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Fall 2008. Volume 1, no. 1

Message from Virinder Moudgil. p. 1.
Abstract: Introductory comments on OU's research agenda and accomplishments.

Seeing the light, by Susan Thwing-McHale. p. 4-5
Abstract: Frank Giblin (Eye Research Institute director) investigates the roles oxygen and ultraviolet light play in the formation of cataracts.

Stung: Educators address honey bee extinction threat, by Susan Thwing-McHale. p. 6-7.
Abstract: Dyanne Tracy (School of Education and Human Services) receives grant for the Michigan Teachers' and Students' Honey Bee Apiary Project for Ecology.

Excellent outcomes, by Tom Schram. p. 8-9.
Abstract: Sayed Nassar (School of Engineering and Computer Science), founding director of the Fastening and Joining Research Institute (FAJRI), has received over $8 million in research grants. He discusses three initiatives underway for the Institute.

Knees, hips, elbows; taking a closer look at osteoarthritis, by Tom Schram. p. 10-11.
Abstract: Yang Xia (Physics) is using advanced imaging (microscopic magnetic resonance imaging, infrared imaging and polarized light microsopy) to detect changes and markers in joint cartilage.

Can you hear me now? analyzing antenna strength, by Alice Rhein. p. 12-13.
Abstract: Daniel Aloi (School of Engineering and Computer Science) uses the Applied Electromagnetic and Wireless Lab's on campus Automotive Antenna Instrumentation (AAMI) to measure antenna performance.

Culture cues: understanding African Immigrants in North America, by Sandra Beckwith. p. 14-15.
Abstract: Abdi Kusow (Sociology) is studying the assimilation problems of African immigrants (Somalis) in the U.S. and Canada.

Moving statues: bringing ancient history to life, by Mary Gunderson-Switzer. p. 16-17.
Abstract: Andrea Eis (Art and Art History) uses photography and video to show Greek art in a new light and has recently published a photographic book, Ancient Finds.

Detecting DNA damage: looking at the effects of radiation, by Alice Rhein. p. 18-19.
Abstract: Michael Sevilla (Chemistry) works with gamma rays and ion beams to research the effects of this high energy radiation on DNA.

Keeping the doctor away: metabolic syndrome and mental health, by Sandra Beckwith. p. 20-21.
Abstract: The Meadow Brook Health Enhancement Institute (MBHEI) collected medical data for the nearly 25 years it was open. Ron Gelish (Health Sciences) and other researchers are using this data to study trends and patterns related to health changes. The first study on Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) has been published in Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders.

Waving hello to the future: harnessing high frequencies, by Tom Schram. p. 22-23.
Gopalan Srinivasan (Physics) is using grants to "experiment with microwaves and even higher frequency millimeter waves to make smaller and more powerful deviced that have both military and civilian applications."

On their feet: procedure makes movement easier for kids with CP, by Susan Thwing-McHale. p. 24-25.
Melodie Kondratek (Physical Therapy) conducts "research into the effects of Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening (SPML) or Percs surgery on children with cerebral palsy."

World markets: SBA probrams reach way beyond the classroom, by Sandra Beckwith. p. 26-27.
A Center for International Business Initiatives has been established within SBA by the Global Challenges Project to strengthen the international content of the business curricular.

Why do they fall? research seeks to reduce risk of falls in elderly, by Susan Thwing-McHale. p. 28-29.
Research on falls in older hospitalized patients is being conducted by Ann Whall and Barbara Harrison (Nursing), Cathy Campbell and Michael Maddens (Beaumont Hospital)

Research facilities by school. p. 30.

Research Centers and Institutes. p. 31.

Major research awards and grants, 2007-2008. p. 32-33

Student research award recipients, 2007-2008. p. 34-35.

Fall 2009, Vol. 2, no. 1

Group think: the value of virtual communities, by Liz Lent. p. 45.
Balaji Rajagopalan, (MIS) studies virtual communities.

Fighting fatigue: fitness eases cancer treatment effects, by Liz Lent. p. 6-7.
Jacqueline Drouin (Physical Therapy) studies fatigue in cancer patients.

Spin control: taking magnetic research to a new level, by Alice Rhein. p. 8-9.
Andrei M. Slavin (Physics) conducts research on nano-magnetism or magnetism of nano-sized particles and structures.

Strategies for success: helping students with Asperger Syndrome transition to college, by Alice Rhein. p. 10-11.
Jane Graetz (Education) is investigating the college experience of 19 students with AS.

Fundamentals: understanding the invisible world of intermolecular forces, by Alice Rhein. p. 12-13.
Maria Szczesniak Bryant (Chemistry) carries out research in the field of intermolecular interactions.

Integrated circuits: on-site and on-time decision applications, by Sandra Beckwith. p. 14-15.
Hoda S. Abdel-Aty-Zohdy (Engineering) uses OU's Microelectronic Systems Design Lab to research neuromorphic very large scale integrated circuits.

Eye site: shedding light on glaucoma treatment, by Alice Rhein. p. 16-17.
Shravan Chintala (Biomedical Sciences)

Shock value: making cardiac defibrillation more effective, by Susan Thwing-McHale. p. 18-19.
Brad Roth (Physics)

Breaking the spell: a better approach to conquering addiction, by Kevin Knapp. p. 20-21.
Keith L. Williams (Psychology)

Cyber crime stoppers: protecting computer systems from attack, by Amy Lynn Smith. p. 22-23.
Huirong Fu (Computer Science and Engineering)

Minding the gaps: research strives to restore brain function, by Rene Wisely. p. 24-25.
Michael Chopp (Physics)

Anatomy lesson: leading-edge approach engages pre-med students, by Amy Lynn Smith. p. 26-27
Mary Tracy Bee (Biomedical Sciences) uses hybrid online teaching to educate students.

Patients, please: advocating for health care consumers, by Kevin Knapp. p. 28-29.
Patricia Wren (Wellness, Health Promotion and Injury Prevention) researches quality of life issues and patient-centered outcomes.

The road to a cure? Researching a possible blood test for Alzheimer's, by Susan Thwing-McHale. p. 30-31.
John M. Finke (Chemistry)

Safer surgeries: blood testing for better outcomes, by Alice Rhein. p. 32-33.
Lisa A. Mileto (Nursing) --diabetics and surgery.

Research Centers and Institutes. p. 34-35.

Student research award recipients, 2008-2009. p. 36-37

Oakland University Stimulus Awards. p. 38

Grants and Contracts Agency List - FY 2009. p. 39





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