
    William Loafman
    M.T. Thompson
    Terry T. Brown

*Note Focus: Oakland, September 23, 1970 – Current student governmental organization was arranged
      -Focus: Oakland, October 14, 1970 – students voted in support of the referendum on the Interim University Congress

*Presidents did not have running mates until 1995



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