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Beer Lake : A Selective Bibliography of Articles

Approval to proceed with repairs to the pedestrian bridge and Lake. Oakland University Board of Trustees .  Minutes, June 5, 2002.

Beer Lake car owner found, by Jennifer Decker and Rebecca Wyatt. Oakland Post, September 25, 2002, p. 1. Includes photo.

Beer Lake drained for bridge work, by Ann Zaniewski.  Oakland Post,  March 20, 2002.  Includes photo.

Beer Lake -letter to the editor on "What is the university going to do with Beer Lake this winter?", by David Smith. The Observer, vol. VIII, no. 8. October 28, 1966. p.2.

Beer Lake myths exploded. The Observer, vol. VIII, no. 4, Sept. 30, 1966. Includes photo of the lake & bridge looking toward Vandenberg Hall. p. 1.

Beer Lake: then and now--restructuring and beautification of pond to bring up memories of what it used to be, by Gayle Issa. Photo. Oakland Post, February 5, 2003, p.A3

Beer Lake to be seaport- (from the Oakland Banana [special section of The Observer]). vol. VIII, no. 12, December 2, 1966. (spoof) p. 5.

Beer Lake's brown waters in question. The Observer, vol. IX, no. 30, June 14, 1968. photo [article on water quality]

A dip into history: Beer Lake, by Julie Thain. The Observer, vol. IX, no. 1, September 15, 1967. p. 6

Facebook posts, summer 2011.

Go jump in a lake . . Beer Lake. The Oakland Sail, v. XII, no. 4, September 29, 1986. p.1, 3. (Photos: Members of the swimmers' floor, 2 Hill practice their dives)

Lake improvements still underway, by Jeff Samoray.  The News@OU [online website]  January 24, 2003.

Once upon a swamp. Resident's City Beat, October 1984. p.1

Origin and design of lake in front of Vandenberg Hall: Vandenburg Hall almost (Photo of the lake and bridge looking toward Vandenburg Hall). The Observer, vol. VII [sic VIII], no. 1, Sept. 9, 1966. p. 10.

Police recover car from OU Lake, by Mary E. Iorio.  The News@OU [online website] Photo. September 20, 2002.

Repairs to the pedestrian bridge and Lake.  Oakland University Board of Trustees.  Working Session Agendum Item,  May 1, 2002.

Response to 'A dip into history': Oakland Alumnus rewrites history-letter to the editor on the naming of "Beer Lake", by Charles Eagen. The Observer, vol. IX, no. 4, Oct. 6, 1967, p. 2

Water wonderland:  Oakland to have a scenic lake. The Observer, vol. VII, no. 32, May 27, 1966. p. 1


Photo of Vandenburg Hall under construction with large water hole (Beer Lake to be?) in front. The Observer, vol. VII, no. 28, Apr. 7, 1966. p. 1

"A view from the bridge" (Photo of the bridge leading to Vandenburg Hall.) The Observer, vol. VII, no. 34, June 10, 1966. p. 4

Photo of bridge and "ye olde Beer Lake" with Van Wagoner House men after mock Battle of Hastings. The Observer, vol. VIII, no. 6, October 15, 1966.p. 3

Photo of lake, bridge and Vandenberg Hall. The Observer, vol. VIII, no. 14, January 20, 1967.p. 2.

Photo  with students on bridge and swimming in lake.  Oakland Post, Feb. 5, 2003. p. B1

Photo of bridge and lake.  Oakland Post, Feb. 5. 2003.  p. A3

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