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Meadow Brook Seminars 1958-1959


The documents reproduced below come from the Oakland University Archives. Items 1 and 2 are parts of a publication issued in May of 1959, summarizing the ideas and thoughts of the men and women who participated in the seminars. Part 1 is a proposed curriculum for the new school and Part 2 consists of summaries of the 5 seminars. Item 4 is includes some additional information as well as the perspective of someone looking back after the first twenty years.

1.   Michigan State University - Oakland Curriculum, May 22, 1959

2.   Meadow Brook Seminars - A synthesis and summary prepared by Thomas H. Hamilton and Durward B. Varner, Vice Presidents, Michigan State University. 1957?

3.   Introductory Comments for the December 13 Seminar (1957) Author unknown.

4.  Memo:   Meadow Brook Revisited by George Matthews, January 13, 1977.

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